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Stick around here for all of the action around the league during the 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm ET slate of games. You can catch up on the scoring plays, injuries, turnovers, and big plays from today's matchups.


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4:00 pm ET Games

Falcons 27 @ Rams 31

Seahawks 7 @ 49ers 27

Bengals 17 @ Cowboys 20

Cardinals 29 @ Raiders 23

Texans 9 @ Broncos 16

7:53 - The Cardinals DST comes up big! Hunter Renfrow took a big hit from Isaiah Simmons. He fumbled and the Cardinals scooped it up and scored for the win! Oooo… Murphy Jr. tossed the ball a little early after the fumble recovery, but the ball did cross the goal line. That would have been bad. The ruling on the field stands. Cardinals win 29-23.

7:47 - The Cardinals gave it up on downs so it's the Raiders' chance to take his ball game.

7:43 - The Cardinals start overtime with possession and they are driving down the field slowly, but surely.

7:36 - The ruling on the field stands and this game is going into overtime.

7:35 - Now, wait a minute. The play is under review, as all scoring plays are, but… Let's see. There has to be indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the field.

7:28 - Oh NO! Green can't hold on to a sure-fire touchdown. There are still 11 seconds left with second and goal. Murray was almost picked off again. (The Cardinals have no time-outs, mind you). And Murray just threw the third down pass at Ertz's thigh who wasn't even close to being ready for the pass. Murray finally has a lane and ran it in for a three-yard touchdown.

They have to go for two to get the tie. The attempt is… GOOD to Green!

7:26 - Murray just missed a sack… actually, multiple sacks… but there was a flag. It's holding on defense with half the distance to the goal line and a new set of downs for the Cardinals.

7:25 - The officials took the reception off of the board for Green. Maher just BARELY got the field goal in the upright and they defeat the Bengals who drop to 0-2.

7:23 - A.J. Green caught the reception on the one-yard line while CeeDee Lamb and Cooper Rush are charging down the field against the Bengals with 18 seconds left.

The play to Green is under review.

7:19 - The Cardinals are in scoring position on the 12-yard line. They are trailing the Raiders 23-15 with 1:34 left to go.

7:18 - I apologize, but I am still upset over this Trey Lance news. He gets surgery tomorrow.

7:14 - After rushing for a first down, Murray was just taken down hard. There is a flag down. The call is holding against the defense which is an automatic first down.

INJURY UPDATE: Trey Lance has a broken ankle and is done for the year. This is terribly sad news for the young quarterback.

7:13 - The Broncos extended their lead over the Texans with a field goal after a rough showing in the red zone.

7:05 - Touchdown Tee Higgins! The Bengals have a decent shot at this down 15-17 and they are going for the two-point conversion. The attempt is GOOD for Tyler Boyd! The game is tied 17-17 with the Cowboys.

6:58 - Hollywood Brown in the end zone! Wait… there's a flag. Ugh. It was Darrel Williams with the score on a one-yard rush and Murray rushed in the two-point conversion. They still trail 15-23 with over eight minutes to play.

The Rams just got a safety. I will be honest… I don't know how that just happened. Ok. So, Brandon Powell just gave the Falcons a safety by running backward for 26 yards. And then the Rams just won. Wow. Ok. I dig it.

6:53 - Mariota was just picked off by Jalen Ramsey in the end zone! That was an amazing pick by the Pro Bowler. The Rams take over with 1:07 left on the clock.

6:51 - Russell Wilson takes for the Broncos the lead with Eric Saubert on a 22-yard touchdown.

6:48 - Garoppolo just rushed in a touchdown on a one-yard rush. They lead the Seahawks 27-7 with 1:51 to go in the game.

6:41 - What?! The Falcons' defense just blocked the punt that led to a scoop and score! They are going for two down 23-31. Mariota found Drake London for a successful conversion. Now it's 25-31 and a one-score game.

6:38 - Wow. The Broncos got a delay of game call on a field goal. That changed the field attempt to 59 yards so Denver elected to punt with boo's echoing in the stadium.

6:33 - There we go, Bengals defense. Dalton Schultz fumbled a pass from Rush and Cincinnati recovered on their own 26-yard line.

6:30 - Olamide Zaccheaus scored for the Falcons on an 11-yard pass from Mariota. They trail 17-31 to the Rams.

INJURY UPDATE: James Conner is questionable to return with an ankle injury.

