White Sox' Eloy Jiménez 'thought he was gonna die' from appendicitis pain

Eloy Jiménez 'thought he was gonna die' from appendicitis pain originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

During a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds on the road, news dropped that Saturday night following the White Sox' loss that Eloy Jiménez underwent an appendectomy to treat appendicitis.

On Wednesday, he expressed his gratefulness to the media just to be alive.

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"A couple of weeks ago I thought I was gonna die. So, I feel really good," Jiménez said when asked how he felt.

"Well, just 7 a.m., I wake up throwing up and all my abs hurt," Jiménez said, recounting the experience. "And it was bad. I can't even see or lay down or stand up. It was really bad. For a moment, I really thought I was gonna die. But now I'm here and I feel good."

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Jiménez mentioned he originally thought it was something he ate that messed up his system. He said appendicitis never crossed his mind in the midst of his crushing pain.


Now, he said he feels good and he'll be back quicker than originally anticipated. The White Sox stamped a 4-6 week timeline on his recovery process back on May 6. Now, 11 days after his procedure, Jiménez is taking bigger steps to retake the field again.

He's already begun running and plans to hit this weekend. Jiménez insisted he could begin ramping up activities "now" but remains under the discretion of the team and its medical staff

He told the media he "maybe" could return to the team as early as next weekend. A return next weekend would set him up to play the White Sox' road series against the Detroit Tigers.

That would be a roughly 20-day recovery from an appendectomy. I guess supernatural recoveries have been done before. Adam Dunn returned to the White Sox' lineup in 2011 five days after undergoing the same procedure as Jiménez.


Either way, it'll be convenient for White Sox fans to have a look at a full, healthy lineup. With Jiménez back in the lineup, the Sox would mainly be missing Liam Hendriks, who could return to the lineup as soon as next week.

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