Week 17 Fantasy Football Stats: Raiders bench Carr, Lamb makes the leap & Lions/Bears shootout coming

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Matt Harmon is joined by fellow stat nerd Dalton Del Don for another episode of Stat Nerd Thursday. Together, the guys come up with one stat for all 32 teams and also preview the Thursday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans.

The guys talk a lot about this weekend’s game between the Bears and Lions in Detroit, and what a great setup that is for fantasy players in championship weekend. They also talk a bit about Russell Wilson losing his athleticism seemingly overnight and if he can be fixed with a new Broncos coach.

Cam Akers and D’Onta Foreman both showed last week that an Achilles injury is not a career-ender for running backs anymore, but how much can we believe in them this week? Also, how dark will things get for the Raiders against the 49ers now that they’ve benched Derek Carr in favor of Jarrett Stidham?

Dalton has one, and only one, reason for maybe not starting Trevor Lawrence this week. Matt wants to see what the Dolphins offense looks like with Teddy Bridgewater in place of Tua, who is back in the concussion protocol. Neither guy can figure out which Chiefs RB to play. This is a must-listen podcast if you’re trying to set your lineup to win the league this week.

01:50 Houston Texans

03:50 Chicago Bears

06:20 Arizona Cardinals

08:25 Denver Broncos

10:20 Indianapolis Colts

13:25 Atlanta Falcons

15:00 Los Angeles Rams

16:45 Carolina Panthers

21:00 Cleveland Browns

23:00 Las Vegas Raiders

28:45 New Orleans Saints

30:25 Detroit Lions

33:10 Green Bay Packers

36:15 Jacksonville Jaguars

37:20 New England Patriots

38:55 New York Jets

39:45 Seattle Seahawks

41:30 Pittsburgh Steelers

42:30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

45:45 Washington Commanders

48:50 Miami Dolphins

50:35 New York Giants

52:05 Los Angeles Chargers

54:00 Baltimore Ravens

54:50 Cincinnati Bengals

55:35 San Francisco 49ers

58:00 Buffalo Bills

59:05 Kansas City Chiefs

61:30 Minnesota Vikings

64:10 Philadelphia Eagles

66:00 TNF: Cowboys at Titans

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