Weldon Green on his background, time working in NA LCS, and his new gig at Ember

Sports psychology trainer Weldon Green is all the rage these days in the North American LCS. Since his work last year with Counter Logic Gaming, Green has found himself making the trip from Finland to LA quite often, most notably at the start of this year’s season as several teams look to shore up their floundering performances.

“Most people call us when there’s a ‘bandaid’ problem” he says, “When there’s some wound bleeding out and they want a quick fix.”

Besides offering direct support to players, and in addition to coach training through his team at Mindgames.gg, Green will be joining esports organization Ember as head coach and “headmaster” of Ember Academy. Yahoo Esports sat down with Green to discuss his experiences with the different NA LCS teams, his background, and what his new role at Ember will entail.

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