Where UK ranks in national revenue according to USA Today database

Derek Terry, Beat Writer
Cats Illustrated

USA Today released its database featuring the spending and revenue of 230 Division 1 public schools in 2016. The University of Kentucky ranked 13th nationally and 6th in the SEC in overall revenue. The UK athletic program made $132,180,246 in total revenue. In total expenses, UK ranked 10th nationally and 4th in the SEC with $127,225,580 spent.

UK's revenue is the highest its ever been. In 2015, UK broke the $100,000,000 mark by bringing in $116,494,690 in total revenues.

Texas A&M led the way in revenue with $194,388,450. Alabama, LSU, Florida, Tennessee and Auburn also ranked in the top 10 in total revenue.

You can view the full database here.

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