What went wrong with the Chicago Bulls during Rajon Rondo’s tenure?

Fans of the Boston Celtics remember all too well how good the Chicago Bulls could be with former Celtics floor general Rajon Rondo on the team with Hall of Fame wing Dwyane Wade and star forward Jimmy Butler, so why didn’t that version of the Bulls ever seem to get anywhere?

The Kentucky native gave us an answer on a recent episode of the “Old Man and the Three” podcast hosted by former NBA player JJ Redick. Despite their talent, the team struggled with chemistry and cohesion between the veteran stars and the younger players. There were issues with leadership, communication and transparency, leading to friction within the team.

To hear all the details behind that semi-superteam’s implosion from Rondo’s point of view, take a look at the clip embedded below.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire