West Ham vs Freiburg LIVE: Europa League result and reaction after Kudus strikes twice including stunner

West Ham have booked their place in the quarter-finals of Europe’s second-tier competition with an emphatic 5-0 win on the night, and 5-1 on aggregate against Freiburg.

The Hammers fell to a controversial 1-0 defeat in the first leg of their Europa League last-16 tie. David Moyes’ side were controversially denied a late penalty to level the match.

But in the return leg they fired on all cylinders. It started from Lucas Paqueta’s ninth-minute tap in to level the tie, before Jarrod Bowen, Aaron Cresswell and Mohammed Kudus also got their names on the score sheet.

Kudus’ first was the goal of the evening, a stunning individual effort that stemmed from him winning the ball by cutting out a ball inside his own half before running forward, leaving defenders in his wake to set up the shot and fire the ball into the corner of the goal.

In the pre-match press conference, Moyes insisted the club have been enjoying their recent European runs, he said: “If you want to be on the big stage, now is the time to act. If you can’t perform, don’t go on stage. From the first game we had in Europe, we’ve been on a good ride and no one wants that to end.” And the Hammers will have a chance to extend that after their win over Freiburg.

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West Ham vs Freiburg LIVE

  • Full time: West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

  • GOAL! Kudus has his second! West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

  • GOAL! Kudus makes it four! - West Ham 4-0 Freiburg (4-1)

  • GOAL! Aaron Cresswell makes it three! - West Ham 3-0 (3-1)

  • Half time: West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

  • GOAL! Jarrod Bowen strikes - West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

  • GOAL! Lucas Paqueta taps in at the far post - West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

  • West Ham XI: Fabianski, Coufal, Zouma, Mavropanos, Cresswell, Alvarez, Soucek, Paqueta, Kudus, Bowen, Antonio

West Ham United FC 5 - 0 SC Freiburg

20:15 , Sonia Twigg

Match report

19:57 , Sonia Twigg

David Moyes took the handbrake off West Ham and watched them race into the last eight of the Europa League with a 5-0 win over Freiburg.

Hammers boss Moyes uncharacteristically named an attacking line-up in a bid to repair the damage of the 1-0 first-leg defeat in Germany last week.

He was rewarded with a sparkling display as goals from Lucas Paqueta, Jarrod Bowen, Aaron Cresswell and two from Mohammed Kudus – including a sensational solo effort – secured a 5-1 aggregate win and a place in a European quarter-final for a third-successive season.

As a consequence the Hammers may have also done some of their Premier League rivals a favour, with the result pushing England ahead of Germany in UEFA’s coefficient rankings, which could mean an extra spot in Europe next season.

Kudus scores stunner as five-star West Ham ease to Europa League quarter-finals

Jarrod Bowen speaks after the victory

19:45 , Sonia Twigg

Jarrod Bowen spoke to TNT Sports after the match: “We knew we had to take the game to them. We knew there’d be goals if we fully went for it. It’s what we needed. We needed a reaction and we got it,

“Everyone thrives off it. The fans want to see it as well. Tonight we played on the the front foot from the start. This season we haven’t been consistent.

“We got ourselves so far ahead it was pretty comfortable in the end.

“I’m so happy for him [Kudus]. He has that quality in him. He’s so sharp. He deserves everything.”

On his England selection: “I found out this morning. I haven’t scored in the Europa League so that was in the front of my mind.”

Full time: West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

19:37 , Sonia Twigg

FT: That has been an absolute masterclass from West Ham, they did not look the same side at all as they had in Germany.

Paqueta put the hosts ahead and levelled the tie in only the ninth minute of the match and the Hammers never looked back, with Kudus capping off the result with two late goals.

West Ham have reached a European quarter-final for the third successive season.

There might be doubts about the manager but he has brought European success to east London.

West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

19:35 , Sonia Twigg

90+1: Fortunately for Freiburg there will be just two minutes of added time at the end of the match.

