Where is the No. 1 place in the world TJ Oshie would like to play? Not where you think

J.J. Regan
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T.J. Oshie has played hockey games in some pretty crazy places. He has played a Stanley Cup Final in Las Vegas and a Stadium Series game at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. But what's the one place in the world he would like to play more than anywhere else? North Dakota, of course.

As the NHL explores possible scenarios for resuming the season, one plan has teams returning to the ice to play at empty arenas at a neutral site. One such site that is being discussed is North Dakota. Oshie was asked what he felt about that possibility during a video conference on Monday.

"I want to play," he said. "It doesn't necessarily matter too much to me where it is. Obviously, North Dakota is probably the No. 1 place I'd want to play in the world, so that would be amazing."

North Dakota? As in like...near Winnipeg?

That answer is not as totally out of left-field as you may initially think. Oshie played three years of college hockey at the University of North Dakota, the campus of which is located at Grand Forks, a little more than an hour's drive north of Fargo.


Clearly a return to the ol' stomping grounds is an exciting prospect for Oshie who amassed 142 points in 129 games while in college.

The larger issue, however, is not so much whether he would be OK playing in North Dakota, but whether he would be OK with returning to the ice at a neutral site with no fans. For Oshie, who is a father of three children, the most important thing for him is that the league returns only when it is safe for the players and their families to do so.

"You hate to get things rushed and not done properly and somehow they put a bunch of people in harm's way and especially our families in harm's way," Oshie said. "So a smarter man and maybe team of men and women will have to figure out how to get this thing going and make sure it is 100-percent safe and we can guarantee that we are not going to put anyone in harm's way."

As for whether he would be OK with a return to a neutral site, Oshie made clear that's fine with him if it means saving the season.

"With our team and with just how much effort, not only us and myself personally but everyone in the league puts forth during the regular season," he said, "All the blocked shots, all the injuries, all that stuff, that all is geared toward getting in the playoffs and having a chance to raise the Cup, and to not have that be a possibility is a hard pill to swallow.

"So, if it's neutral site, if that's what you have to do to have a chance to win a Cup, I'm all for it."

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