'We're bound to try everything until something sticks'

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Will Faulks, Chelsea News

Chelsea's season so far has been a series of false starts.

Pre-season went very well, and the new manager and new recruits looked to have had the desired impact. Then Christopher Nkunku's injury in the final friendly disrupted all their preparations and forced a rethink at the worst possible moment.

Since then, there have been a number of false dawns, usually in the form of a good showing against the better teams they have played, or a comfortable win against the weaker teams.

But every time they look ready to get rolling, a shocking performance or bad result brings them back to earth, and while there is plenty of goodwill remaining for the coach, every passing week sees the team entrenched deeper in mid-table, with the teams at the top pulling farther away.

To break back into the European places, Chelsea are going to need a really strong run of results, and hope that things are going to suddenly click are fading too. Perhaps Nkunku's return will help things, but it already feels like an unrealistic amount of hope is being placed on the France striker's form when he is back.

Once he is up and running, it will be interesting to see what Mauricio Pochettino has planned for him. Might we see him used as a striker, given both Nicolas Jackson and Armando Broja are struggling for form and fitness?

It seems like one of the potential solutions to our problems, and at this rate, we are bound to try everything until something sticks.

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