Weekend Whipper: Wet Rock, Extended Cams, and Big Airtime

This article originally appeared on Climbing

Readers, please send your Weekend Whipper videos, information, and any lessons learned to Anthony Walsh,

This is a great clip of Aidan Bennetts displaying full commitment on Table Mountain's Cock and Bull (24/5.11c). Bennetts had fired the crux--a thrutchy roof pull with uncomfortably high feet--and was staring down the deviously thin upper headwall.

"Once established on the wall the last moves are pretty run out on small crimps," Bennetts told Climbing, "but manageable if you are able to pull on with no pump." Bennetts was feeling good but the rock was not--it had rained the day before and the water-streaked wall still held plenty of moisture. He gastoned a chicken-head edge with his left hand and hiked his right foot up into a small pocket that was "evidently still a little wet."

Sure enough, his foot slid off and he was airborne, taking a long fall onto a "bomber" purple Totem cam he'd extended with a sling.

Bennetts reported that the fall was big but certainly safe, thanks to the "bullet-hard" stone found throughout the area. "I'll have to get back on it soon, but for now [I'm] psyched at the soft catch and learning experience," he said.

Happy Friday, and be safe out there this weekend.

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