Week 5 Heroes: ArizonaVarsity's Top Performers

Ralph Amsden, Publisher
Arizona Varsity

This is my weekly "Heroes" feature, a collection of some of the best performances of the prior week. If I left you off, it's for one of three reasons:

1) Your coach didn't input stats and I didn't have anyone out at your game. If that's the case, get on your coaching staff.

2) There's hundreds of schools and I have to pick and choose, sincere apologies if that means your great week goes unnoticed!

3) I messed up. Email me at azhsfootball@gmail.com

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QB Jamarye Joiner (Cienega), 2 Pass TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Spencer Rattler (Pinnacle), 302 Pass Yards, 4 TD

QB Isaac Enriquez (Horizon), 2 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Trenton Borguet (Marana), 6 Pass TD

QB TJ Owens (Glendale), 2 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Joseph Perez (Buckeye) 200 Pass Yards, 2 TD, 123 Rush Yards, 2 TD

QB Spencer Brasch (Higley) 3 Pass TD on 4 attempts, 104 Rush Yards, TD, on 2 carries.

QB Gunner Cruz (Casteel) 4 Pass TD

QB Gage Reese (Yuma Catholic), 278 Pass Yards, 2 TD

QB Alex Bell (Sabino), 3 Pass TD, Rush TD

QB Garrett Renner (Fountain Hils), 304 Pass Yards, TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Frankie Ulibarri (Holbrook), 3 Pass TD, 2 Rush TD

QB Hunter Cole (Phoenix Christian), 5 Pass TD

QB Grant Schreyer (Scottsdale Christian), 4 Pass TD

Skill Positions


RB Christian Velasquez (San Manuel), 514 Rush Yards, 9 TDs

RB Kenny Fultz (Perry), 4 Rush TD

RB Davon Jones (La Joya), 271 Rush Yards, 7 TD

RB Jesse Escott (Cibola), 101 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Damaria Norris (Cactus), 129 Total Yards, 4 TD

RB Drake Anderson (Chandler), 222 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Dylan Borja (Queen Creek), 173 Total Yards, 3 TD

RB Kris Jackson (Mesa), 341 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Ali Mohamed (Apollo), 160 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Wyatt Jeffries (Empire) 228 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Alexander Payne (Catalina), 113 Rush Yards, 2 TD

WR DeAndre Kelsey (Mesquite), 155 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Jakim McKinney (Mountain Pointe), 200 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Cole Fisher (Notre Dame), 181 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Michael Lopuszynski (Lake Havasu), 153 Rush Yards, 5 TD

RB DJ Rowe (Odyssey), 186 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Dez Melton (Deer Valley), 148 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Jace Accurso (Liberty), 3 Rush TD

RB William Robinzine (Mohave), 162 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Alex Nelson (Mingus) 211 Total Yards, 4 TD

RB Tyrese Green (McClintock), 167 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Mack Johnson (Casteel), 172 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Jaden Thompson (Williams Field), 161 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Bijan Robinson (Salpointe), 3 Rush TD

RB Elijah Carey (Canyon del Oro), 187 Rush Yards, TD

RB Zach Jeffries (Benjamin Franklin), 126 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Shott Cole (River Valley), 171 Rush Yards, 3 TD

RB Amahri Bailey (San Tan Foothills), 214 Rush Yards, 3 TD

WR Ty Sifferman (Basha), 217 Rec Yards, TD

WR Tommy Christakos (Chaparral), 114 Rec Yards, TD

WR Tate Allen (Mesa Mountain View), 124 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Will Driggs (Westwood), 104 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Teon Simmons (Marana), 3 Rec TD

WR Angel Ruiz (Sunrise Mountain), 197 Rec Yards, TD

WR Zach Wilson (Saguaro), 134 Rec Yards, 2 TD

WR Dakota Hamby (Fountain Hills) 136 Rec Yards, TD

WR Corey Leary (Phoenix Christian), 155 Rec Yards, 2 TD

RB Josue Menjivar (Copper Canyon), 191 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RBs Tyrese Allen and Lucas Wright (Desert Ridge), 356 Combined Total Yards, 5 TD

RBs Kele Meredith and Hayden Gracia (Page), 396 Combined Rush Yards, 7 TD

RBs Steve Wusstig and Joey Martin (Kingman), 315 Rush Yards, 4 TD

RB Andrew Blitzke (Cesar Chavez), 192 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Aaron Wood (Skyline), 301 Rush Yards, TD

RB Jawhar Jordan (Hamilton), 124 Rush Yards 3 TD

RB Angelo Anderson (Tonopah Valley), 172 Rush Yards, 2 TD

RB Tyreck Cosay (Achesay), 311 Rush Yards, 5 TD

Offensive Lines of the Week

6A: Desert Ridge

5A: Apollo, Ironwood

4A: Seton Catholic, Cactus, Walden Grove

3A: Benjamin Franklin, Florence

2A: San Manuel


DLs Jobiin Sweatt and Harley Scott (Perry), Multiple sacks each (stats not entered)

