Week 17 power rankings

1. Ravens (13-2; last week No. 1): Lamar Jackson‘s next test will be shutting it down for three weeks and then firing up the engine all over again.

2. Saints (12-3; No. 2): Will this be the year that the Saints reverse two postseasons of crippling heartbreak?

3. 49ers (12-3; No. 4): No one needs a first-round bye more than the 49ers.

4. Packers (12-3; No. 6): If they get the No. 1 seed, Matt LaFleur is the coach of the year.

5. Chiefs (11-4; No. 5): They likely will have to beat the Patriots in New England and the Ravens in Baltimore to get to the Super Bowl — and they can.

6. Patriots (12-3; No. 7): The Patriots are werewolves and the playoffs are the full moon.

7. Seahawks (11-4; No. 3): Beast Mode is back, and the Seahawks are instantly the most fascinating team west of Baltimore.

8. Bills (10-5; No. 9): If/when this team learns how to win big games, this team will win everything.

9. Texans (10-5; No. 10): It’s smart to play starters on Sunday; as the No. 4 seed, the Texans would be in real danger of losing at home to the Bills.

10. Vikings (10-5; No. 8): The team that showed up on Monday night has no business watching the playoffs.

11. Eagles (8-7; No. 14): The Eagles need to bottle what they do in December and January and drink it in September, October, and November.

12. Titans (8-7; No. 11): Every team in the AFC field is praying that the Titans don’t join them.

13. Steelers (8-7; No. 12): At least the Steelers know that Duck isn’t the long-term answer.

14. Cowboys (7-8; No. 13): A plane that wasn’t able to fly the Cowboys where they wanted to go is the best way to sum up the team’s season.

15. Buccaneers (7-8; No. 15): Jameis Winston is suddenly the most exciting player to watch, for every reason imaginable.

16. Rams (8-7; No. 16): The Rams went all-in without the cards. Next year, they will quite possibly have even worse cards.

17. Raiders (7-8; No. 22): Yes, the Raiders have a no-so-unrealistic shot at making it to the playoffs.

18. Falcons (6-9; No. 18): Has Dan Quinn done enough to return? Maybe he has.

19. Colts (7-8; No. 23): They’d have been thrilled with 7-8 the day after Andrew Luck retired, but this team at one point was 5-2.

20. Broncos (6-9; No. 20): For the first time in a long time, there’s real hope in Denver.

21. Bears (7-8; No. 17): The future went from being not so bad to worse pretty quickly.

22. Jets (6-9; No. 25): For as bad as they were early in the season, 6-9 is an impressive record.

23. Browns (6-9; No. 19): For as bad as they were early in the season, 6-9 still isn’t an impressive record.

24. Cardinals (5-9-1; No. 27): If only they weren’t in the NFC West.

25. Jaguars (5-10; No. 21): Firing Tom Coughlin didn’t do much to snap this team out of its funk.

26. Chargers (5-10; No. 24): They exit Dignity Health Sports Park with little or no dignity.

27. Giants (4-11; No. 30): Can the development of Danny Dimes keep the Giants from dropping a deuce on Pat Shurmur?

28. Dolphins (4-11; No. 31): Brian Flores could put a perfect bow on his rookie season by knocking the Pats out of a bye for the first time since 2009.

29. Panthers (5-10; No. 26): Maybe Mike Tomlin will be available for David Tepper to hire away from Pittsburgh, after all.

30. Washington (3-12; No. 28): Case Keenum got a chance to catch the attention of the next team that he’ll inevitably spend only one year playing for.

31. Lions (3-11-1; No. 29): The second overall pick is suddenly within their grasp.

32. Bengals (1-14; No. 32): Yeah, they’ll have the first overall pick. But how much better will this team really be after only one offseason?