6:22 - The Bengals are also in the red zone trailing 6-17 against Cooper Rush and the Cowboys. I don't know how Joe Burrow can take this many sacks. Ouch. He has been sacked over three times in seven consecutive games. The Bengals add three with a field goal to make it 9-17.

6:19 - The Rams are in scoring position on the seven-yard line. The fade to Allen Robinson was incomplete. They settled for a short field goal by Matt to extend their lead to 31-10 over the Falcons.

Kyler Murray is looking at third and goal and it's Greg Dorch with the touchdown. He is the number one target for Murray right now. What a world we live in. Extra point is good and the Cardinals finally have points on the board with 7-20 against the Raiders.

6:01 - Ok, Drake London! He gets the five-yard touchdown for the Falcons after the Stafford turnover.

5:57 - Oh no… here comes the rain for the 49ers… again.

Stafford just threw another pick. Pretty sure I am going to start Tagovailoa over Stafford from here on out.

BLOCKED FIELD GOAL! The Seahawks blocked a chip-shot from Gould to return for a touchdown! It's now 20-7 in favor of the 49ers.

5:48 - Woo hoo! Sutton just snagged a 34-yard pass from Russell Wilson. However, they are facing fourth and goal after struggling in the red zone. They go for the field goal to tie the game 6-6.

5:45 - The Raiders add to their lead with a field goal by Carlson. The score is 20-0 over the Cardinals.

And Cooper Kupp adds another TD to his stat line. His touchdown was 10 yards and they lead the Falcons 28-3.

5:32 - Ok, so Murray was picked off for real. It wasn't pretty after he scrambled to get out of a sack.

5:30 - The Raiders just picked off Kyler Murray but there is a flag down. It was holding on defense, which gives the Cardinals an automatic first down.

5:23 - Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans just logged a 25-yard reception from Davis Mills. The Texans settled for a field goal after being unable to convert for a touchdown. The game is tied 3-3.

5:21 - The 49ers are inside the 10-yard line getting ready to score. Jeff Wilson Jr. took the rock to the one-yard line. The larger-than-life fullback, Kyle Juszczyk, scored on a one-yard rush into the end zone.

5:16 - The rookie Decobie Durant from South Carolina State (yes, I just took that from the announcer, no I don't know who he is) just had his first pick for the Rams in his first year of NFL action! And it's A-Rob again! For a touchdown… or was it? Uh oh. Before the snap was a medical time-out? That's weird. Cooper Kupp got the touchdown after Robinson's was taken off the board.

5:12 - Ok, So, Geno Smith was picked off for real this time. In the end zone.

5:10 - Matthew Stafford's first incomplete pass is an… interception. Boo.

5:03 - Oh no! Smith was picked off again, but there is a flag down. It was pretty obvious pass interference.

5:00 - Tony Pollard rushed in a short touchdown for the Cowboys who are making fools of the Bengals. They lead Cincinnati 14-3.

Younghoe Koo's second attempt at a field goal is good.

4:55 - What?! Mariota rolled out of the pocket, slipped, fell over, but then found Parker Hesse and somehow managed to salvage the play in the red zone.

4:54 - Geno Smith was just picked off by the 49ers. Eesh.

4:53 - Broncos had to settle for the field goal and a 3-0 lead over the Texans.

4:51 - The Broncos opened up their scoring against the Texans with a two-yard touchdown pass to Courtland Sutton. NO! Never mind… under review, Sutton's second foot was out and the touchdown was taken off the board.

4:50 - Garoppolo got Ross Dwelley to get him a touchdown on his first campaign as the “backup” in San Francisco. The 49ers lead 13-0 after two field goals and a TD.

4:42 - Cam Akers, who was all but absent last week, already has four rush attempts for 24 yards and one reception for 10 yards. Henderson has only logged two carries for five yards. Yikes. BUT - It's Henderson who gets the Rams' touchdown on an eight-yard rush.

4:37 - The Raiders score first in their matchup against the Cardinals with a short pass to Davante Adams.

4:32 - Robbie Gould kicked his second field goal to make it 6-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo in as the quarterback.

Cooper Rush, ok! I see you! It's Noah Brown for the touchdown. In fact, the first touchdown of the Cowboys' season. They were the only team who did not score a touchdown last week.

4:30 - Lance is getting carted off of the field. This is terrible. Fourth career start.

4:28 - Oh no. INJURY UPDATE: Lance took a big hit and is slowly getting up.

4:22 - Oh boy! Stafford threw a laser to TE Tyler Higbee but the Falcons held up one yard short of a touchdown. YES! Touchdown Allen Robinson!

