Where are the Bears in the waiver wire order?

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The Chicago Bears trimmed their roster from 80 to 53 players on Tuesday (although we still don’t know all of their roster cuts right now), and it’s almost time for them to start building their 16-player practice squad and potentially make some changes to their roster starting Wednesday at 3 p.m. CT.

While the Bears released a handful of players, so did the rest of the NFL, which means there are a slew of players on the waiver wire that might interest the Bears, especially at areas of concern like cornerback and offensive line.

But the Bears can’t just go out and sign any player. They’ll need to hope that another team ahead of them in the waiver order doesn’t also want that player. Which isn’t ideal given Chicago’s place on the waiver order list at 20th.

Here’s the order of the waiver priority list, which is identical to the 2021 draft order:

  1. Jaguars

  2. Jets

  3. Texans

  4. Falcons

  5. Bengals

  6. Eagles

  7. Lions

  8. Panthers

  9. Broncos

  10. Cowboys

  11. Giants

  12. 49ers

  13. Chargers

  14. Vikings

  15. Patriots

  16. Cardinals

  17. 17) Raiders

  18. Dolphins

  19. Washington

  20. Bears

  21. Colts

  22. Titans

  23. Seahawks

  24. Steelers

  25. Rams

  26. Browns

  27. Ravens

  28. Saints

  29. Packers

  30. Bills

  31. Chiefs

  32. Bucs


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