'Wheel of Fortune' by the numbers

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Yes, yes, 2017 has thankfully ended, but there was at least one neat thing about the year worth remembering — it was the 35th anniversary of Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s Wheel of Fortune. When Yahoo Entertainment visited the set last fall, we were sent some really interesting facts about the iconic game show and, well, we just had to share ’em with you.

Among our favorite fun facts was that the biggest winner in WOF history is Autumn Erhard, who earned a cool $1,030,000 in cash and prizes back in 2013. To win that much is impressive, but to even get the chance is already a feat — more than 10,000 people attempt to become a contestant every year, but fewer than 600 folks are selected.

“What comes to mind when I hear the number 35 is that I must be 35 years older than when I started, which is troubling” – Pat Sajak:

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