Meanwhile, Deebo Samuel rushed for the second time and logged over 50 yards. Well done, sir.

4:15 - The 49ers opened up their matchup against the Seahawks with a field goal. At least Trey Lance doesn't have to play in the next biblical deluge like he did last week.

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1:00 pm ET Games Final Scores

Jets 31 @ Browns 30

Commanders 27 @ Lions 36

Buccaneers 20 @ Saints 10

Panthers 16 @ Giants 19

Patriots 17 @ Steelers 14

Colts 0 @ Jaguars 24

Dolphins 42 @ Ravens 38

4:22 - Wow! Jackson was only two yards short on a Hail Mary to Rashod Bateman. The game is over. Miami wins.

4:17 - It's Waddle time! The Dolphins just took the lead over the Ravens with an acrobatic touchdown from Waddle! Extra point is good! Miami is ahead 42-38 with 14 seconds left for Baltimore.

4:06 - Apparently, the Browns aren't reading this because they would have figured out that G. Wilson is having a really good game! And he adds to his monster numbers with another touchdown to take the lead 31-30. Brissett was just picked up and that's game over for the Browns.

4:00 - And, what do we have here? The Browns just fumbled and the Jets recovered! They trail 24-30 against the Browns.

3:58 - Holy Tyreek Hill! This time it was a 60-yard play to tie the game!

So… Corey Davis was WIDE OPEN. Complete broken coverage for a Jets' touchdown. That was a 66-yard touchdown, by the way.

3:55 - TOUCHDOWN Michael Thomas!

3:50 - The Commanders are knocking on the door with second and goal. They trail 36-21 to the Lions. Jahan Dotson rolls up with a Washington touchdown to cut that lead down even more. But, wait! They miss the extra point! That's a nine-point difference in favor of the Lions.

Tyreek Hill, hi! The Dolphins are making this interesting with a 48-yard touchdown pass to Hill.

After Kareem Hunt marched the Browns down the field, Nick Chubb benefits with the short touchdown against the Jets. They are in the lead 24-17.

3:46 - Ouch! Wrong team! Winston was doing a great job rallying the saints down the field… until he threw a pick-six. I personally need Tom Brady to throw an interception. This isn't looking good.

Meanwhile, Graham Gano just kicked a long field goal (56 yards) for the Giants. They are ahead of the Panthers 19-16.

3:41 - Oh boy! Guess who? It's Amon-Ra St. Brown just crushing it. Not only does he have nine receptions for 116 yards and two touchdowns but he also has a rushing attempt for 58 yards. Please stop asking me if you need to start him. Just put him in your lineups and rejoice.

3:38 - Kareem Hunt is going crazy this drive for the Browns! He has rumbled off 24 yards covered in defenders in two plays.

Ouch. Jameis Winston was just picked off again.

3:35 - And here we go with Commanders. Antonio Gibson just scored a touchdown on a one-yard rush. D'Andre Swift scored a touchdown earlier on a 22-yard pass that I missed. Sorry about that.

The Buccaneers just scored on a pass from Brady to Breshad Perriman.

Matt Ryan was just picked off.

River Cracraft (who?) just scored a two-yard touchdown for the Dolphins on his first reception of the game. That helps no one. At least Waddle has over 100 receiving yards.

Phew! That was action-packed.

3:32 - McCaffrey just crushed a 43-yard run to get the Panthers into the red zone. They trail the Giants 13-16 with 12:31 left to go in the game.

3:27 - Nick Chubb just scored his second touchdown after a bruising drive for the Browns. They just took the lead over the Jets 24-17.

Curtis Samuel is having a game! Don't count Washington out just yet. It's the Lions, after all. Sorry, Lions fan. I do love you. Samuel has logged one rushing attempt for 21 yards as well as five receptions for 62 yards and a touchdown. Impressive. Most impressive.

3:25 - Jameis Winston was just picked off in the end zone after the glorious scrum that got two players ejected. The Buccaneers will take over deep in their own territory with no Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, and now… no Mike Evans.

3:22 - This is why we drafted Jackson. He just broke off a 79-yard touchdown run against the Dolphins. They are leading 35-14.

3:18 - Yep. Mike Evans was just ejected. So was Marcus Lattimore.

Meanwhile, Pat Freiermuth just scored for the Steelers on an eight-yard pass and Diontae Johnson successfully caught the two-point conversion.

