Week 17 Fantasy Football Blog

The fantasy football championship day is upon us and we have a full slate of games to follow this Sunday. Can't watch the action? Check back here for updates on scoring plays, injuries, turnovers, and general fantasy mayhem as you wrap up your 2022 fantasy season.


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4:00 pm ET Final Scores

49ers 37 @ Raiders 34

Jets 6 @ Seahawks 23

Vikings @ Packers

Rams 10 @ Chargers 31

7:26 - It was Stidham who put up the wobbler pass this time and the 49ers picked him off. They returned the interception all the way back to the Raiders' three-yard line. Purdy took a quick knee for Robbie Gould to kick another field goal for the win and also for redemption. He got it! The 49ers win in overtime.

7:13 - Purdy is trying to get the 49ers close enough for the field goal with 35 seconds left to go. Aiyuk got them to the 34-yard line and there is still time for one more play. Oh, my goodness! As he was getting hit, Purdy threw up a wobbler but Aiyuk was able to make the grab. That sets up the field goal but the kick is NO GOOD! This game is going into overtime.

Nick Mullens is in the game for Cousins and he found K.J. Osborn for a touchdown but that game is over at this point.

7:10 - Jacobs crashed through the 49ers' defense for a Raiders touchdown (one yard). The Raiders have tied the game 34-34 with 1:11 left go.

7:07 - Holy cow! Adams just made an amazing catch for a 45-yard gain. They had better look at that… looks like the ball was moving and hit the ground. Call on the field stands.

7:02 - Cousins was able to find Jalen Nailor (who?) for a 47-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, it's too little too late. The Packers lead 41-10.

7:00 - Purdy is driving the 49ers downfield after the Raiders tied it up with the long field goal. He checked it down to McCaffrey who worked some serious magic for a 38-yard gain to get them to the Raiders' 14-yard line. Jordan Mason dragged the defense with him for the rest of the way for his first career touchdown.

6:52 - Yikes. Stidham was picked off again but they are taking another look. Nope, no turnover. The Raiders will remain on offense but it's fourth down and they have to try for the field goal. The kick is good! We're tied again.

Rodgers just rushed in a two-yard touchdown and that puts 41 on the board for the Packers.

6:47 - Seattle's field goal is good and they lead the Jets 23-6 who have yet to score a touchdown in this game.

6:46 - Cousins tried to go long but he was picked off and the Packers have the ball back. They will continue to keep the ball on the ground and burn time off the clock. Looks like no glorious comeback for Minnesota this time.

6:45 - Oh, boy. White was just picked off and the Seahawks will take over near the 20-yard line.

6:41 - Ray-Ray McCloud just made a big play to turn a short reception into a 42-yard gain. The 49ers are forced to settle for a field goal to take the lead 27-24 over the Raiders.

A.J. Dillon got the short rushing touchdown for the Packers that puts them ahead of the Vikings 34-3. There is still a majority of the fourth quarter, but that is a long way to go.

6:38 - The Packers are eating up as much clock as they can and keeping the ball on the ground. They are on the two-yard line as the game heads into the fourth quarter with a 27-3 lead over the Vikings.

6:33 - The Chargers are looking at first and goal against the Rams on the six-yard line. Herbert hit Donald Parham for a four-yard touchdown. The Chargers are steadily pulling away from the Rams leading 31-10 with over 12 minutes left in the game.

6:28 - Purdy is having an uncharacteristic quarter of football. He missed both Jauan Jennings and George Kittle on back-to-back plays and the 49ers had to settle for a field goal. That ties them up with the Raiders at 24-24.

6:23 - What is with all of these turnovers? Green Bay knocked the ball out of Cousins' hands on the 23-yard line after nearly picking him off in the end zone on the previous play. Then, Stidham's pass bounced off of a defender and the 49ers picked him off.

6:21 - Not only is Cousins the leading rusher in this game but both of his running plays were also the longest plays of the game for the Vikings. Hm.

6:15 - Another turnover… Purdy tried to force it downfield but the Raiders picked him off.

6:12 - Whoops - Mayfield just fumbled and the Chargers take over deep in the Rams' territory.

6:09 - This game is not looking good for the Jets. Yet again, they are forced to punt as the football is sailing on White in the cold and he's not adjusting.

6:03 - The Seahawks added to their lead with a field goal. They are ahead of the Jets 20-3.

6:02 - The Chargers opened up the second half with a touchdown pass from Justin Herbert to Gerald Everett for six yards.

