Week 6 Heroes: ArizonaVarsity's Top Performers

Ralph Amsden, Publisher
Arizona Varsity

This is my weekly "Heroes" feature, a collection of some of the best performances of the prior week. If I left you off, it's for one of three reasons:

1) Your coach didn't input stats and I didn't have anyone out at your game. If that's the case, get on your coaching staff.

2) There's hundreds of schools and I have to pick and choose, sincere apologies if that means your great week goes unnoticed!

3) I messed up. Email me at azhsfootball@gmail.com

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Ralph Amsden

Team Award

Centennial: Offense, Defense and Special Teams for their 12-0 win over St. Thomas Aquinas.


QB Brandon Nunez (Mesa Mountain View), 300 Pass Yards, 2 Rush TD

QB Jack Plummer (Gilbert), 311 Pass Yards, 2 TD, 60 Rush Yards, 5 TD

QB Caden Austin (Boulder Creek), 332 Pass Yards, 5 TD

QB Isaac Enriquez (Horizon), 2 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Spencer Rattler (Pinnacle), 393 Pass Yards, 5 TD

QB Billy Bolger (Chandler), 4 Pass TD

QB Jordan Porter (Cholla), 289 Pass Yards, 2 TD, 143 Rush Yards, 3 TD

QB Ben Finley (Paradise Valley), 4 Pass TD

QB Adian Talbo (Independence), 3 Pass TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Chris Kowalcek (Catalina Foothills), 3 Rush TD

QB Davante Bates (Palo Verde), 297 Pass Yards, 4 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Tyler Duncan (Greenway), 3 Pass TD, 117 Rush Yards

QB Miguel Avila (Casa Grande), 2 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Nick Flores (Walden Grove), 279 Pass Yards, 3 Pass TD

QB Shane Cruz (Youngker), 2 Pass TD, 101 Rush Yards, TD

QB Keegan Freid (Sunrise Mountain), 2 Pass TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Andy Wittenwyler (Thunderbird), 296 Pass Yards, 2 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Alex Bell (Sabino), 4 Pass D, Rush TD

QB PJ London (Blue Ridge), 4 Pass TD

QB Garrett Renner (Fountain Hills), 3 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Hunter Cole (Phoenix Christian), 5 Pass TD

QB Nick Hershey (Gilbert Christian), 363 Pass Yards, 5 Pass TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Kekoa Makaiwi-Stroup, (Kingman Academy), 4 Pass TD

Skill Positions

RB Damaria Norris (Cactus), 341 Yards, 6 TD

RB Aaron Wood (Skyline), 127 Total Yards, 3 TD

RB Kris Jackson (Mesa), 340 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Drake Anderson (Chandler), 196 Total Yards, 4 TD

RB Erik Demaria (Brophy), 184 Total Yards, 2 TD

RBs Davon Fountain and Isaac Oliver (Millennium), 411 Total Rush Yards, 6 TD

RB Anthodius Ashley (Fairfax), 223 Rush Yards, 5 TD

RBs Jake Smith and Cole Fisher (Notre Dame), 389 Combined Total Yards, 4 TD

RB Xamoi Penn (Sunnyslope), 158 Rush Yards, TD

RB Kemo Akins (Maricopa), 202 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Jakim McKinney (Mountain Pointe), 170 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Dylan Borja (Queen Creek), 225 Total Yards, TD

RB Scotty Nixon (Shadow Ridge), 145 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Ja'Tai Jenkins (Verrado), 255 Total Yards, 3 TD

RB Draycen Hall (Higley), 112 Total Yards, 3 TD

RB Seth Keeton (Casa Grande), 165 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Kain Ream (Thunderbird), 195 Rush Yards, TD

RB Ryan Greene (Prescott), 233 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Deven Lobato (Mohave), 175 Rush Yards, TD

RB Tarrik Workman (American Leadership), 178 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Kegan Lindsay (Wickenburg), 200 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB James Hoban (Parker) 205 Total Yards, 2 TD

RB Kele Meredith (Page), 199 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Zach Jeffries (Benjamin Franklin), 210 Total Yards 3 TD

RB Westin Keime (Show Low), 222 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Jake Orth (Valley Christian), 180 Total Yards, 3 TD

RB Shayne Stover (Alchesay), 2 Rush TD, Rec TD

RB Christian Pahnke (Scottsdale Christian), 244 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Jack Gray (Arizona Lutheran), 168 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Christian Velasquez (San Manuel), 237 Rush Yards, 4 TD

WR Elijah Neal (Peoria), 197 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Quinton Powell (Pinnacle), 156 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Hendrix Johnson (Boulder Creek), 268 Rec Yards, 4 TD

WR Brandon Schenks (Hamilton), Rec TD, Rush TD

WR Gabriel Ramirez (Cibola), 4 Rec TD

WR Xavier Watkins (Paradise Valley), 133 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Shawn Charles (Camelback), 3 Rec TD

WR Nate Paige (Independence), 123 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Logan Pettijohn (Saguaro), 120 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Zach Cullop (Cactus), 106 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Corey Endfield (Blue Ridge), 3 Rec TD

