How well do you know golf terms? Putting patrons to the test

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – To scout out the real golf fans from the ones who are just here for the sandwiches, we’re playing a couple rounds of ‘golf terms trivia.’ Let’s hope they don’t ‘whiff’ it.

Jonathon Hughes started out strong.

Okay we’re gonna start out easy, what is an ace?

“That’s whenever you get a hole in one.”

Absolutely. Okay, what’s an albatross?

“That’s a two under par five.”

But then, he started to fumble.

What’s a dub?

“A dub? I mean, I don’t know like a good hole?”

That’s a bad or a missed shot.

“Ohhhh okay.”

Next, we quizzed Cammie Branan and her husband, Jimmy. He started out humble about his golf knowledge.

Do y’all play golf?

“I do.”

So you think you’re pretty much an expert when it comes to golf terminology?

“Just depends, we’ll see, right?”

But, he didn’t ‘choke.’

What’s a beach?

“Bunker. Sand trap.”


“An eagle is a 3 on a par 5 or a 2 on a par 4.”


“It’s when you hit your shot, the turf that comes up makes a little hole.”

A duffer?

“Terrible golfer.”

What is a whiff?

“It means when you totally miss the ball.”

“That’s what I do!” said Cammie.

I do that too.

Ryan Wilson struggled on some of the questions.

Do you know what a barber is?

“A guy that cuts your hair.”

Yes, but it’s also someone who talks a lot when you’re trying to like do your shot.

But, Ryan came out on top at the end.


“To get out of the way, I hit a ball at you. I know that one.”

Well, as you can see, we don’t have many ‘duffers’ out on the course. These patrons pretty much ‘aced’ the test – and if there was an honorary green jacket, we would give it to them.

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