Week 3 Fantasy Blog

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It’s Week 3 and we are loaded with stellar matchups this Sunday. Can’t watch the games? We have you covered with all of the action from around league during 1:00 and 4:00 pm ET slate of games.


Dalvin Cook

Darrell Henderson

Josh Jacobs

Diontae Johnson

Antonio Brown

Tee Higgins

Wayne Gallman

Russell Gage

Andy Dalton

Anthony Firkser

Marlon Mack

Tua Tagovailoa

Jarvis Landry

4:00 pm ET Final Scores

Jets 0 - Broncos 26

Dolphins 28 - Raiders 31

Buccaneers 24 - Rams 34

Seahawks 17 - Vikings 30

(7:40) The Raiders are back on offense and Bryan Edwards comes up big with 34-yard reception. Peyton Barber breaks through a tackle for another gain of 27 yards. Daniel Carlson is up for the 25-yard field goal attempt and the win for Raiders if he makes it with three seconds on the clock. Miami has one timeout remaining. Play is whistled dead after a neutral zone infraction by the Dolphins. The 22-yard attempt for the win is…. GOOD!!!!! Raiders win in overtime!

(7:34) Dolphins try to go deep to Will Fuller but the pass is incomplete. He is down on the field in the end zone. The field goal by Jason Sanders just sneaks through to tie the game in overtime 28-28.

(7:30) Gesicki is at it again. Brissett connected with his TE for 27-yard gain to get to the 42-yard line.

(7:17) Raiders win the toss and elect to have possession first in overtime. A touchdown will win the game. Ruggs did what Ruggs does and made an amazing catch with a nice little toe-tap to complete the play for 16 yards. Bryan Edwards also made his mark downfield with a 21-yard reception. The Raiders are on the 21-yard line and the can’t get much going on the ground. They face fourth down with nine yards to gain. Daniel Carlson is on for a 38-yard attempt and his kick is good.

The Dolphins still have a chance to score.

(7:11) Dolphins have eight seconds left to play on their fourth down try and Brissett takes it in himself for a touchdown. They have to go for two in order to tie. The two-point conversion is good and the Dolphins have tied the game with seconds left on the clock!

(7:08) Fourth and one for the Buccs and Brady throws incomplete. Rams take over with the lead 34-17 with over seven minutes left to play.

(7:06) TE Mike Gesicki has seen eight targets for 58 yards and WR Jaylen Waddle has seen 11 targets for 55 yards. If Brissett can get a little more comfortable in the offense, these two could be great plays in fantasy moving forward without Tua.

(7:00) Vikings go ahead for the points and opt to kick a field goal to add three more over the Seahawks. The Rams are also kicking a field a field goal. Both are good.

(6:53) I think that Stafford has established the Kupp is his go-to in this offense. When Stafford makes a connection, it takes a lot to break it. Watch out for Kupp in fantasy moving forward. He has eight receptions for 93 yards and two touchdowns to start the fourth quarter.

(6:49) Las Vegas takes over on downs after a failed quarterback sneak by Brissett.

(6:47) So, just kidding on the Tyler Lockett fumble. The play was reviewed and Lockett was ruled down before the ball came loose. Either way, Lockett is on the sideline and he looks a little run down. Something to keep an eye on.

(6:44) Tom Brady is trying to mount a comeback at the end of the third quarter and he’s relying on WR Tyler Johnson to get it done. He connected with Johnson on 23-yard play then again for a 31-yard play. The Buccs are on the eight-yard line and the intended target was… wait… Rob Gronkowski is BACK!

That was a surprise.

Still on the eight-yard line, third down and goal. Brady has to throw it away and the field goal unit is called on the field. The kick is good to add three for Tampa Bay.

(6:42) The Seahawks are down by 10 and they are fighting their way down the field on every play. Oh no! Tyler Lockett fumbled and the Vikings recovered!

Tyler Lockett is slow to get up.

(6:40) The Jets defense show some signs of life after Jevonte Williams fumbled and New York recovered at the goal line after a 31-yard connection to Tim Patrick.

(6:39) Vikings add another three to their score as well.

(6:36) Raiders had a big sack on Brissett that pushed back the field goal attempt for Jason Sanders. Either way, his kick was good this time to add three points for the Dolphins. They trail 17-25.

(6:30) Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson combined for a 29-yard pitch and catch gain for the Vikings at the end of the third quarter.

(6:28) The Rams aren’t letting their foot off the gas and Cooper Kupp gets his second touchdown of the game. Rams lead 28-14 in the middle of the third quarter.

(6:20) Vikings defense sack Russell Wilson for a loss of nine yards to back the Seahawks to the 27-yard line.

For what it’s worth, Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson is not getting much help from his offensive line in protection and his receivers have let him down dropping very catchable passes.

Kenyan Drake nearly scored a touchdown for the Raiders but was ruled just short of the goal line. Hmm… that looked like a touchdown to me. Las Vegas is taking a time out to look at the play and possibly challenge. It’s probably not worth a challenge, though. Doesn’t look like enough to overturn it. They do not challenge and have only a yard to go. Alec Ingold is stopped just short of a score. Next play, the Raiders hand it off to Peyton Barber who dove over the pile (in a very Saquon Barkley-ish play) for the touchdown.

(6:18) With Gronkowski in the blue medical tent, TE Cameron Brate gets the Buccaneers all the way to the one-yard line. (Gronkowski is headed to the locker room). Brady takes it himself for Tampa Bay touchdown. Rams still lead 21-14.

(6:15) Vikings can’t convert in the red zone and they are forced to kick a field goal.

INJURY UPDATE: Rob Gronkowski is on the ground and looks like he is in some pretty significant pain. May have just gotten the wind knocked out of him. Will keep you posted.

(6:06) Big play from Stafford to DeSean Jackson! A whopping 75-yard touchdown puts the Rams two scores ahead of the Buccaneers.

(6:02) Hunter Renfrow finally got into the end zone for the Raiders. They take the lead over the Dolphins 19-14 after being down 14-0 at one point.

(5:58) Brandon McManus kicked in another field goal for the Broncos to extend their lead to 20-0 over the Jets. Ouch.

(5:55) Knock on wood! It’s 5:55.

It’s been a crazy day. I might be a little delirious.

(5:50) Buccaneers miss (by a lot) a 55-yard field goal attempts. Rams lead 14-7 heading into the half.

(5:45) Vikings score with Cousins to Justin Jefferson for a 3-yard touchdown.

(5:36) Stafford and Kupp combine for a 22-yard gain to get to the two-yard line. Stafford found Kupp again, this time in the end zone, for a Rams’ TD. They take a 14-7 lead over the Buccaneers.

(5:32) Dolphins found their way into field goal range against the Raiders. Jason Sanders’ 48-yard field goal is … NO GOOD! Off the post.

(5:30) Jason Myers kick for the Vikings is no good. The game remains 17-14 in favor of the Seahawks.

(5:25) Ooo, big sack on Brissett by the Raiders defense for a loss of 13 yards.

(5:24) It’s a touchdown for Tampa Bay with a handoff (yes, a handoff, not a pass) to WR Chris Godwin who added a flip over the goal line for good measure.

(5:21) RB Melvin Gordon pounds his way into the end zone for a Broncos touchdown.

(5:16) Holy crap! The football was popped out of Peyton Barber’s hands but Alec Ingold snatched it out of the air to retain possession inside the five-yard line. Ingold then got to cash in for a Raiders touchdown.

Kirk Cousins found WR Adam Thielen for a touchdown against the Seahawks. There is a flag on the play, but it might have been after the play and on the Seahawks.

(5:10) Wow, Henry Ruggs! He made a great catch that looked like it was ten feet over his head to move the chains for the Raiders.

(5:05) Chris Carson rushed in a 30-yard touchdown for the Seahawks putting pressure on the Vikings to get some points. Seattle leads 17-7.

TE Tyler Higbee caught a pass from Stafford to get the Rams to the seven-yard line. RB Sony Michel can’t do much against the Buccs’ defensive front. Stafford found Higbee on the next play for a 6-yard touchdown.

(4:52) Jason Myers kicks a strike right down the middle to add three points for the Seahawks.

Raiders defense got a safety earlier, by the way.

(4:45) With Antonio Brown out, it will be interesting to see where Jalen Ramsey lines up and who is going to cover between Chris Godwin and Mike Evans.

(4:43) Brandon McManus gets three more over the Jets to take the lead 10-0.

(4:41) TE Tyler Conklin gets his first touchdown for the Vikings to tie the Seahawks at 7-7.

(4:32) Seattle gets a score on the Vikings with a touchdown from D.K. Metcalf after he got them into the red zone in the first place.

The Dolphins score again, this time on offense with RB Malcolm Brown. This will likely be a run heavy game with Brissett at QB for an injured Tagovailoa.

Zach Wilson was sacked by the Denver defense for a loss of 14 yards.

(4:18) Raiders WR Bryan Edwards made a big play in the middle of the field to get the Raiders in scoring position just outside of the red zone. However, Dolphins DST intercepted Carr for a pick-six, drawing first blood in Las Vegas.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Washington 21 - Bills 43

Bears 3 - Browns 26

Ravens 19 - Lions 17

Colts 16 - Titans 25

Chargers 30 - Chiefs 24

Saints 28 - Patriots 13

Falcons 17 - Giants 14

Bengals 24 - Steelers 10

Cardinals 31 - Jaguars 19

(4:05) The Lions lead by one point 17-16 and Lamar Jackson is facing fourth down and 19 with 26 seconds left to go.

Mahomes and the Chiefs are trying to mount a comeback win with 14 seconds to go. Defensive holding on the Chargers gives them a fresh set of downs.

The Ravens are going rely on Justin Tucker and a 66-yard field goal (longest in NFL history) to win the game. The kick is up …. And it is… OH MY GOODNESS! IT BOUNCES OFF THE CROSSBAR AND OVER THE GOAL POST! THE KICK IS GOOD!


That deserved all caps. Sorry.

(4:03) Chargers kicker missed the extra point… again. It’s only a six point game and Mahomes is magic in these moments. There is 32 seconds remaining.

Mac Jones is picked off again and that game is over.

(4:00) Oh no! Another penalty on the Chargers’ offense line. Come on, guys.

The Lions are relying on Ryan Santoso for a point win.

Herbert completed a pass for a first down, but the ball came out, but there was also a flag.

(Oh my gosh, this is crazy!)

Chiefs committed a defensive pass interference, so Chargers keep on … well… charging with a fresh set of downs. They get it within the five-yard line to Mike Williams.

Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo gets the Falcons their first win against the Giants.

Rodrigo Blankenship’s kick is no good.

Touchdown for Chargers’ Mike Williams!

Santoso’s kick for the Lions is GOOD! They take the lead over the Ravens.

(I think my fingers are falling off).

(3:54) The Washington Football Team are in the red zone thanks to “Scary” Terry McLaurin. They are down 14-43 to the Bills, but garbage time counts in fantasy football. Oh man, Heinicke is taking a beating. Either way, he still gets it to TE Logan Thomas for a touchdown.

The Chargers are facing fourth down but there is still enough time for Mahomes to make a comeback. We’ll see what they decide to do.

Lions are in scoring position for a possible upset alert of the day over the Ravens.

(3:52) MAHOMES WAS PICKED OFF! That’s the fourth turnover for the Chiefs and the Chargers have 2:00 minutes to put points on the board for a shot to win this game.

Meanwhile, Steelers fans are booing Roethlisberger. Or maybe the Steelers as a whole. Likely both.

(3:50) Taysom Hill sighting! He runs one in for the Saints to extend their lead over the Patriots.

(3:46) The Steelers are dealing with more injuries to their offensive line as another man is down on the field.

(3:44) The Chargers have to clean up these illegal shift penalties. Another touchdown was taken off the board against the Chiefs, while in the red zone. They trail only 21-24. A field goal will tie the game but their kicker did already miss an extra point. A two-point conversion made up for that, but the Chargers decide to take the points. The kick is good and the Chargers have tied the Chiefs 24-24 with 2:24 seconds left. Way too much time for Mahomes.

(3:43) Matt Ryan connected with… Lee Smith on a one-yard touchdown pass. Who? Why wasn’t it Calvin Ridley? Or Kyle Pitts? Argh.

(3:37) Myles Garrett has four and a half sacks for the Browns today. Poor Justin Fields.

Oh my…Ike Williams. (See what I did there?) He made a great yards-after-the-catch play to get the Chargers into scoring position.

Jamaal Williams touchdown was good for the Lions after the coach’s challenge. They trail by only two points to the Ravens, 16-14.

(3:36) Conner just added a second touchdown for the Cardinals on nine carries for 43 yards.

(3:30) The Lions are back in the red zone and Swift is looking amazing despite the tough matchup. He gets it just short of the goal line. Jamaal Williams get into the end zone for the Lions on the back of Swift…. Maybe? No update yet on whether or not he was officially in for a score. Ah, ruled no touchdown but HC Dan Campbell is challenging. Will keep you posted.

And Big Ben is back on the ground after another sack. Ouch.

(3:23) I do not understand why Julio Jones is on the sideline watching as the Titans face third down in the red zone. Oh well, Jeremy McNichols gets the receiving touchdown for Tennessee. Titans two-point conversion attempt is good with Derrick Henry running. Jones was still on the sideline, by the way.

The Giants are ready to score and the Saquon Barkley of old makes an appearance! He leapt high over the pile for a Giants touchdown against the Falcons. My goodness, he is a sight to behold when he’s healthy and crushing football. The Giants also go for two (these things happen in bunches, I swear) and Daniel Jones takes it in himself for two points.

(3:20) Herbert and Keenan Allen have the Chargers ready to strike just inside the red zone. It was Mike Williams who stretched out for the touchdown grab. The Chargers take the lead over the Chiefs 21-17.

Tyler Bass kicked in a field goal for the Bills after they failed to get it in the end zone.

(3:17) Flea flicker from the Jags! Oh no… it’s a pick-six and another score for the Cardinals. Yikes.

But Kareem Hunt is having a great game and just added a score on a bruising run for the Browns.

(3:13) Not to be left out of the all the touchdown actions, former Steelers RB James Conner scored a touchdown for the Cardinals. the score cut their deficit down 17-19 against the Jags.

Is it just me, or are the Lions rather surprising this year? We are nearing the end of the third quarter and they have held the Ravens to only 13 points. They keep the Ravens from the end zone again and Justin Tucker had to kick another field goal.

(3:08) It’s Emmanuel Sanders in the end zone for his second touchdown of the day.

(3:00) I see you Tannehill! Finally, he started using his legs and rushed for 28-yards to keep the drive alive… Oh no! Drive is no longer alive… Westbrook fumbled on the next play and the Colts take back over. Well, that stinks

D’Andre Swift, who seems to perpetually carry that loathed “Q” by his name is getting a workout against the Ravens but has yet to find the end zone. Goff found Hodge near the goal line and the Lions are in prime scoring position at the four-yard line. It is Swift that gets his touchdown to tie the Ravens.

James Robinson has redeemed himself with a touchdown for the Jaguars. The struggle of whether or not to start or sit him will continue to be an issue.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire also redeemed himself with a touchdown for the Chiefs.

Steelers have to kick a field goal against the Bengals for some semblance of dignity.

(2:58) The Bengals heap more points onto their lead with a touchdown strike from Burrow to long time teammate Ja’Marr Chase.

(2:56) The Cardinals give K Matt Prater a more reasonable 34-yard field goal attempt, which he put through with ease.

Oy. Big Ben is having a rough day. He was picked off and the Bengals are back on offense. Pittsburgh trails 7-17.

(2:54) Argh! Lamar Jackson, meet Mark Andrews. Mark, meet Lamar. Now go score some touchdowns, please. Thank you.

(2:47) Carson Wentz is still in the game despite spraining both of his ankles last week. They are going for it on fourth and inches and Jonathon Taylor converted for first down. They were unable to score a touchdown but Rodrigo Blankenship’s kick was good for three points. They trail the Titans by only one point, 14-13.

Joe Mixon was slow to get up after a first-down run against the Steelers. I will keep my eye on that as the game goes on. Mixon isn’t exactly known for his sustainability, so that is a little worrisome. Let’s hope it was nothing.

Patrick Mahomes connected with…. Er… Jody Fortson? Who is this person? That helps no one. Chiefs add the touchdown to their score, they trail 14-10 to the Chargers at home in Arrowhead.

(2:42) Odell Beckham Jr. set up the Browns with great field position on a long pass from Mayfield, who will hopefully start getting back to himself in the second half. The Bears have done a decent job keeping RB Nick Chubb somewhat contained. Chase McLaughlin comes through again with a long field goal for the Browns. They lead the bears 13-3.

Kyler Murray was picked off in the end zone on a target to DeAndre Hopkins. The Jaguars are trying everything they can to stay in this game and it’s impressive.

INJURY UPDATE: A.J. Brown has been ruled OUT for the rest of the game

Mac Jones threw his second interception for a pick-six. Saints lead 20-3 over the Patriots

(2:30) That didn’t last long. The Falcons returned the turnover favor with a Matt Ryan fumble.

Oh no! Marquise Brown dropped another big pass from Lamar Jackson. Ouch.

(2:22) OH MY WORD… we’re not done. Cardinals set up Matt Prater for NFL recorded-breaking field goal kick of 68-yards but his kick was just short. Jamal Agnew fielded the kick for 109-yard return for a Jaguars touchdown.

INJURY UPDATE: James White has been ruled OUT for the remainder of the day.

Tyler Bass kicked in a field goal for the Bills and the Patriots have to kick a field goal to put points on the board.

TE Engram Engram fumbled and the Falcons take back over with under a minute left to before the half.

(2:18) Matt Ryan connected with Olamide Zaccheaus for a Falcons touchdown against the Giants.

Marquez Callaway made an amazing contested catch in the end zone for a Saints touchdown.

TE Austin Hooper caught a touchdown for the Browns.

Ryan Tannehill was picked off.

And Ja’Marr Chase caught a 30-plus touchdown pass for the Bengals against the Steelers.

Phew! That was action-packed.

(2:17) Devin Duvernay got a 19-yard touchdown from Lamar Jackson. They extend their lead over the Lions 10-0.

(2:15) D.J. Chark caught a touchdown for the Jaguars on a 12-yard pass to the corner. Marvin Jones has also racked up five receptions for 51 yards so far. Cardinals and Jaguars are tied at 7-7.

(2:12) Steelers got into the end zone with rookie Pat Freiermuth on a short, 4-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger.

(2:05) Somehow, the kicker Dustin Hopkins came down with the football after the kick-off and the football went bouncing all over the place. Washington is back in prime scoring position. Logan Thomas got inside the five-yard line. Gibson dropped a pass that was directly in his hands. Yuck. Heinicke had to scramble out of the pocket on the next play and his diving attempt toward the pylon was good! Touchdown for Washington. They trail by only a score, 14-21.

Aldrick Rosas missed his second field goal for the Saints. They miss Will Lutz.

(2:02) It’s not a touchdown, but Calvin Ridley made a 20-yard play for the Falcons. I feel this is necessary since we hardly ever see the Falcons in the red zone and I think they may feel left out.

A big sack from the Patriots defense forces the Saints to look at third and long near just passed the 30-yard line. Kamara was unable to convert to a first down and the Saints will kick a field goal.

(2:00) Ravens put up their first score with a field goal from Justin Tucker who uncharacteristically missed an attempt earlier in this game. Ravens lead 3-0.

Nick Westbrook-Ikhine got his first touchdown of his NFL career for the Titans on an 18-yard pass from Tannehill.

Oh my goodness, Antonio Gibson! He ran in a 73-yard touchdown after a dump-off pass from Heinicke who was under serious duress. That was an impressive run.

(1:54) The Chargers are putting the heat to the Chiefs. Austin Ekeler scored a touchdown on 16-yard pass from Justin Herbert. This was the result of fumble by Chiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, which is the third turnover for the Chiefs so far in this game.

(1:52) Ok, Dawson Knox - he hauled in a touchdown on an acrobatic play for a third score by the Bills over Washington who has yet to points on the board.

(1:50) Taylor Heinicke threw a pick and the speed of Terry McLaurin prevented the Bills from turning it into a pick-six.

INJURY UPDATE: Giants WR Sterling Shepard is on the sideline with what appears to be a hamstring injury.

(1:42) Trevor Lawrence was picked off and the Cardinals take over on offense. This won’t be a pretty game for the Jaguars.

The Browns are still struggling to put points on the board. Mayfield was nearly intercepted again, but Chase McLaughlin pulled through for three points on a 57-yard field goal. The Bears and Browns are tied at 3-3.

The Bills add another touchdown to their score against Washington with a score from RB Zack Moss.

(1:40) Lamar Jackson made a big play on a 31-yard scramble against Detroit.

Justin Herbert connected with Keenan Allen on a 4-yard pass to score against the Chiefs. They lead 6-0.

(1:33) Ugh, Lions. They were going for it on fourth down with a yard, but a false start pushed them back five yards. HC Dan Campbell keeps his offense on the field, but the Ravens’ defense was falling for it. Looks like they will punt after all.

Tyler Boyd scored for the Bengals on a 17-yard pass from Joe Burrow. They lead the Steelers 7-0.

Ryan Tannehill was picked off by Darius Leonard and the Colts are back on offense. Meanwhile, A.J. Brown is now questionable to return with a hamstring injury.

Bills caught a break with a big turnover on TE Logan Thomas to get the ball back

(1:28) Oh no, looks there may be some more drama in KC. Tyreek Hill caught a pass from Mahomes, but the defense stripped him. Ruling on the field is a completion, fumble, with the Chargers recovering. That is the second turnover of the game for the Chiefs.

(1:16) Bears kick a field goal to put three on the Browns and Giants do the same after being unable to convert in the red zone.

Derrick Henry (shocking) bulldozes his way to five-yard line, but it’s WR Chester Rogers, not A.J. Brown or Julio Jones, with the receiving touchdown for the Titans. Rogers is becoming annoying for fantasy managers.

Kyler Murray opens up scoring against the Jaguars with a rushing touchdown and Alvin Kamara gets the scoring rolling for the Saints against the Patriots.

What just happened in Detroit? D’Andre Swift tried to pass the ball back to Goff but it ended up being a turnover. No, never mind, Detroit still has the ball but Goff was promptly sacked.

(1:13) Wow! Diving interception by the Chargers after Mahomes’ pass bounced off the hands of Marcus Kemp.

(1:09) Josh Allen and the Bills kick off the day with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders against Washington.

Ouch, Baker Mayfield just took a big sack after missing a few throws to wide open receivers.