West Ham happy without 'all the attention and hype'

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James Jones, We Are West Ham

While there appears to be a great deal of hype surrounding strong starts to the season for the likes of Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal, West Ham are quietly building on the success of the last few seasons with very little fanfare.

Of course, we're only four games into the season and there's so much more football still to be played, but we're already witnessing a subconscious [or perhaps it's conscious, I don't know] ignorance of the quality of David Moyes' West Ham so far this season.

After four games, we're unbeaten with three wins and a draw. That's the same record as Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal, who are all being labelled as 'potential' challengers to Manchester City's domestic dominance. Spurs are "back" because of Ange Postecoglou. Arsenal are even "better" because Declan Rice scored against Man United.

Meanwhile, it's being ignored that West Ham's identical start to the season is far more impressive because three of our opening four games have been away from home. Last season, we won three away games all season. We've already won two in 2023-24, and one of those came against a very strong Brighton side who everyone is raving about as well.

Perhaps it's the style of play that isn't whetting the appetite of the football purists? Or maybe everyone's just too busy getting sucked into the hype of the so-called big six? Or maybe it's just because West Ham are not glamourous enough to be acknowledged as a strong Premier League outfit.

Either way, the longer it goes on, the better. We're quite happy getting on with our business without all the attention and hype. Instead we are just continuing to get better in the shadows of the modern game. That suits us perfectly.

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