West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

19:34 , Sonia Twigg

89 mins: West Ham have not slowed down and they have just kept going. Another corner from Cresswell threatens before a free-kick is given away.

West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

19:30 , Sonia Twigg

86 mins: That will also be his last involvement in the match, so no chance of a hat-trick and Alvarez has come off for Phillips, Bowen comes off for youngster Murphy and Ings has come on for Kudus.

GOAL! Kudus has his second! West Ham 5-0 Freiburg (5-1)

19:29 , Sonia Twigg

GOAL! Kudus scores another great goal! This is turning into a rout!

Soucek just played it across and a quick one-two with Bowen set up Kudus who made no mistakes taking a touch before firing into the back of the net for his second and his side’s fifth!

West Ham 4-0 Freiburg (4-1)

19:27 , Sonia Twigg

82 mins: West Ham are preparing more changes, including potentially Kalvin Phillips.

Freiburg try and mount another attack, and managed to get the cross in but it’s easily headed clear by Zouma.

West Ham 4-0 Freiburg (4-1)

19:23 , Sonia Twigg

79 mins: In the aftermath of that, Antonio has come off, and that might just be an indication that it’s job done from the home side.

GOAL! Kudus makes it four! - West Ham 4-0 Freiburg (4-1)

19:22 , Sonia Twigg

GOAL! 77 mins: That was a stunning individual effort from Kudus to put the game beyond doubt.

He won the ball up inside his own half, cutting out a lacklustre pass and just left all the defenders and midfielders for dead, he has run so far before turning past the defence and slotting the ball into the back of the net.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:21 , Sonia Twigg

76 mins: West Ham have been organised and attacked at the right times in this match, as well as having a killer instinct that Freiburg have lacked in the game so far.

Even when they should be pushing for a goal, there is not the intensity you would expect and their balls are being cut out.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:18 , Sonia Twigg

73 mins: Alvarez has a yellow card for a clumsy and late challenge on Eggestein and as I understand it that rules him out of the first leg of the quarter final, should West Ham reach there.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:15 , Sonia Twigg

71 mins: Again Freiburg break, but they just cannot get the ball through the hosts’ midfield and Kudus makes a key tackle to break up play.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:14 , Sonia Twigg

70 mins: Fabianski has the ball again, but Rohl committed a foul in the process, so it will be a Hammers free kick inside their own area and a chance for the goalkeeper to launch the ball upfield.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:12 , Sonia Twigg

68 mins: More substitutes from Freiburg to try and fight their way back into the match, but will it make a difference?

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:09 , Sonia Twigg

65 mins: The game has just become a bit dis-jointed.

It’s not clear whether that’s because of the substitutes or West Ham’s healthy advantage, but it’s definitely lacking in intensity.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:06 , Sonia Twigg

62 mins: Freiburg make an attacking change, withdrawing their holding midfielder among others, as Lucas Paqueta will also be leaving the field for the Hammers.

He scored the crucial opening goal that sent them on the way to what is looking like victory, and James Ward-Prowse comes on.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:04 , Sonia Twigg

60 mins: Freiburg have a chance to attack, but again it’s another wasted cross that goes straight into Fabianski’s hands.

Their attack has been slow and lacking intensity.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:01 , Sonia Twigg

57 mins: West Ham drive forward again and there’s almost another opportunity, Alvarez attacks a good cross but his final header was wide of the target.

West Ham 3-0 Freiburg (3-1)

19:00 , Sonia Twigg

55 mins: It will take a mammoth effort from Freiburg to find a way back into the game now, they have not looked very threatening all match and need two goals to take it to extra time.

