Wh1t3zZ gives up his ownership stake in I May

Wh1t3zZ is a former pro player and World Championship seifinalist (lolesports)
Wh1t3zZ is a former pro player and World Championship semifinalist (lolesports)

Previous I May owner, Pun Wai “Wh1t3zZ” Lo, has given up his stake in I May. He announced the news on weibo.

Wh1t3zZ previously made several offensive comments, including one which referred to Koreans as “cattle” and “stupid and poor.” He later gave a public apology. In his apology, however, he maintained that he truly believed in an all-Chinese roster, and that this was his ultimate dream.

In his announcement, he claimed that he had given up his stake in I May due to differences in opinion on how the roster should be built.

“About IM,” Wh1t3zZ wrote, “because of the all-Chinese team issue, I gave up my share.” He went on to state he disagreed with the team’s previous owner on whether or not the roster should be all-Chinese and gracefully bowed out. Wh1t3zZ claimed he didn’t gain any money from giving up his stake, he simply bowed out.

“I didn’t take IM to make money,” Wh1t3zZ said, “just to fulfill my dream of a championship.” He went on to say the team was still under the same management and he had a disagreement with said management before his stake was officially transferred. As such, he easily bowed out of the team and never saw any money from it.

“An all Chinese team winning Worlds is a dream of mine,” Wh1t3zZ continued. “I will work hard to realize it.” He said it was because he still respects the former owner that he decided to leave.

To conclude his statement, Wh1t3zZ wished I May well and referred to them as “a very passionate young team.”

Wh1t3zZ’s statement didn’t clarify who now owns the team or who had possession of the team while he was waiting to receive his stake. His message hinted that he may look to build a separate all-Chinese roster.

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