Wendy's is now seriously asking 'Where's the beef?'

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In late April, Tyson Foods warned that as more

and more food plants close due to the coronavirus,

“millions of pounds of meat” will disappear.

Wendy’s is now a victim of the

oncoming national meat shortage.

CNN reports that. an estimated one

in five restaurants is out of beef.

That means around 18% of U.S. Wendy’s

are not serving hamburgers — including

their beloved Baconator sandwich.

Wendy’s says it’s more impacted to the

shortage because it relies on fresh beef,

compared to its competitors, said CNN.

The locations of meatless Wendy’s

restaurants depends on whether processing

plants in the areas have been shut down.

Ohio, Michigan and New York have high

rates of meatless Wendy’s, while Arizona,

Nevada and Louisiana aren’t as affected.

Financial analyst James Rutherford

told CNN that he does not expect

Wendy’s profits to be impacted

that much if. the shortage is fixed

sooner rather than later.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski told CNBC

on April 30 that the franchise has not experienced

any break in the supply chain or meat shortages.

In the meantime, Wendy’s has been putting emphasis

on their breakfast menu and chicken sandwiches.

Processing plants have been temporarily

shut down throughout the U.S. because

workers are getting sick from COVID-19

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