5:55 - The Packers followed suit and went for the field goal with just seconds left on the clock. Mason Crosby's 56-yard field goal is good! It hit the crossbar but went through.

5:50 - The Vikings are trying to put some points on the board before the half but the Packers just sacked Cousins for a big loss that takes them back to the 39-yard line. They settled for the field goal on fourth down and seven but the kick is no good. They have a long way to go after the half trailing 24-3.

Greg Zuerlein missed his field goal at the same time.

Meanwhile, Adams just added a 60-yard touchdown reception to his stat line on the day. The Raiders are in the lead 23-14 over the 49ers.

5:46 - Ouch! Hunter Renfrow was taken down hard from a face mask penalty. That looked like it hurt. That also gave the Raiders a fresh set of downs after nearly having to punt.

5:40 - Cameron Dicker came out for three points and extended the Chargers' lead to 17-10 over the Rams.

5:37 - Aaron Jones just had a big play on the ground for a gain of 31 yards for the Packers who are on the 20-yard line. Rodgers found Robert Tonyan for a 21-yard passing touchdown. They lead the Vikings 24-3 with 2:41 left to go in the half.

5:32 - Cousins was picked off again! The Packers will take over on offense near midfield.

Mike White also turned the ball over on a sack-fumble but the first half is over.

5:13 - After scoring two touchdowns on defense and special teams' plays, the Packers had negative passing yardage. Finally, Rodgers was able to string together a decent drive and have the team inside the five-yard line. They couldn't convert after three downs so they settle for the field goal. They have a 17-3 lead over the Vikings.

Stidham also has the Raiders inside the five-yard line. Wow! He found Davante Adams on a beautiful pass and an even better catch for the short touchdown. They take the lead 17-14 over the 49ers.

Malcolm Brown just rushed in a 23-yard score for the Rams who trail 10-14 to the Chargers.

5:11 - Go, Ekeler! He scored another touchdown on a 72-yard rushing play against the Rams. Holy cow! He has 98 rushing yards on four carries and two touchdowns so far.

5:02 - Wow! Ok, Stidham. He rushed for a nine-yard gain to put the Raiders within inches of the first down on the two-yard line. Jacobs was stuffed and the Raiders turn it over on downs.

Who is this Kirk Cousins? He just had a 20-yard rushing play against the Packers. Unfortunately, they had to settle for another field goal, but Greg Joseph missed it!

4:58 - White was just sacked on third down for a loss of seven yards. The Jets had to settle for a field goal.

INJURY UPDATE: Josh Jacobs is back in the game.

4:56 - Ouch. Kirk Cousins was just picked off and Green Bay returned it for a touchdown. Yikes. The Packers lead the Vikings 14-3.

Austin Ekeler just rolled over the defender and into the end zone for a ten-yard rushing touchdown.

4:52 - Uh, oh! Aaron Rodgers was just sacked and then fumbled. The Vikings recover. Wait. The referees ruled him down by contact but they turned it over on downs anyway.

4:50 - Purdy and the 49ers are on the six-yard line and getting ready to score with a fresh set of downs. McCaffrey weaved his way to the one-yard line but was held short on the next play. Purdy spun away from Maxx Crosby and found George Kittle in the back of the end zone for the touchdown.

4:47 - The Seahawks finished off the drive with a seven-yard touchdown pass from Smith to Tyler Mabry. They have a 17-3 over the Jets.

4:44 - DeeJay Dallas just got the Seahawks inside the ten-yard line on a receiving play from Smith for a gain of 41 yards.

4:42 - Cam Akers just made a huge play against the Chargers with a 42-yard gain on a pitch from Baker Mayfield.

4:40 - That didn't take long. The Packers answered with a Keisean Nixon 105-yard kick return for a touchdown. Wow.

4:37 - Oh, boy. The Packers just stuffed Dalvin Cook behind the line of scrimmage and the Vikings have to go for the field goal. That opens up the scoring in that matchup.

4:32 - The Jets had to settle for a field goal.

4:30 - Tell me if you expected Stidham to have 85 passing yards against one of the best defenses in the NFL in the first quarter. I sure didn't.

INJURY UPDATE: Josh Jacobs is headed to the locker room. Brandin Bolden is taking over the rushing duties.

4:24 - The Seahawks put three on the board after Mike White was intercepted. They lead the Jets 10-0. (Corrected).

