Week 6 Quick Slant - Cowboys vs. Chargers | Fantasy Football Live

The FFL team examines significant headlines related to the Los Angeles Chargers' matchup against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football.

Video Transcript

- This week, let's take a look at Chargers, obviously taking on the Cowboys. This is a big game for both teams. Not just from a fantasy standpoint, but also from where their seasons are headed. Andy, what's on your mind with this game, particularly.

- Well, the Chargers defense has really been the get right game fantasy wise for a bunch of running backs this year, Josh Jacobs, Alexander Mattison. And I'm pretty sure this is going to be Tony Pollard week. You have a few days now to try to make a trade offer here. I think he's a buy low. I think he's just a great player who's been a minor disappointment to his managers. Hasn't reached the end zone since opening week. I keep hearing about it from people.

But the yardage has generally been there. He's had at least 60 total yards each week, over 100 scrimmage yards, a couple times. And then there's the other thing, he is just getting fed in the red zone. He is getting all those Zeke Elliott carries from last year. He leads all backs in red zone carries and carries inside the 10 and inside the 5. We are finally going to have the multiple, the multiple touchdown game that you've been waiting for here. I think it happens this week against the Chargers.