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It’s Week 6 and we have a ton of great matchups heading your way this Sunday. Can’t watch the games this afternoon? We have you covered with all of the action during the 1:00 pm and the 4:00 pm ET slate of games.


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4:00 pm ET

Cardinals 37 - Browns 14

Raiders 34 - Broncos 24

Cowboys 35 - Patriots 29

(7:50) The Cowboys methodically plowed their way down the field during their overtime offensive possession. Instead of settling for a touchdown, Prescott once again connected with Lamb to win the game.

(7:43) The Patriots won possession in overtime but the drive looked stalled with very little energy. They are forced to punt to the Cowboys. If the Cowboys can score a field goal, they will win.

(7:32) Prescott completed a long pass to CeeDee Lamb after getting backed up deep into their own territory. All they need is a field goal to tie the game and head into overtime with less than 30 second to go. Zuerlein comes out on the field and the kick is… GOOD. New England has 20 seconds left on the clock tied at 29-29.

(7:30) The Broncos got a touchdown in garbage time with a pass from Bridgewater to TE Noah Fant.

(7:21) The New England Patriots come right back with a huge play to Kendrick Bourne who put a double move on Trevon Diggs who just had the pick-six. The Patriots go back on top. The two-point conversion is successful to Meyers and the Patriots lead 29-26.

(7:18) Oh my gosh! It’s Trevon Diggs with a pick-six for the Cowboys who take the lead despite the missed field goal on the previous offensive possession. They go for the two-point conversion which was unsuccessful by Tony Pollard.

(7:15) With just over two minutes, Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein missed a field to take the lead away from New England.

(7:08) Bryan Edwards made a huge play for the Raiders to get them into scoring position. However, they have to settle for a field goal by Daniel Carlson.

(7:02) Harris keeps running the football for the Patriots. Meanwhile, Courtland Sutton gets a touchdown for the Broncos, then Rhamondre Stevenson sniped the rushing touchdown from Harris for a Patriots score to take the lead over the Cowboys 21-20.

(7:00) My goodness, Damien Harries! He carried most of the Cowboys defense on his back for a first-down and then some for the Patriots.

(6:52) The Browns pulled Mayfield down 37-14 likely to keep him as healthy as possible in a runaway game against the Cardinals.

(6:48) After an unsuccessful challenge by the Broncos, the Raiders rushed in a touchdown with RB Josh Jacobs.

(6:44) WOW! Derek Carr just launched the football downfield for a 40-yard play to Henry Ruggs who had a 51-yard touchdown earlier in the game. However, HC Vic Fangio threw the challenge flag to review whether or not the pass was completed.

Kyler Murray found veteran WR A.J. Green for a Cardinals touchdown against the Browns.

(6:41) Oh no! Bridgewater had to scramble and the Raiders end up coming up with the football. The question is whether or not Bridgewater had given himself up, but it looks like this will be the Raiders football.

INJURY UPDATE: Already banged up, Kareem Hunt had to be helped off the field. That doesn’t look good for Hunt. He is being carted to the locker room.

(6:34) CeeDee Lamb logged a touchdown for the Cowboys. They take the lead 17-14 over New England.

(6:31) The Browns go for it on fourth down, but Beckham dropped the pass right on the line to gain. This is the second game in a row he has done that. Yikes.

(6:28) Beckham has been getting several targets this half. He has four targets for 72 yards. The Browns are not rushing as much as they usually do without Nick Chubb and with Kareem Hunt banged up. They have only 65 yards rushing total.

(6:25) Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams are the epitome of splitting carries. Gordon has seven carries for 38 yards and Williams has eight carries for 51 yards so far. Bridgewater targeted TE Noah Fant in the end zone but they call him out-of-bounds. HC Vic Fangio challenged the call on the field.

(6:21) Mayfield is back in the game after going in and out of the blue medical tent. They are driving down the field on the Cardinals who lead 30-14.

(6:17) Hopkins was WIDE OPEN with nary a defender in sight for a Cardinals touchdown. How does that even happen?

