White Sox' Luis Robert's wrist causes swing issues against Orioles

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Luis Robert's wrist causes swing issues against Orioles originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Luis Robert appeared in the locker room at Camden Yards with his wrist wrapped tightly, according to reports from the game.

His swing was compromised from a visible wrist injury he suffered through during Thursday's series finale against the Baltimore Orioles. In his final at-bat of the game, the issue was clearly noticeable as he struck out on a 101 mph fastball against Félix Bautista.

Robert swung through multiple pitches with one arm, letting go of the bat with his left hand and finishing awkwardly with his right arm. He winced in pain as he slowly raised the bat before each pitcher delivered the ball to him.

Tony La Russa showed conern for Robert's injury, but mentioned he kept him in because the ball was still coming off the bat with velocity when he made contact.

The center fielder went through multiple at-bats with the injury. He finished the series finale against the Orioles with zero hits in five at-bats and went 4-of-14 from the plate in the series. Three of his hits came from the series opener on Tuesday.

It's unknown if Robert will be placed in the lineup again, but we'll know as soon as Friday. The Sox start a three-game series versus the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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