What Aaron Rodgers gets right and wrong about his critics & why Bezos should own a London NFL franchise

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After an embarrassing Week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Rodgers had his critics. He was soft after a summer of vacationing with movie stars and hosting Jeopardy! He looked uninterested on the sidelines! His man-bun was a symbol of his waning manliness and interest in football!

Rodgers had some thoughts for his detractors after a solid eighteen-point win over the Lions on Monday night. Charles Robinson welcomes Dan Wetzel onto the podcast this week to talk about why Rodgers is and isn't right to call his critics, "chickens**t," and the precarious state of the athlete-media relationship.

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Later in the show, Charles & Dan chat about Tom Brady's upcoming trip to Foxboro, Mass. as the Buccaneers face Brady's old Patriots in a week and a half. Could Brady have won a Super Bowl with this iteration of a Patriots roster? Would New England fans trade a still effective Brady for the next 15 years of Mac Jones' career?

In the latter half of the episode, Charles answers a pair of questions about NFL ownership. First, what's the latest on the lawsuit between the city of St. Louis and the NFL regarding the relocation of the Rams? Could this sway future teams from changing cities?

After that, rumors of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos being interested in purchasing the Denver Broncos turns into an amazing hypothesis: Bezos would be the perfect owner for an NFL London expansion franchise.

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