GOAL! Aaron Cresswell makes it three! - West Ham 3-0 (3-1)

18:56 , Sonia Twigg

GOAL! 52 mins: Bowen finds Cresswell inside the box, he takes a touch to set up the shot and then left-footed, drives it into the back of the net.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:55 , Sonia Twigg

51 mins: West Ham clear the ball upfield and will have their own chance to give themselves breathing room.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:54 , Sonia Twigg

50 mins: Freiburg might not be pressing quickly, but the Hammers are sitting a long way back and just inviting pressure. Coufal clears, but not very far and it will be a throw to the visitors and a chance for a long ball into the box.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:52 , Sonia Twigg

48 mins: The second half has started in the same way as the first finished, there was a decent cross in from the wings, for the visitors but half-time substitute Gregoritschat headed far over the bar.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:49 , Sonia Twigg

46 mins: West Ham get the second half underway

Half time: West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:45 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos from the first half:

 (Nigel French/PA Wire)
(Nigel French/PA Wire)
 (Nigel French/PA Wire)
(Nigel French/PA Wire)
 (Nigel French/PA Wire)
(Nigel French/PA Wire)

First half stats:

18:40 , Sonia Twigg

Freiburg had more of the possession with 57 percent, but fewer shots, 6 compared to 7, and just one of those was on target.

West Ham have had 5 corners and three shots on target, but have committed more fouls, 6 compared to 2.

Half time: West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:34 , Sonia Twigg

HT: That has all gone West Ham’s way, it has been a masterclass, after Paqueta’s early strike levelled the tie, Bowen’s just after the half hour mark has put them firmly in the driving seat.

Freiburg will have to come out and show something different after the half time break.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:31 , Sonia Twigg

44 mins: Just on the stroke of half time and the match has slowed down quite a lot.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:28 , Sonia Twigg

41 mins: Fabianski tries to launch the ball long up to Antonio, but it’s easily defended and the ball goes back to Freiburg, who are taking their time here. It’s not yet become rushed.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:27 , Sonia Twigg

40 mins: Another opportunity for Freiburg as they try and find a way back into the match, but it falls again into the gloves of Fabianski.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:25 , Sonia Twigg

38 mins: Chance! It’s a tame effort from Eggestein but a chance nonetheless, his effort lacked power and was easily saved by Fabianski in goal for the Hammers.

West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:23 , Sonia Twigg

36 mins: The travelling bouncing fans have just been subdued a bit following that strike from Bowen.

They now need a goal to take this game to extra time, and a reminder that away goals do not count for anything extra any more.

GOAL! Jarrod Bowen strikes - West Ham 2-0 Freiburg (2-1)

18:20 , Sonia Twigg

GOAL! 33 mins: Jarrod Bowen unleashes a stunner!

West Ham have been unstoppable in this game so far, but that is all an individual effort, he gets past two defenders on his way towards the centre, and from the edge of the box unleashes a left-footed effort into the corner of the goal to put his side ahead!

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:17 , Sonia Twigg

31 mins: Antonio has been very good since the start of the game today, active on both wings and causing all sorts of problems for the Freiburg defence.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:16 , Sonia Twigg

30 mins: Freiburg have a shot from range easily blocked, and the Hammers come forward again, Antonio managed to get a cross in but it’s blocked clear

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:15 , Sonia Twigg

28 mins: There’s a looping cross into the Hammers’ box and it’s easily defended, and only gives them the chance to mount an attack of their own.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:12 , Sonia Twigg

26 mins: Freiburg try and bulldoze their way through and the hosts have a free kick inside their own area.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:10 , Sonia Twigg

24 mins: West Ham are winning the ball back so easily in midfield, Freiburg have really struggled to get going here.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:09 , Sonia Twigg

22 mins: West Ham are firmly on top here, Coufal drives forward and plays a dangerous ball into the box, but there’s just not anyone quite in the right place to get on the end of it.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:06 , Sonia Twigg

20 mins: Concern for Paqueta as he goes down and receives treatment, but he is back on his feet and looks to be okay to continue.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:05 , Sonia Twigg

19 mins: Chance! Antonio almost crafted another! He won the ball back in the midfield line, drove down the wing to create the chance, pulled it back for Kudus, but it just had too much power on it and he couldn’t direct it into the back of the net.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:05 , Sonia Twigg

18 mins: Freiburg are looking to play in their central striker in over the top, but Zouma was able to get there and make an easy tackle

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

18:03 , Sonia Twigg

16 mins: After the blistering start and the three corners in succession, the game has just slowed down a bit now scores are level across the two-legged tie

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

17:59 , Sonia Twigg

13 mins: David Moyes said before the game to TNT Sports that his side were going to try and get after them early, and that’s exactly what they have done.

