Week in review: Top players at each position from the Senior Bowl American practice

The Senior Bowl practices wrapped up on Thursday afternoon, and the Senior Bowl itself will wrap up on Saturday after the game is played. While the game and practices will likely bring different stars, we should go back and highlight the top players at each position from this week’s practice.

As we break this down, the criteria will revolve around consistency, which was demonstrated day in and day out in Mobile, Alabama.

Quarterback: Shepherd QB Tyson Bagent

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Bagent came into this week having to prove to NFL teams that he was draftable. The quarterbacks as a whole this week were not that great, and this isn’t to suggest that Bagent was a star by any means, because he wasn’t. He struggled with accuracy all week, but what stuck out with Bagent was when he made his “wow” throws.

Bagent proved that he has talent and the NFL arm strength to throw outside the numbers. Bagent helped his stock this week by proving he belonged with these quarterbacks.

Running Back: Tulane RB Tyjae Spears

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This one was tough, only because I felt like Oklahoma running back Eric Gray also put up some great reps in practice this week. That being said, Tyjae Spears had the whole crowd wanting more all week long.

Spears showed off everything you could want from a running back. In one-on-ones, he was proficient at pass blocking and had one of the dirtiest routes you’ll see from a running back versus a linebacker. All week long, Spears continued to prove that he’s a three-down back that can be a weapon for NFL teams at the next level.

Wide Receiver: Houston WR Nathaniel "Tank" Dell

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Dell grabbed the spotlight early in the week and had media members tuned in to every practice session after that. It didn’t matter what portion of practice was happening; Dell was using his speed and quickness to torch defensive backs.

Dell’s route running was also on point all week; he was intentional with every route and was impressive in the subtlety of his breaks at the top of his routes. He brought in contested catches and just continued to win all week. He’s a player who really helped his stock this week.

Tight End: Oklahoma TE Brayden Willis

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A name you probably hadn’t heard much of this week, but when we talk about consistency, Willis was just that. Willis showed all week that he can be an asset for NFL teams if they’re looking for a guy willing to do the dirty work.

In one-on-one reps, he was able to gain separation from defenders and haul in some nice catches. Willis’ blocking, on the other hand, stands out. All week, Willis showed his strength and physicality, whether it was as a lead blocker or an in-line blocker; he held his own and will make an NFL career out of doing just that.

Offensive Line: Florida G O'Cyrus Torrence

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I just don’t know what more can be said about this kid. This week, he was a man among boys, solidifying his status as a first-round prospect.

His hand placement, footwork, and strength stood out on every rep as he would toss defenders down in one-on-one reps. Gophers center John Michael Schmitz could also take this spot over Torrence given his strong week as well, but what truly was a thing of beauty was when Torrence and Schmitz played right next to each other and graciously picked up stunts from defensive linemen. It was perfection.

Defensive Line: Iowa St Edge Will McDonald

Ncaa Football Baylor At Iowa State

McDonald had a great week of practice, and through the first day, not many people were talking about him. That changed starting on day two, though.

McDonald showed off his bursts and violent hands against opposing tackles all week long. He had a relentless motor and continued to stand out and wreak havoc against the opposing offense. This kid really helped himself out this week, and teams will look at him as someone they can develop. McDonald is a little raw, but he has the tools you want.

Linebacker: Jackson St. LB Aubrey Miller Jr.

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Miller Jr. had a lot to prove this week here in Mobile, Alabama, and he did just that. In his press conferences, he showed off his charisma by doing an incredible Deion Sanders impersonation. On the field, though, is where he really stood out.

He was showcasing his speed and power in one-on-one reps versus running backs as he continued to bully them all week. He also did a great job at identifying the run and being patient in his pursuit, which was a question for him coming into this week. While he likely won’t make the team as a starting linebacker, he has an opportunity to help out on special teams and work his way up.

Defensive Backs: Kansas St CB Julius Brents

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Brents was one of my favorite players to watch this week in general. He is a long cornerback who plays with extreme confidence and physicality for his size.

All week long, he was bullying opposing wide receivers, and he’d make it known too once the play was finished. He was patient in his coverage and showed the speed you want to carry receivers downfield. His physicality did burn him a few times, but you’ll take those because the rest of it looked fantastic.

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