Where do the Nats fit in first win total projections?

Todd Dybas
NBC Sports Washington

Where do the Nats fit in first win total projections? originally appeared on nbcsportswashington.com

Despite Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still floating in the ether, oddsmakers have weighed in with their first round of win total projections for the 2019 MLB season.

The guys on The Racing Presidents podcast took a look at the Orioles' win total and sighed with sympathy. The Nationals? They may be under where they should be. And way at the top are some serious win totals. Here's the list from BetOnline.ag they discussed on the latest episode:

Houston Astros                      96½

Boston Red Sox                     95½

New York Yankees                 95½

Los Angeles Dodgers             94½

Cleveland Indians                   90½

Chicago Cubs                        88½

St. Louis Cardinals                 88½

Washington Nationals             87½

Milwaukee Brewers                84½

Minnesota Twins                    84½

New York Mets                       84½

Philadelphia Phillies                84½

Tampa Bay Rays                    84½

Atlanta Braves                        83½

Los Angeles Angels                83½

Oakland Athletics                   83½

Colorado Rockies                   82½

San Diego Padres                  78½

Arizona Diamondbacks           77½

Cincinnati Reds                      77½

Pittsburgh Pirates                   77½

Toronto Blue Jays                  77½

Chicago White Sox                 75½

Seattle Mariners                     74½

San Francisco Giants             73½

Texas Rangers                       70½

Kansas City Royals                69½

Detroit Tigers                         67½

Miami Marlins                         65½

Baltimore Orioles                    60½

Like we said, at the top are three teams with 95-plus wins. At the bottom is Baltimore. A measly 60 ½ wins, five behind the lowly Miami Marlins. Good news for Orioles fans? That line is 13 more wins than last season.

A little context on the projections: Six teams won more than 95 games last season, but just two of those (Milwaukee and Chicago) played in the National League. Oakland surprised with 97 victories. Boston, New York (AL) and Houston all surpassed 100 wins. The first two on that list spent most days beating up on the bottom of their division or the likes of the 100-loss White Sox and Royals. As good as the top end of the AL was last season, the bottom group was equally bad.

So, take a listen for win total talk and, of course, another round of Harper discussion while the wait continues.


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