Week Two power rankings

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

1. Raiders (2-0; previously No. 2): Marshawn should polish up on his breakdancing because it feels like 1983 all over again the Raiders.

2. Chiefs (2-0; No. 3): If Spencer Ware hadn’t gotten injured, the Chiefs may not be undefeated.

3. Patriots (1-1; No. 5): Nice.

4. Falcons (2-0; No. 7): When the opponent is on the ropes, the Falcons need to learn how to punch them through.

5. Steelers (2-0; No. 8): Take away Bell, Brown gets you. Take away both, Bryant gets you.

6. Packers (1-1; No. 1): Take away Rodgers, and the Packers wouldn’t win a game.

7. Lions (2-0; No. 9): There’s a chance the Lions are great. There’s also a chance they simply have beaten two opposite-of-great teams.

8. Broncos (2-0; No. 15): The good news is they may have found a franchise quarterback in round seven. The bad news is they may have pissed away a first-round pick on a potential franchise quarterback.

9. Seahawks (1-1; No. 6): The Seahawks tend to get better as the season progresses. This year they definitely need to.

10. Cowboys (1-1; No. 4): Ezekiel Elliott‘s suspension didn’t start last week. It just seems that way.

11. Dolphins (1-0; No. 12): Cigarettes for everyone.

12. Ravens (2-0; No. 13): They should just have the defensive players play both ways.

13. Buccaneers (1-0; No. 16): The Bucs may not just be the second-best team in the division; they may be the second-best team in the NFC.

14. Panthers (2-0; No. 17): Cam Newton may be OK for now, but behind that offensive line he won’t be OK for long.

15. Titans (1-1; No. 19): From 2-4 in the AFC South a year ago to 1-0 this year; performance in the division will be the key to Tennessee’s season.

16. Eagles (1-1; No. 10):  They’ve got a chance to make it a two-team race in the NFC East, if they can manhandle the Giants.

17. Vikings (1-1; No. 14): An old-school NFC Central fight with the Bucs could go a long way toward revealing whether the Vikings are for real.

18. Texans (1-1; No. 28): Better late than never — and just in time for the Patriots — Deshaun Watson is the guy.

19. Rams (1-1; No. 18): The annual RGIII bowl was about as inspiring as it ever is.

20. Jaguars (1-1; No. 11): They are you we thought they were.

21. Washington (1-1; No. 25): They’ve pulled the ultimate “psych!” move on Su’a.

22. Bills (1-1; No. 20): Sean McDermott will keep telling us Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback until the precise moment McDermott decides Taylor isn’t.

23. Cardinals (1-1; No. 21): Bruce Arians has finally figured out what many already knew about this team — the quarterback is often more of a liability than an asset.

24. Chargers (0-2; No. 22): Two games behind a three-way cluster at the top of the division, the Chargers’ season feels over when it’s barely begun.

25. Giants (0-2; No. 24): Brylcreem Ben McAdoo can feel the season slip-sliding away.

26. Saints (0-2; No. 26): Adrian Peterson didn’t sign up for 0-2, either.

27. Bears (0-2; No. 23): Two games left, at most, before Mitchell Trubisky makes his debut.

28. Browns (0-2; No. 27): The fact that the Browns are favored on the road tells you everything you need to know about the current state of the NFL.

29. Bengals (0-2; No. 29): Andy Dalton has the full support of the coaching staff. Until he doesn’t.

30. Jets (0-2; No. 30): Their pursuit of Sam Darnold has been complicated by the presence of other unexpectedly crappy teams.

31. 49ers (0-2; No. 31): Tune in for Thursday Night Traffic Problems.

32. Colts (0-2; No. 32): “Taking the Cardinals to overtime” may be the only banner fodder they have this year; “home ‘dogs against the Browns” definitely won’t make the cut.

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