(6:10) Baker Mayfield came out of the blue tent and looked like he was trying to work on the shoulder. However, he is back in the blue tent. Case Keenum, the backup QB, is warming up on the sidelines.

Kenyan Drake got his second touchdown for the Raiders on an 18-yard rush. They lead the Broncos 24-7.

INJURY UPDATE: Baker Mayfield was strip-sacked but he is down on the field in significant pain.

(6:00) The Cardinals defense is making mince-meat out of Baker Mayfield. They go three and out on their opening drive of the second half.

(5:47) Dallas-New England is down to 1:32 in the first half and Dak Prescott tried a quarterback-sneak. New England took a time out as the officials call Prescott just short of the end zone.

Simultaneous touchdowns for Prescott and Raiders RB Kenyan Drake. The score for Prescott is questionable, so they are taking another look at it. After review, the score was taken off the board for Dallas and New England takes over.

(5:37) HOLY HAIL MARY! Baker Mayfield threw up a Hail Mary pass with time expiring in the first half and WR Peoples-Jones came up with it for a touchdown!

(5:32) The Cowboys couldn’t come up with a touchdown and they have to settle for a field goal.

(5:23) Kyler Murray capitalizes on a broken play to WR DeAndre Hopkins. I don’t care if he’s hurt, on one leg, and with one arm. He is very good.

(5:21) Patriots WR Jakobi Meyers gets into the end zone but an offensive holding call takes the score off the board. The Cowboys sneak up on Mac Jones and deliver a big hit to the quarterback who fumbled for a Cowboys’ recovery.

(5:16) The Browns add a touchdown with a pass from Mayfield to Donovan Peoples-Jones.

(5:13) Oh my goodness! New England’s defense picked off Dak Prescott in the end zone.

INJURY UPDATE: Odell Beckham Jr. is banged up on the sideline.

(5:09) Kyler Murray was sacked on third down so Matt Prater is set up for 51-yard attempt…. Which is… GOOD! Wow, what a kick by Prater.

(5:06) Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson missed a field goal and the score remains 10-7 in favor of the Raiders.

(5:02) Baker Mayfield was picked-off on third down and the Cardinals are in scoring position on the four-yard line. Oh! Never mind. The call was changed to the 28-yard line.

A big play for the Cowboys was negated by an offensive penalty. Ouch.

(4:57) Oh boy. QB Teddy Bridgewater was picked off by the Raiders defense.

The Cardinals settle for a field goal and lead 17-0 over the Browns.

(4:56) Goodness, we almost had back-to-back fumbles. The Cardinals were able to fall on the football and prevent a turnover.

(4:53) New England scored again against the Cowboys with TE Hunter Henry. This game could be a high-scoring affair. That was a impressive catch Henry, by the way.

Baker Mayfield was sacked and fumbled - the Cardinals come up with the football. Mayfield took a big hit with an injured shoulder.

(4:49) DeAndre Hopkins makes some super moves to score for the Cardinals on an aggressive catch and run. He is a beast.

(4:46) TE Blake Jarwin gets a one-yard touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to tie up the Patriots who scored with a four-yard rush from RB Damien Harris.

(4:43) Kyler Murray rushed in a touchdown but a penalty took the score off the board.

(4:33) The Las Vegas Raiders, coming off of the off-field issues, scored a big touchdown on a deep pass to WR Henry Ruggs.

(4:16) After the Cardinals snapped the ball without Kyler Murray looking, they bounce back with a touchdown to WR Christian Kirk. The play is under review so we’ll check back if that stays.

1:00 pm ET

Packers 24 - Bears 14

Bengals 34 - Lions 11

Texans 3 - Colts 31

Rams 38 - Giants 11

Chiefs 31 - Washington 13

Vikings 34 - Panthers 28

Chargers 6 - Ravens 34

(4:45) WR K.J. Osborn gets the game-winning touchdown for the Vikings in overtime.

(4:34) The Vikings drove all the way down the field to kick a game-winning field goal, but the kick is NO GOOD! The game is going into over time.

