While feelings may have been hurt by trade talks, Kemba Walker’s cousin pushes back

Soon after reports that Boston starting point guard Kemba Walker and the Celtics were “likely to move forward” from their relationship this coming offseason, pushback began to bubble up from sources who would know the mind of the former UConn star.

One of them was his cousin Kedow Walker in fact, who tweeted his derision of the story published by Bleacher Report’s Farbod Esnaashari. He tweeted “damnnnn who in the camp nomore than me?? Man … these ppl really be bogus as hell” Wednesday afternoon, seemingly in response to the Bleacher Report story suggesting his brother Kemba and Boston mutually wanted a fresh start.

He would later tweet “the ppl can do or believe what they want. We gone stay solid like we ALWAYS been!!”

The ruffled feathers regarding being included in trade talks in Esnaashari's piece were however echoed by NBC Sports Chris Mannix, who shared what he'd been hearing on the "Deep Dive" show on that network. "The Danny Ainge-led front office has been looking at possibilities of trading Kemba dating back to the end of last season's bubble experience," confirmed Mannix.

"From what I'm told, the Ainge front office saw the writing on the wall in a way with Kemba Walker," he continued, "when it came to this knee."

"Remember, the knee injury which occurred I believe in late January of 2020 -- it was still lingering in the bubble after months and months of being off. I think the Celtics' front office was looking for a way to get out from under that contract. They ultimately were not able to do it despite having conversations with multiple teams over the last several months. I was told they discussed a deal involving Kemba Walker and LaMarcus Aldridge."

"Aldridge was still in San Antonio [with the Spurs] primarily because Aldridge was on the last year of his contract whereas Kemba Walker has two years currently, and about 76 million on this contract" he added.

"That frustrated Kemba Walker," noted Mannix. "Kemba is among the most loyal guys you're going to find in professional sports."

"He would still be a Charlotte Hornet if Charlotte had stepped up to the plate during his free agency and made him the highest offer. It wasn't about going to Boston to chase a championship for Kemba, there was a lot more money on the table. So for Kemba, to hear his name and understand his name was in trade rumors, that absolutely has frustrated him over the last six to eight months."

It seems there may well be some hurt feelings for the former NCAA champion even if it is not true that he wants a new start.

While the Aldridge intel seems to be a new revelation that could certainly paint a picture of terminal exasperation coupled with the Jrue Holiday attempted deals noted by the B/R author, Walker's representation did not immediately reply to inquiries about the veracity of Esnaashari's sources. Wherever the truth may lie in the end, it is all but certain Walker -- and perhaps much of Boston's current roster -- could find their contracts being dangled to opposing teams. With tough decisions and a ballooning payroll looming, new team president Brad Stevens will have to do his best to manage stories like this mushrooming up with frequency in the offseason and year ahead. This post originally appeared on Celtics Wire. Follow us on Facebook! [lawrence-related id=51811,51808,51786,51779] [listicle id=51566]