4:19 - Christian McCaffrey just had a 37-yard run to get the 49ers to the three-yard line after the Raiders' touchdown. Brock Purdy hit Brandon Aiyuk for the short touchdown and the score is tied 7-7.

4:11 - with Derek Carr benched, Jarrett Stidham is starting quarterback. He found Darren Waller to open up the scoring with a 24-yard touchdown against the 49ers.

4:07 - Kenneth Walker just announced his presence with a vengeance. To start the game, Walker opened up with a 60-yard run. That turned into a touchdown pass from Geno Smith to Colby Parkinson for 12 yards.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Dolphins 21 @ Patriots 23

Broncos 24 @ Chiefs 27

Colts 10 @ Giants 38

Saints 20 @ Eagles 10

Panthers 24 @ Buccaneers 30

Bears 10 @ Lions 41

Browns 24 @ Commanders 10

Jaguars 31 @ Texans 3

Cardinals 19 @ Falcons 20

4:15 - What on earth just happened? The punt attempt was a total mess after a bad snap, but Jake Camarda somehow managed to get the punt off and it was an excellent kick. However, there was a penalty so they have to punt again. The Panthers have 26 seconds left to make some magic happen and no timeouts.

4:08 - Thompson found Mike Gesicki for a four-yard touchdown and the Dolphins are down by only two points 21-23 with 1:04 left to go. It wasn't enough to make a final push and the Patriots get the win.

4:00 - Brady took it himself for a one-yard touchdown to extend their lead over the Panthers 30-17 with 1:47 left to go.

3:57 - Younghoe Koo is out to kick the game-winning field goal for the Falcons who trail 17-19 to the Cardinals. The kick is good and the Falcons take the win.

3:56 - The Buccaneers' touchdown was taken off the board. Fournette rushed again, but this time was held up on the one-yard line before the two-minute warning.

3:50 - Oh no! The Buccaneers pounced on the football after Darnold coughed it up inside the ten-yard line. That turned into a short touchdown for Leonard Fournette. That play has been under review for some time now, so we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

3:48 - Has Russell Wilson finally arrived? He rushed in a second touchdown for four yards. They trail the Chiefs just 24-27.

3:45 - Jakobi Meyers just scored a one-yard touchdown on a pass from Jones. The Patriots lead the Dolphins 22-14, but Meyers was injured on the play.

3:38 - Pick six! The Saints go up by ten points 20-10 over the Eagles after Minshew's pass was picked off and ran back for the touchdown.

Evans AGAIN! It's his third touchdown of the game (this one for 30 yards) and the Buccaneers take the lead. The two-point conversion to Chris Godwin was good this time and Tampa Bay has a 24-21 lead over the Panthers.

3:33 - McKinnon got the touchdown on a three-yard rushing play for the Chiefs. That's his second score of the game.

3:32 - Wentz tried to throw deep into the end zone and he was picked off. That's probably game for the Commanders.

3:28 - Ouch! Wilson was just picked off after the Chiefs scored.

3:20 - Mahomes is driving the Chiefs down the field and are in the red zone against the Broncos who lead 17-13. Mahomes found Blake Bell for a short touchdown. Kansas City takes the lead 20-17.

Brady found Evans on another deep play, this one for a 57-yard touchdown. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful.

Thompson was just intercepted and the Patriots take over on offense.

3:17 - Wow! The Panthers just scored another touchdown. This one was from Darnold to Shi Smith for a 19-yard score. They lead the Buccaneers 21-10.

Jones scores again! He rushed in a ten-yard touchdown to extend their lead 38-10 over the Colts.

I missed an earlier touchdown for the Eagles. A.J. Brown scored a 76-yard receiving touchdown from Gardner Minshew. They trail the Saints 13-10.

3:11 - Bridgewater just threw a pick-six and the Patriots now lead 16-14. The extra point was no good. Bridgewater was hurt during the play and Skylar Thompson is in at quarterback.

The Commanders just kicked a field goal and cut the Browns' lead to 17-10.

3:09 - Wow! What a play by Moore! Darnold threw deep but it was slightly underthrown. Moore came back for it and made the catch for a 47-yard gain.

3:07 - The Broncos are giving the Chiefs fits. Wilson found Albert Okwuegbunam in the end zone for a 25-yard touchdown. They lead Kansas City 17-13.

3:06 - The Patriots cut the Dolphins' lead down by three. Miami leads 14-10.

