Welcome to Dubai’s immersive horror cinema

STORY: Welcome to Dubai's immersive 'Horror Cinema'

It all starts with a spooky receptionist escorting guests to a movie theater

The movie viewings are filled with surprise scares

which include high-tech special effects, splashes, flashes and professional actors

[Mike Mikesell, Tourist]

"You know, it is not what you see on screen, it's not the ghost on the screen that scares you, it is the unknown, the unseen, the unpredictable, the waiting for the scare to happen, and throughout this entire experience, I was kind of just waiting for something to pop out, waiting for something to scare me and it did not disappoint."

The immersive horror experience also includes escape rooms

based on famous horror movies, such as 'A Quiet Place,' 'IT' and 'Insidious'

[Marlon Dimaculangan, Interim manager 'Horror Rooms']

"The market here in Dubai is craving for them to get scared, I think it is more fun for them that way, so there are people who are really scared of delving into escape games with live actors because of different expectations, so the horror cinema experience is like an introduction to the horror genre of the escape games, so if they are too scared to play the scary escape rooms, they can first experience watching it like the movies, where the escape rooms are based from, and then give them a taste of the performances that actors do in the actual escape rooms."