West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

17:58 , Sonia Twigg

11 mins: The fans are singing Paqueta’s name as West Ham’s fans have really got behind the team, and they are right back in this match now.

GOAL! Lucas Paqueta taps in at the far post - West Ham 1-0 Freiburg (1-1)

17:56 , Sonia Twigg

GOAL! 9 mins: Lucas Paqueta was in the right place at the right time at the far post to just tap the ball home after Soucek at the near post just headed it across the face of goal.

The scores are level and the game is on!

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg (0-1)

17:55 , Sonia Twigg

8 mins: The hosts will have a third corner, a second is put behind by the defender trying to hold off Soucek.

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg (0-1)

17:54 , Sonia Twigg

7 mins: West Ham have another corner, it’s looped in by Cresswell and the defence could only put it behind for another one.

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg (0-1)

17:52 , Sonia Twigg

5 mins: Nothing comes of the following corner although the goalkeeper was almost caught as they choose to play it out from the back.

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg (0-1)

17:50 , Sonia Twigg

4 mins: Coufal has a chance at a long throw into the opposition box, the travelling support are bouncing, they will have a corner after it bounces all the way through to the keeper.

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg

17:49 , Sonia Twigg

2 mins: Freiburg have had most of the early possession, as West Ham settle into the match, a reminder that the home side are a goal down after the first leg.

West Ham 0-0 Freiburg

17:46 , Sonia Twigg

1 min: Freiburg kick the game underway as the bubbles begin to evaporate over the pitch

West Ham vs Freiburg

17:42 , Sonia Twigg

We are now just minutes away from kick off in East London, the teams have done their warm ups and will be coming out of the tunnel soon.

David Moyes speaks ahead of the match

17:40 , Sonia Twigg

The Hammers boss added: “I’ve said many times, I think it’s really difficult to beat a side four times in a season. We’ve beat them twice and we’ve lost once now so we have to try and make sure it’s three tonight.”

On how much they can take from the Sevilla match two years ago, Moyes said: “Well i think the only thing we can take from it is the crowd were magnificent on the night, it played a big part.

“Sevilla were serial winners at that time of this competition, so for us to beat them in that stage of the knockout was a big thrill for us and we have to take a lot of experience because we know that this game tonight could easily go to extra time and we have to do that and win it in that then we have to do so.”

David Moyes speaks ahead of the match

17:35 , Sonia Twigg

David Moyes said to TNT Sports: “Look, we just felt as if we needed a slight change, we didn’t play as well as we like away from home but we shouldn’t have lost the game in the end, and we did, so let’s see how it goes.

“We can’t throw everything in right away but we’re going to try and put them under pressure early doors if we can.”

Freiburg fans received a police escort

17:30 , Sonia Twigg

There have been issues at the London Stadium before and on this occasion, the Freiburg fans were given a police escort to the ground:

 (Nigel French/PA Wire)
(Nigel French/PA Wire)
 (Nigel French/PA Wire)
(Nigel French/PA Wire)

Fans have been arriving at the London Stadium

17:22 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos from around the ground:


A look back at West Ham’s last result

17:15 , Sonia Twigg

David Moyes felt a host of refereeing decisions went against West Ham after they had to come from two down to rescue a point at home to Burnley.

A stoppage-time Danny Ings effort secured a 2-2 draw, but the former Burnley striker also had a goal disallowed for a marginal offside and West Ham could have had a penalty at the death when Sander Berge headed the ball into his own hand.

“The decisions today went so badly against us,” said Hammers boss Moyes. “The offside for the goal, then there is one in the first half where the linesman puts his flag up and Jarrod Bowen is onside. Even if he wasn’t, the rules are supposed to be that you wait until he’s got to be sure he’s offside. He doesn’t. He puts his flag up straight away and I’ve seen it and he’s onside.”