(4:23) Panthers are valiantly trying to add some points against the Vikings. They are down by eight points and are facing fourth down with six yards to go. WR D.J. Moore hauled in a long pass to get the Panthers to the seven-yard line. It’s Robby Anderson with the touchdown and the Panthers go for two for the tie. The attempt is GOOD! TE Tommy Tremble ties the game on a reception from Sam Darnold.

(4:05) Panthers are trying to add some points with just over five minutes to play. Panthers settle for a field goal.

(3:56) Patrick Mahomes added more points for Kansas City with a TD pass to WR Demarcus Robinson for 24 yards.

(3:49) Lions score a touchdown! D’Andre Swift rushed for one-yard and WR Amon-Ra St. Brown’s reception for the two-point conversion.

INJURY UPDATE: Oh no, TE Travis Kelce looks hurt on the sideline.

(3:41) Rodgers ran it in himself for a Packers touchdown against the Bears.

(3:37) Davante Adams caught a nice pass from Aaron Rodgers for a 41-yard gain but just stepped out of bounds at the 21-yard line.

(3:34) The Vikings scored a touchdown with a 5-yard touchdown to Adam Thielen.

(3:26) Fields connected with WR Darnell Mooney. They cut the Packers lead to 17-14.

(3:23) Cooper Kupp scored another touchdown for the Rams against the Giants.

(3:20) Chris Evans for the Bengals has three rush attempts for 14 yards, but also has three receptions for 49 yards and a touchdown. Monitoring his progress in the offense could be very interesting. TE C.J. Uzomah just scored on the back of an Evans catch to extend their lead 26-0.

(3:16) Blocked punt! Panthers block the Vikings punt to scoop and score.

INJURY UPDATE: Latavius Murray was limping off the field. Not good for the Ravens.

(3:13) Jones threw another interception. Nope. Not joking.

Mahomes found Tyreek Hill for a touchdown and the Chiefs take the lead over Washington. Perhaps they have worked out some kinks.

(3:03) Aaron Jones scored a receiving touchdown for the Packers and Jonathan Taylor broke off a big run for 83 yards to set up the Colts in the red zone. Taylor got the touchdown at the end of the drive.

Evan McPherson added three points for the Bengals to extend their lead 20-0 over the Lions.

(2:58) Chargers are going for on fourth down and one, but the pass was incomplete.

(2:51) TE Mark Andrews add another touchdown to his stat line after a big week last week. He gets a touchdown for the Ravens. They extend their lead 24-6 and the Chargers need to step it up if they have any chance in the second half.

(2:43) Oh boy, Joe Mixon broke off a big run for the Bengals with a 40-yard touchdown.

(2:38) Daniel Jones just keeps shooting himself in the foot. He threw another pick for the Giants third turnover. Might as well put Mike Glennon in at this point.

Well, well, well…. The Giants get the ball right back with an interception on Stafford.

(2:33) It’s Darrell Henderson doing his best impression of Kupp or Woods and lined up out wide a receiver. He caught a 25-yard touchdown pass from Stafford. The Rams extend their lead over the Giants 28-3.

(2:25) Patrick Mahomes keep making reckless choices and threw another interception. Wow.

(2:22) Finally, Heinicke made a move on offense with a touchdown to TE Ricky Seals-Jones.

(2:20) RB Darrell Henderson rushed in the touchdown for the Rams after the Giants interception.

(2:16) Washington returned the turnover favor with one of their own against the Chiefs.

Also, Jones threw an interception and the Rams take over with great field position. It sounds repetitive, but it’s true.

The Panthers cut the lead down with a field goal. They trail the Vikings only 12-10.

(2:13) Packers had a touchdown taken off the board with an offensive pass interference. Packers elect to kick to a 33-yard field goal. Never mind… it remains third down. That was weird.

The Chargers finally get on the board against the Ravens with a touchdown pass to TE Jared Cook, Mr. Clutch.

INJURY UPDATE: Mike Williams, wide receiver for the Chargers, is down on the field and looks to be in a lot of pain.

(2:09) Washington coughed the ball up and the Chiefs take over on offense. Taylor Heinicke has been unable to take advantage of the Chiefs’ porous defense so far.

