We're doing a live show in Las Vegas

When you go to Las Vegas next week for the Super Bowl, you can go see Wayne Newton's live show.

Or you can go see the Chris Simms Unbuttoned/PFTPM Joint Mega Picks Podcast live show. (Actually you can go to both; I checked.)

On Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT, we'll do it live from the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook.

It's free. Just show up. Hang out. Say hello. Have a cocktail. Bring a copy of Playmakers or Father of Mine or On Our Way Home and I'll sign it after we're done. (I'm also bringing a stack of signed Playmakers bookplates that can be added to the book later, if you don't want to lug the thing to Vegas.)

We'll have some fun. We'll answer some questions. We'll talk about the Super Bowl. We'll make our official picks. We'll have a few drinks. Maybe Wayne Newton will stop by.

Actually, he probably won't. We don't know him. But if you want to get to know us, this is your chance.