WR Yoann Djassa (Winslow), 200 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Corey Leary (Phoenix Christian), 120 Rec Yards, 3 TD

WR Drew Debree (Gilbert Christian), 162 Rec Yards, 3 TD

WR Dano Lopez (Bisbee), 204 Rec Yards, TD

WR Gabe Imus (Kingman Academy), 132 Rec Yards, 3 TD

Offensive Lines

6A: Desert Ridge, Pinnacle

5A: Marana, Desert Edge

4A: Apache Junction, Bradshaw Mountain, Cactus

3A: American Leadership, Page

2A: San Manuel, Santa Cruz

Defensive Players

DL Logan Mahan (O'Connor), 3.5 Sacks

DL Shomari Hayes (Mountain Pointe), 2.5 Sacks

DL Tylen Coleman (Maricopa), 3 Sacks, Fumble Caused, Fumble Recovery TD

DL Ty Robinson (Higley), 2 TFL, INT, Forced Fumble

DL Matt Bathauer (Lee Williams), 8 Tackles, Half Sack, Blocked Punt

DL Francisco Oviedo (Sabino), 6 Tackles, 2 Sacks

DL Austin Lloyd (Fountain Hills) 9 Tackles, 5 TFL, Fumble Caused

DL Richard Molina (Yuma Catholic), 3 TFL, Sack, Blocked Punt

DL Andy Herrera (Casteel), 2 Sacks

DL Isaiah Usher (Chandler Prep), 5 Tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks

LB Braden Tolbert (Bradshaw Mountain), 7 Tackles, 4 TFL, 2 Sacks

LB Michol Pavlik (Thunderbird), 14 Tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

LB Christian Melendrez (Buckeye), 5 Tackles, 3 Sacks

LB Dayton Valdez (Mesa), 12 Tackles, Forced Fumble

LB Ryan Guerrero (Hamilton), 20 Tackles

LB Hogan Hatten (Pinnacle), 2 Sacks, 2 Fumbles Caused

LB Brandon Flesher (Paradise Valley), 11 Tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

LB Isaac Rediger (Verrado), 12 Tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sack

LB Shaun'Dell Hawkins (Williams Field), INT Return TD

LB Cameron Smith (Saguaro), 3 TFL, 2 Sacks, Forced Fumble

LB Hunter Moon (American Leadership), Tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble

LB Andrew Hoyt (Fountain Hills), 10 Tackles, 4 TFL, Fumble Recovery

LB Powell Skiba (Benjamin Franklin), 9 Tackles, 5 TFL, 3 Sacks

LB Bailey Sanford (Safford), 13 Tackles, 5 TFL, Sack, 2 Fumble Recoveries

DB Zach Molina (Red Mountain), 2 INT, Return TD

DB Jason Cortez (North), 7 Tackles, Sack, INT

DB Brendan Blanchard (Valley Vista), 14 Tackles, Blocked Punt

DB Adrian Petit (Goldwater), 4 Tackles, 2 Sacks

DB Ethan Zimmerman (Apache Junction), 2 INT, Fumble Recovery

DB Dameion Dunn (Combs), INT Return TD

DB Casen Simonten (Casteel), INT Return TD

DB Justin Scholtes (Scottsdale Christian), INT Return TD

Boulder Creek Team Defense: 7 Sacks, 4 INT, Fumble Caused, Blocked Punt

Shadow Ridge Team Defense: 6 Turnovers generated in first team win

Liberty Team Defense: 3 Return TDs, Shutout, 5 Turnovers generated

Santa Cruz Team Defense: 3 INT Return TDs, 6 Turnovers generated, Shutout

Special Teams

K Justin Huffman (Red Mountain), 7/7 XP, 1/1 FG

K Brandon Brody (Williams Field), 7/7 FG, 1/1 FG

K Jacob Johnson (Northwest Christian) 5/5 XP, 1/1 FG

Andre Johnson (North), Kickoff Return TD

Two-Way Stars (Multiple Positions)  

Lucas Wright (Desert Ridge), 2 Rush TD, Kick Return TD

Jacob Rosario (Copper Canyon), Rush TD, Rec TD, Punt Return TD

Carlos Ritchie (Cesar Chavez), Rec TD, 2 INT

Jesus Valenzuela (Marana), Rec TD, Punt Return TD

Gabe Madril (Salpointe), Rush TD, Sack

Terrell Hayward (Cienega), Pass TD, Punt Return TD

Noa Pola-Gates (Williams Field), INT Return TD, Rush TD

Jordan Lopez (Dysart), Rec TD, 2 INT, INT Return TD

Marcus Banda (Dysart), 145 Rush Yards, 2 TD, Sack, Fumble Recovery TD

Dalton Cordts (Cactus), 5/6 XP, INT

Juwaun Price (Peoria), Kick Return TD, Rush TD

David Brimhall (Snowflake), 138 Rush Yards, 2 TD, Fumble Return TD

Luis Rosales (Show Low) 23 Total Tackles, 2 Sacks, Fumble Caused, Rush TD

Dakota Haynes (Pusch Ridge), 126 Rush Yards, TD, 6 Tackles

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