Weekend Whipper: Climber Fumbles Clip, Nearly Splinters into Tree

This article originally appeared on Climbing

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This whipper comes to you from Falesia dos Olhos, Brazil, mid crux on Janela da Alma (7b/5.12b). "[It's] an imposing route," the climber, Renan Nogues Cassasni, told Climbing, "with a very technical roof turn, with stretches and long seams."

Cassani said the crux is mentally demanding, as, even if you successfully clip the bolt at your waist, a lurking tree serves up a dangerous fall--"if not well calculated."

"The fall is clean if you land correctly, without throwing yourself back," Cassani explained. "[But] I was very close to it... I hit my chalk bag on the tree." As far as he's aware, no serious tree-collision has happened (yet) and so local climbers have chosen not to cut it down.

Happy Friday, and if your chosen route this weekend has arboreal hazards, please wear a helmet.

Thanks to Vivencia da Montanha (@vivenciadamontanha) for sharing their video.

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