(2:07) Ok, A.J. Dillon, I see you. He ripped off a 30-yard run for the Packers. His usage is increasing as the season progresses, much to the chagrin of Aaron Jones managers.

(2:04) Justin Tucker added three more points to the Ravens already substantial lead over the Chargers 17-0.

Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp capitalized on the turnover with a touchdown pass and reception. They lead the Giants 14-3.

(2:01) The Texans put some boards on the board with a field goal. They trail the Colts 10-3.

The Lions are backed up on their own 26-yard line, but HC Dan Campbell went for it anyway… and they got the first down. Nice!

Daniel Jones was sacked and the Rams recovered with excellent field position inside the red zone.

(1:56) Aaron Jones and the Packers are on the one-yard line against the Bears. They have yet to score in this game and the Bears already have a score. WR Allen Lazard on a shovel pass from Aaron Rodgers gets the Packers on the board.

(1:55) Washington have to settle for another field goal after they fail to get into the end zone yet again. They now trail the Chiefs 10-6.

(1:51) New Vikings’ TE Chris Herndon (not TE Tyler Conklin) scored for the Vikings. There is a flag but it’s on defensive. The Vikings are going for two and get half the distance to the goal thanks to the penalty. Oh wow! The Panthers’ defense bottled up Dalvin Cook and the two-point conversion is unsuccessful.

After a 22-yard completion to WR Cooper Kupp, it was Robert Woods who found the end zone for the Rams.

(1:44) The Ravens rushed in another touchdown, but this time it was Le’Veon Bell. This rotating backfield is going to continue to be a nightmare for fantasy.

(1:37) Fake punt for the Rams! Oh wait, there’s a flag. Boo. Fourth down will be repeated after off-setting unsportsmanlike conduct on each team. This time, they end up just punting. Boring.

(1:35) Oh no! Mahomes was picked off again, his fifth in five consecutive games. It was an eerily similar scene to what we saw last week when a pass bounced right out of WR Tyreek Hill’s hands (who is dealing with a thigh injury) and into the waiting arms of the defense.

(1:32) Vikings have to rely on Joseph again for another field goal.

(1:30) Holy cow! Big touchdown pass and catch from Carson Wentz to Parris Campbell. 51-yard touchdown for the Colts over the Texans.

Lions just picked off Burrow who was looking for Ja’Marr Chase.

(1:24) The Ravens strike first against the Chargers and the worst run defense in the league. RB Latavius Murray scored the TD.

Dustin Hopkins kicked a field goal for Washington who lead 7-3 now.

(1:22) Chubba Hubbard, filling in for Christian McCaffrey who in on IR, got into the end zone for the Panthers after Darnold starting the game with an interception.

(1:20) RB Khalil Herbert finished off the drive with a touchdown. He is the sole remaining RB for the Bears with David Montgomery on IR and Damien Williams on COVID-19 reserve.

(1:19) Justin Fields completed a 20-yard pass to WR Allen Robinson and are marching their way into the red zone against the Packers. Robinson is finally starting to show some life now that Fields is getting more comfortable under center.

INJURY UPDATE: Giants WR Kadarius Toney has been ruled OUT for the remainder of the game.

(1:11) Is Jody Fortson really becoming a thing? He caught a 22-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes to set up Darrell Williams for two-yard touchdown run.

RB Chris Evans caught a 24-yard pass from Joe Burrow for a Bengals score against the Lions

The Giants had to kick a field goal to put points on the board against the Rams.

(1:07) The Vikings could not convert the turnover with a touchdown and have to settle for a 25-yard field goal by Greg Joseph. The Panthers defense came up with several big stops against WR KJ Osborn, TE Tyler Conklin, and RB Dalvin Cook.

(1:04) Sam Darnold opens up their game against the Vikings with an interception. Not a great start for the Panthers. The Vikings have great field position on the 22-yard line.

Daniel Jones nearly fumbled against the Rams, but the Giants were able to recover.

Updates coming after 1:00 pm kick-off!