3:16 - It's St. Brown yet again! He had a huge play after the Commanders' touchdown for a gain of 58 yards to get to Washington's 35-yard line.

Oh boy! Fight in New Orleans. Mike Evans might get ejected. This was just stupid all around.

3:10 - Big TE, Mo Alie-Cox, couldn't get his second foot towed for a Colts touchdown. They have put up zero points so far on the Jaguars who lead by 24.

Wentz is driving down the field, trailing the Lions 7-22. He found TE Thomas who is making his way back from injury on a 20-yard pass for the score. The Commanders are going for two and the attempt is SUCCESSFUL courtesy of Jahan Dotson. They cut the Lions' lead down 15-22.

The Jets tied up the Browns with a field goal 17-17.

3:07 - Apparently, the Browns have no answer for rookie Garrett Wilson. He has 70 yards and a touchdown on five receptions.

Damien Harris just scored on a short run for the Patriots who are up 11 over the Steelers.

3:03 - The Saints are keeping the ball on the ground between Mark Ingram and Dwayne Washington, but Ingram just fumbled. The Buccaneers recovered and take over on their own 25-yard line.

3:01 - Wow! What a beautiful catch from TE Mike Gesicki! He made an amazing play for a Dolphins touchdown. Holy moly, what a catch. The Dolphins are creeping up on the Ravens 14 - 28.

3:00 - After getting some momentum in their favor, Wentz threw a pass too high for TE Logan Thomas and was picked off.

2:58 - Lawrence found Christian Kirk again for a Jaguars touchdown on a short pass. They are owning the Colts 24-0 with 17 seconds left in the third quarter.

2:56 - The Buccaneers finally put points on the board with a field goal. The game is tied at a measly 3-3 with the Saints.

The Steelers also added three from Chris Boswell to cut the Patriots' lead to 10-6.

2:51 - Daniel Bellinger just got a touchdown for the Giants (because we all started him in fantasy) and the game is tied against the Panthers 13-13.

Eesh. Tom Brady is not a happy camper. He threw his Microsoft surface in a temper tantrum.

2:47 - First of all, amazing pass and catch from Carson Wentz to Curtis Samuel, but OUCH. Samuel took a huge hit in the end zone and was a little slow getting up.

2:40 - Brissett and the Browns are on the four-yard line against the Jets. David Njoku went airborne but just couldn't get his first foot in bounds. Brissett's next pass was incomplete and they settled for a field goal. They took the lead 17-14.

2:30 - The Ravens are making one last push before the half with a 34-yard pass to rookie Isaiah Likely. They have 45 seconds to score from the 32-yard line. They squeezed in a touchdown with under 30 seconds to go from Jackson to Demarcus Robinson on a 12-yard pass.

2:18 - After nearly getting picked off twice in the end zone, Flacco connected with Breece Hall on a 10-yard pass.

Whoa! Daniel Jones was also nearly picked off. The pass went right through the hands of the Panthers' defender. That easily could have been a pick-six.

2:14 - Oh wow! Mac Jones just found Nelson Agholor for a 44-yard touchdown. They are leading the Steelers 10-3.

2:07 - Jacksonville is in the lead 14-0 and they are going for a 52-yard field goal. The kick is up and good!

Mark Andrews is back! Welcome to 2022! Wait.. maybe? The play is under review. The officials took the 26-yard touchdown off the board. Jackson found Andrews again, and this time the touchdown will stick.

2:03 - The Lions are driving on the Commanders again with first and goal on Washington's three-yard line. There has been a solid run and passing game from Detroit. Toe. Drag. Swag! Josh Reynolds gets the score on a 12-yard pass. The Lions lead 22-0.

2:00 - The Dolphins are struggling to block Justin Houston and he has single-handedly wrecked Miami's drive. They are forced to punt.

1:57 - Flacco was just sacked and fumbled inside the red zone against the Browns. Cleveland takes over on their own 20-yard line.

The Dolphins are in scoring position after the big TD by Bateman. On third and two, Tagovailo'a pass to Tyreek Hill was just short of the first down. They decided to go for it and got the first down courtesy of Alec Ingold.

1:55 - Wow! We went from an 18-play to a one-play drive for a 75-yard touchdown by Rashod Bateman! Holy cow! The Ravens take the lead 14-7 over the Dolphins.

1:48 - The Steelers are cruising their way into the red zone against the Patriots on the back of Najee Harris. Unfortunately, they had to settle for a field goal. The game is tied with the Patriots 3-3.

