Where Caleb Williams ranks among CFB’s 25 most dominant players in 2023

Caleb Williams of USC is obviously one of the 25 most dominant college football players entering the 2023 season. The question is: Where does he belong in that top 25?

College Wire unveiled its rankings of the 25 most dominant players in the sport, just before Week Zero ushers in the new season on August 26.

We won’t offer any spoilers. See for yourself where Williams is ranked.

Trojans Wire offered a brief comment on the reigning Heisman Trophy winner:

“Caleb Williams threw only five interceptions in the 2022 college football season. USC scored 42 or more points in two of the three games the Trojans lost, and Williams got injured in the other loss. In the Cotton Bowl against Tulane, USC converted 13 of 15 third downs if you allow fourth-down conversions to represent third-down conversions. The Trojans did not punt. Caleb Williams was responsible for none of the Trojans’ defeats last season. Now he comes back for another year with a generationally great play-caller, Lincoln Riley. If he stays healthy, Caleb Williams should dominate the sport of college football in 2023.”

Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire