Wendy Williams on becoming the Lips on 'The Masked Singer': 'It was so hot I could barely breathe'

Jon San
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On Wednesday night, Wendy Williams was revealed to be the Lips on an episode of Fox’s hit show The Masked Singer.

So on her own daytime talk show on Thursday, Williams gave her fans some behind-the-scenes juice on the famously secretive show, including a phone call from Masked Singer host Nick Cannon that, at the time of her casting, she found suspicious.

“I thought he was calling me to tell me, ‘OK so I’ll see you when you get out [to Los Angeles]’ or ‘Good luck with the show,’ Williams said. “He had no idea.”

Wendy Williams was recently revealed to be the Lips from "The Masked Singer." (Photo: Getty Images)
Wendy Williams was recently revealed to be the Lips from "The Masked Singer." (Photo: Getty Images)

The level of secrecy surrounding the show even caused some confusion for Williams. “They kept calling me Lips,” Wendy said of her time on the set. “I couldn’t get used to answering to that so I just kept walking.”

Williams said that she taped her Masked Singer appearance before Season 12 of her talk show premiered, during a week where her studio was being sanitized for its audience.

She also explained that wearing the costume wasn’t the easiest thing to manage.

“The costume was hot. It was so hot I could barely breathe,” she said. “It was so heavy, that’s why I’m sitting on the couch [while performing].”

Williams also called rehearsals “really, really difficult,” noting that they could last up to eight hours a day.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of The Masked Singer, panelist Jenny McCarthy correctly guessed the Lips’s identity to be Williams. And Williams admitted she didn’t exactly do a great job of concealing herself.

“I would have guessed me right away,” she said. “And it didn’t help that I laughed in between and then caught a snort.”

Watch Wendy Williams revealed as the Lips on The Masked Singer:

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