The Browns retake the lead with a touchdown from… oh, there he is! Amari Cooper! A previous touchdown by Donovan Peoples-Jones was taken off the board after being ruled out of bounds. Cleveland leads 14-7.

After the 59-yard play, Waddle just scored a touchdown on a 6-yard pass. The Dolphins are now tied with the Ravens 7-7.

James Robinson found his way into the end zone on a 38-yard run for the Jaguars. They have a solid lead over the Colts 14-0.

The Lions add another three points on a 48-yard field goal. They are had of the Commanders 15-0. Not what I expected.

1:45 - After being backed up in their own territory after they recovered Jackson's turnover, Tagovailoa is having a nice laugh after a pass to Jaylen Waddle for a 59-yard gain. Take that, doubters! That's what I would say, anyway.

1:40 - Baker Mayfield got himself out of trouble but they had to settle for another field goal. The Panthers are finally on the board with three against the Giants' six points.

1:36 - The Steelers picked off Mac Jones and the Patriots, by the way.

The Lions are going strong after electing to go for it on fourth down. St. Brown strikes again! He scored on a 13-yard pass to give the Lions an 11-0 lead over the Commanders who have yet to be in scoring position.

Lamar Jackson's touchdown was taken off the board, which makes this the 18th play of the Ravens' drive. Oh no! Jackson fumbled and the Dolphins recover! That hurts.

1:32 - Finally, Baltimore made something out of that 17-play drive. They called a touchdown on a run by Lamar Jackson, but the play is under review. It's taking quite a bit of time, which is never good.

The jets faked a punt earlier and they managed to get into the red zone on Cleveland with a great run by rookie Breece Hall. They are now staring down third and goal and Joe Flacco connect with Garrett Wilson for a New York touchdown. Wow, that was a pretty pass.

Leonard Fournette just run through Tyraan Mathieu. Ouch.

1:30 - Today must be the day of turnovers. Mitchell Trubisky's pass was tipped and he was picked off and the Colts just lost the football as well. They were able to jump on it and retain possession.

1:28 - Detroit leads by three and is looking at third and goal against the Commanders. Goff's pass to St. Brown was incomplete and they decide to go for it on fourth down. His pass to Chark was off the mark and they walk away with no points on a great drive. D'Andre Swift logged a 50-yard run on that same drive.

The Ravens are having some issues running against the Miami Dolphins.

1:21 - The Ravens went for it on fourth and one and got it. Meanwhile… back to the Giants… Jones try to keep it on the nine-yard line but was stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. They had to settle for another field goal against the Panthers.

A Diontae Johnson touchdown was just taken off the board after being ruled just short.

Trevor Lawrence just got out of trouble on a tight end screen to Dan Arnold. Then Christian Kirk got the score on a 10-yard pass for the Jaguars.

1:20 - Who are these New York Giants and what have they done with the 2021 team? Hopefully getting rid of that bad mojo for good.

Oh no… Tom Brady fumbled on the New Orleans 25-yard line and the Saints now have possession with a long field to go.

1:17 - Wow! The Giants just stripped Robbie Anderson that forced a second turnover on the Panthers. New York has possession on Carolina's 35-yard line.

The Giants went for it on fourth down and Jones turned on the jets to get (what looks like as of now) the first down.

Nick Chubb scored first against the Jets on a short, four-yard run.

1:15 - The Lions and Patriots were held and had to kick field goals instead. Both were good.

1:13 - Goodness. Another turnover. Tua Tagovailoa threw it into traffic and was picked off by the Ravens.

The Patriots are in scoring position on the 15-yard line but they couldn't get it off in time.

The Lions just made a big play with a 49-yard reception from Amon-Ra St. Brown. Detroit is knocking on the Commanders' door on the 23-yard line.

1:07 - We have another turnover, this time on Matt Ryan and the Colts. The Jaguars take over.

Taysom Hill will be mentioned quite a bit today since Alvin Kamara is out. He just busted off a run for 13 yards into the red zone against the Buccaneers. The Saints settled for a 31-yard field goal by Will Lutz to take the lead over Tampa Bay 3-0.

1:04 - Oh no! Chuba Hubbard just fumbled the ball on the kick-off return and the Giants took over on the Panthers' 25-yard line within scoring position already. The Giants couldn't capitalize with a touchdown and settled for a 36-yard field goal.

1:03 - And we're off with a bang! Devin Duvernay just ran back the kick-off for a whopping 103-yard touchdown for the Ravens! Holy cow!