What's next for the Bears' stadium in Arlington Heights?

What's next for the Bears' stadium in Arlington Heights? originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Village of Arlington Heights recently hosted two meetings - one on Monday and one in the second week of October - to discuss the Bears' potential stadium at Arlington Park.

Back in October, some trustees voiced their concerns about the plan rolled out by the Bears' stadium committee. Specifically, the transportation systems, the multi-purpose district's effect on the current development and the lack of detail around the stadium rendering were some of the concerns.

On Monday, however, the board of Arlington Heights and the Bears agreed to a pre-development plan for the stadium. The agreement is non-binding, but locks in the general framework of the stadium and district around it.

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While the Bears and the village board are making progress toward developing the stadium, Village Manager Randy Racklaus ascertains there won't be any meetings until the Bears make a purchasing decision on the land.

"It is very possible there will be no additional information on this project until the Chicago Bears Football Club makes a decision and an announcement on whether or not they will purchase the property," Racklaus wrote in an email to NBC Sports Chicago.

"This could be months from now. They have indicated that they will be making a decision at some point in the first quarter of 2023."

The halt in meetings does not indicate a lack in progress, according to Racklaus. The project needs time to work out the details and finish closing on the land.

The Bears' secured the purchase agreement for the land in late September of 2021, worth just south of $200 million.

The organization still has time to decide whether or not it will purchase the land. But, all indicators point toward the team moving forward with building the stadium.

The team's recent pre-development plan displays all facets of the 326-acre land around the stadium. It has maps, graphics and keys in place for where they will construct the different parts of the surrounding area.

Hotels, residential areas, offices, parks, "Bears fit," restaurants and more will be placed around the stadium. The only part missing from the plan is the stadium design.

Since the pre-development agreement is in place, Racklaus assures the fate of the stadium rests in the hands of the Bears.

"The ball is now in the Chicago Bears’ court at this point and much of the upcoming schedule will depend on when the Bears make a purchasing decision and how quickly they wish to move to develop the property if they purchase it," Racklaus said.

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