Weekly jobless claims disappoint, markets continue rally

Stocks look to hit new record highs at the open as investors have a lot to digest. U.S. jobless claims missed expectations, as the GOP prepares to push a new budget plan through the House today. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer, Dan Roberts and president of Chapin Hill Advisors Kathy Boyle discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s topics:

  • Employment growth fell in September: ADP

  • Why GOP budget passage is key to tax cuts

  • Is it too late to buy stocks?

  • SeaWorld soars on potential deal with Merlin: rpts

  • Alcohol distributor Constellation up on higher beer sales

  • Marcato expects Ugg-maker stock to more than double by 2020

  • Amazon tests its own delivery service

  • UPS / FedEx lower on Amazon’s announcement of a new delivery service

  • Adidas will open a ‘Speedfactory’ near Atlanta

  • Equifax hack leads White House to explore ID beyond SSN

What would you like to see replace #SocialSecurity numbers?
– National driver’s license
– Passport
– Retinal scan/fingerprint
– Don’t replace them

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