Where will Ryan Day coach football in 2025?

While we wait to see where Jim Harbaugh will coach in 2024, let’s look ahead a little bit. We asked our football panelists where Ryan Day will coach in 2025.

Matt Zemek, Trojans Wire: In the NFL. He has to be tired of the recruiting game at Ohio State, not to mention the withering, suffocating pressure of the job. The NFL would not be less pressure-packed by comparison. (It would be an equal-pressure job, but not worse than OSU.) One has to wonder, too, where Justin Fields will play football in 2025. If he isn’t in a good spot, Ryan Day could join him and try to resurrect his career. Notably, if Fields is pushed out of Chicago and the Bears reset with Caleb Williams, Fields’ new landing spot could be a point of interest for Day in this coaching carousel cycle, not next year’s cycle. The odds of a 2024 change aren’t good, but they shouldn’t be completely dismissed, either.

Zachary Neel, Ducks Wire: Ryan Day will be the coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2025 after finally beating a Jim Harbaugh-less Michigan in 2024.

Matt Wadleigh, Trojans Wire: Ryan Day will not be coaching at Ohio State in 2025 if they don’t win the Big Ten, and I have the Buckeyes on the outside looking in next season. Where will he be coaching? That remains to be seen, but maybe an ACC or Big 12 program.

Don Smalley, Ducks Wire: When I saw this question, UCLA popped into my mind. I don’t think Chip will be there and Day will get to be in sunny Los Angeles and still in the Big Ten.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire