Week 2 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

Week 2 Mountain West Football Power Rankings

A jumbled mess this week

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There are three teams that earned a first-place vote this week and the team that has the most first place votes is not even in the top two (more on that later).

The second week of Mountain West play saw some results that made changes to the rankings but it is too early to make things really concrete. This next week will have some changes with seven games against a Power Five team.

Nothing is for certain now as Boise State who many thought could win the league is 0-2 but league play hasn’t started and perhaps Wyoming is a team to reckon with as it is 2-0 and a win over Texas Tech but they face Texas this weekend.

What is most interesting this week is that Wyoming has the most first-place votes but sits at the No. 3 spot behind Air Force and Fresno State. Those are the trio of teams that all have first place votes.

Nevada is going to be perma-sitting at the No. 12 spot after its double-digit loss to Idaho over the weekend. Who knows, maybe the Wolf Pack can shock the world as a four-touchdown underdog at home to the Kansas Jayhaawks.

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12. Nevada (PV: 12)

It will take a miracle for the Wolf Pack to climb out of this spot. It may not happen until they play a league game and get a win.

11. Colorado State (PV: 10)

The two biggest college football shows will be at Boulder for the Rocky Mountain Showdown between Colorado and Colorado State!

The Rams are making a change at quarterback and going with Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi over Clay Millen. We will see if that can help give this team a boost.

10. New Mexico (PV: 11)

The Lobos offense exploded against an FCS team in Tennessee Tech but this team led by Dylan Hopkins needs to show it against an FBS team.

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9. Hawaii (PV: 9)

The offense is showing signs of life in the run-n-shoot. They just need to actually run the ball more efficiently to make some noise.

8. UNLV (PV: 8)

It is hard to judge the Rebels right now after two blowouts. A win over Bryant and a loss over Michigan. Playing Vanderbilt will be a more fair test to see if the Rebels improved.

7. San Jose State (PV: 7)

The Spartans have played a very tough scheduled against Oregon State and USC before demolishing an FCS team in Cal Poly. The offense seemingly is there but the defense is still trying to know its identity.

6. San Diego State (PV: 4)

The Aztecs are just an average team. Even the defense that normally is really good is not elite this year. The running back play is average and so is the quarterback play. The only way San Diego State can get back up higher is to just get a little bit better everywhere to move up. That seems like a slight but that is all it would take is just minor improvements.

5. Boise State (PV: 5)

The Broncos are winless after two games and against two good teams. The UCF game showed their defense rebounded nicely. However, the offense needs to make some changes to show they are a good unit.

Playing North Dakota this week will go a long way.

4. Utah State (PV: 6)

Seventy-eight points against Idaho State is not nothing. It shows that Utah State can dominate and take advantage of lesser teams. That result might have been due to losing to Weber State last year and the Bengals were just the object in the way.

Still a lot to learn after this blowout and the 24-14 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

3. Wyoming (PV: 3, five first-place vote)

The Cowboys did struggle a bit against Portland State but they can get a pass for how Wyoming topped Texas Tech the week prior. Texas this week is a doozy and likely will not be kind in the end result.

2. Air Force (PV: 2, 4 first-place vote)

The defense showed up again in its win over Sam Houston State. The offense is still not typical Falcons-esque running the ball. The conference opener against Utah State should show a lot about this team.

1. Fresno State (PV: 1, 4 first-place votes)

Undefeated with a win over a power team is great, but the Eastern Washington overtime win leaves some questions. The defense needs to get better if this team is really going to hold down the top spot.

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