David Moyes blames officials as West Ham drop points at home to Burnley

West Ham have arrived

17:00 , Sonia Twigg

The home side have arrived at the London Stadium:

West Ham team news

16:48 , Sonia Twigg

West Ham have announced their team for the Europa League clash:

Fabianski, Coufal, Zouma, Mavropanos, Cresswell, Alvarez, Soucek, Paqueta, Kudus, Bowen, Antiono

What are the last-16 scores?

16:30 , Sonia Twigg

Here is a reminder of all the scores from the first legs:

AC Milan 4 Giroud 34, Reijnders 44, Loftus-Cheek 45, Pulisic 85 v Slavia Prague 2 Doudera 36, Schranz 65.

Benfica 2 Di Maria 45 pen , Goldson 67 og v Rangers 2 Lawrence 7, Sterling 45.

Freiburg 1 Gregoritsch 81 v West Ham 0.

Qarabag 2 Benzia 26, Juninho 45 v Bayer Leverkusen 2 Wirtz 70, Schick 90.

Marseille 4 Veretout 23, Yerson Mosquera 28(og), Aubameyang 42 pen, 59 v Villarreal 0.

Roma 4 Dybala 13, Lukaku 43, Mancini 64, Cristante 68 v Brighton 0.

Sparta Prague 1 Conor Bradley 46(og) v Liverpool 5 Mac Allister 6 pen, Nunez 25, 45, Diaz 53, Szoboszlai 90.

When is the Europa League draw?

16:00 , Sonia Twigg

When is the Europa League draw?

The draws for the quarter-finals and semi-finals will take place at Uefa’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland on Friday 15 March, at 12pm GMT.

How to watch on TV and online

The draw will be live-streamed via the Uefa Europa League website. Viewers can also watch it on TNT Sports as well as via the Discovery+ app and website.

How does it work?

The draw will feature the eight remaining teams in the competition. There are no restrictions on which clubs face one another, so teams who played each other during the group stage can meet in the quarter-finals, as can sides from the same national domestic league.

Ties take place over two legs, with the first legs set for 11 April and the second legs a week later on 18 April. With no away goals advantage, matches level after 180 minutes will go to extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shootout.

When is the Europa League quarter-final draw?

15:30 , Sonia Twigg

Europa League sides are set to find out their quarter-final opponents when the draw takes place next Friday.

There are four British teams currently competing in the last-16 and hoping to be in the draw, with Liverpool almost there already thanks to their 5-1 thrashing of Sparta Prague. Rangers and West Ham still have work to do when they host Benfica and Freiburg respectively on Thursday night, while Brighton need to pull off a miracle after losing 4-0 at Roma in the first leg.

Marseille, Bayer Leverkusen and AC Milan are all well placed to reach the quarter-finals in their respective ties, while it’s more even in the tie between Atalanta and Sporting after a 1-1 draw in the first leg.

As well as the quarter-finals, the semi-final draw will also be made, so clubs will be able to plot their route to the final in Dublin on Wednesday 22 May.

Is Kalvin Phillips in Gareth Southgate’s squad?

15:00 , Sonia Twigg

Firstly, there was an England squad update, and a key West Ham player missed out.

Jarrad Branthwaite and Anthony Gordon have received their first England call-ups but there was no place for Kalvin Phillips in Gareth Southgate’s last squad before making his Euro 2024 selection.

Phillips has been dropped after a torrid run of form since he joined West Ham on loan in January.

Phillips was at fault for a goal on his debut against Bournemouth before he was sent off at Nottingham Forest last month and hooked at half-time of Sunday’s 2-2 draw at home to Burnley.

West Ham vs Freiburg

Wednesday 13 March 2024 15:28 , Sonia Twigg

Good afternoon and welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the second leg of the Europa League last-16 match between West Ham and Freiburg at the London Stadium.

The Hammers go into the game with a 1-0 deficit from the first leg.