DL Garion Miles (Tolleson), 8 TFL

DL DaShawn Davis (Apollo), 5 Tackles, 3 Sacks

DL Bralen Trice (O'Connor), 11 Tackles, 4 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, 2 Rumble Recoveries

DL Eloi Kwete (Central), 16 Tackles, 5 TFL

DL Jared Mix (Mesa Mountain View), 4 Tackles, 2 Sacks, INT Return TD

DL Brayden Finkbeiner (Gilbert Christian), 5 Tackles, 3 Sacks, Fumble Caused, Fumble Recovery

DL Kenneth Lofton (Mountain Pointe), 2 Sacks

DL Seth Smith-Mosier (Buena), 8 Tackles, 2 Sacks

DL Richard Molina (Yuma Catholic), 10 Tackles, 4 TFL, 2 Sacks

DLs Tavian Robey and Kai Golden (Marana Mountain View), 14 Tackles, 4 Sacks

LB Alexander Zacek (Valley Vista), 7 Tackles, 2 Sacks

LB Patrick Serrano (Boulder Creek), 4.5 Sacks

LB Elijah Contreras (Cibola), 12 Tackles, 2 Sacks

LB Zack Bowers (Chandler), 3 Tackles, TFL, Sack

LB Larry Davis (Desert Vista), 12 Tackles, 2 TFL

LB Angel Boykin (Poston Butte), 10 Tackles, 3 TFL, Sack, INT

LB Hayden Webber (Campo Verde), INT Return TD

LB Austin Enteman (Peoria), 16 Tackles, Fumble Recovery

LB Qadeer Mumin (Liberty), 6 Tackles, Sack

LB Maverick Cashman (Cactus Shadows), 11 Tackles, 2 Sacks

LB Chris Aguirre (Salpointe) 19 Tackles

LB Braxen Tessler (Chaparral), 8 Tackles, Fumble Recovery

LB Jake Russett (Cactus), 18 Tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Fumble Recoveries, Fumble Caused

LB Tre O'Guinn (North Canyon, 15 Tackles, Fumble Caused

LB Brendon Hobbs (Prescott), 8 Tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks

LB Mario Gastelum (Marcos de Niza), 2 INT, Return TD, Fumble Caused

LB Powell Skiba (Benjamin Franklin), 12 Tackles, 5 TFL, 3 Sacks, Fumble Caused

DB Clayton Hooper (Hamilton), 7 Tackles, INT

DB Zacary Miller (Kofa), 8 Tackles, INT

DB Andrew Taylor (Central) INT Return TD

DB Isaia Diaz (Kellis), 12 Tackles, 2 Sacks

DB Alejandro Diaz (La Joya), Sack, INT

DB Jalen Johnson (Highland), 4 Tackles, INT

DB Noah Pallanes (Ironwood Ridge), 4 Tackles, INT

DB Shane Lusk (Flagstaff), 6 Tackles, Fumble Caused, Fumble Recovery, INT Return TD

DB Diego Armijo (Sabino), 99 INT Return TD

Red Mountain Team Defense: 9 Sacks, 4 INT, Fumble Recovery, Blocked Punt

Higley Team Defense: 6 Sacks, 2 INT, TD, Blocked Punt, Punt Return TD

Scottsdale Christian Team Defense: 8 Sacks, 3 INT, 3 Fumbles Caused

Special Teams

K Joseph Zepp (Saguaro) Game-Winning FG

K Derek Auclair (Casteel) 10/10 XP

K Jalen Rider (American Leadership), 7/7 XP, 1/1 FG

K Cole Johnson (Horizon) 3/3 FG

Two-Way Stars (Multiple Positions)

QB/DB Andrew Taylor (Central), INT Return TD in win over Camelback

QB Cameron Griner (Red Montain), 86 Pass Yards, 56 Rush Yards, 2 TD, 26 Rec Yards, TD

QB Jordan Porter (Cholla), 205 Pass Yards, TD, 156 Rush Yards, TD, Kickoff Return TD

TE/DL Kyle White (Notre Dame), Rec TD, Sack

WR/DB Jaylin Lemons (Ironwood), 2 Rec TD, INT Return TD

RB/LB Dakota Haynes (Pusch Ridge), 6 Tackles, 85 Yard Rec TD

ATH Oscar Diaz (River Valley), 12 Tackles, INT, Punt Return TD

WR/DB Yoann Djassa, Rec TD, INT Return TD

WR/DB Javan Cortes (American Leadership), Rush TD, Kick Return TD

RB/DB Raoul Perales (Santa Cruz), Rush TD, Fumble Return TD

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