3:00 - Ehlinger was able to convert for a first down in the red zone on a pass to Michael Pittman. He connected with Pittman again, this time in the end zone for a score. They trail the Giants 31-10.

The Buccaneers are trailing the Panthers 14-10 but are inside the ten-yard line. They had to settle for a field goal, but that was BLOCKED!

2:58 - The Lions are just crushing the Bears right now. Swift just scored a 21-yard touchdown on a pass from Goff. That's his second score of the day and the Lions have a 38-10 lead over Chicago.

2:55 - The Dolphins are on the Patriots' six-yard line with a fresh set of downs thanks to a nice run by Jeff Wilson. Raheem Mostert got inside the five. Teddy Bridgewater was nearly sacked but he managed to flip it out to Mostert for the touchdown.

2:51 - Snoop Conner got the nod for the Jaguars' score with a three-yard rushing touchdown. It wouldn't surprise me if Doug Pederson decides to rest his starters. They lead the Texans 28-0.

2:49 - Daniel Jones is having a great game. He just rushed in an 18-yard touchdown and they extend their lead over the Colts 31-3.

2:44 - The Lions are adding to their lead with a huge play from Swift for 35 yards, an even bigger gain by Williams for 40 yards, and that led to a two-yard rushing touchdown for Williams.

2:41 - Sam Ehlinger is in QB for the Colts after Foles was ruled out with a rib injury.

2:40 - Amari Cooper sighting! Finally… He scored the Browns' first touchdown of the game on a 46-yard play from Watson.

2:34 - The Eagles look like they woke up during the half. They drove down the field on the Saints with plays from Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, and DeVonta Smith. A Kenneth Gainwell touchdown was taken off the board after a very questionable holding call. That's not holding. Geez. Ooo… head coach Nick Siriani is mad. They had to settle for a field goal and they trail the Saints 13-3.

2:26 - Fields was picked off with seven seconds left to go in the half. The Giants kicked a field goal to extend their lead 24-3 over the Colts.

The Chiefs have five seconds left and Mahomes hit Justin Watson for a big gain but the play is under review. This came on the heels of a sack fumble from Wilson. After the ruling on the field was upheld, Harrison Butker's kick was blocked.

INJURY UPDATE: Nick Foles was carted off the field after a big hit.

2:21 - The Cardinals just made it a one-point game with a field goal. They trail the Falcons 13-14.

2:19 - We are inside the two-minute warning in all nine games so things are getting a little crazy. Both the Buccaneers and the Lions are looking to score before the half. The Buccaneers had to settle for three and they trail the Panthers 14-10. And the Lions also had to kick a field goal. They lead the Bears 24-10.

2:16 - The Buccaneers are back on offense after Sam Darnold fumbled the snap. They are taking over in the red zone.

2:14 - Speaking of interceptions… Nick Foles just threw another pick after his abysmal performance last week. This time it was a pick-six.

What is this? A Mike Evans touchdown? No way! The Buccaneers are finally on the board after a beautiful, 63-yard throw from Brady.

Fields just turned the ball over on a fumble and the Lions are back on offense.

Jerick McKinnon just scored a six-yard touchdown on a pass from Mahomes. They retake the lead over the Broncos 13-10.

2:13 - The Falcons take the lead over the Cardinals (14-10) after a punt was blocked and recovered by the Falcons. Cordarrelle Patterson took it the rest of the way for the score.

2:11 - Trevor Lawrence was picked off and the Texans are in scoring position on the ten-yard line. However, they couldn't convert and the fourth-down attempt was incomplete to Rex Burkhead.

2:08 - The Commanders are knocking on the door to their first points of the game. Brian Robinson got them to the one-yard line and they are facing fourth down. They end up going for it with a QB sneak. Wentz gets the score for Washington.

2:07 - Brock Wright gets his second touchdown of the day from Goff on a nine-yard pass. They lead the Bears 21-10.

2:03 - Kadarius Toney just fumbled a punt return and the Broncos took over on the 16-yard line. Russell Wilson kept it himself for a 16-yard rushing touchdown. The Broncos now have the lead over the Chiefs 10-6.

2:00 - Andy Dalton hit Rashid Shaheed for a 58-yard play to get the Saints inside the five-yard line against the Eagles. They settled for a field goal and lead 13-0.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars just scored again. This time it was courtesy of a forced fumble on Davis Mills for the scoop and score.

1:55 - D. Jones is leading the Giants on a great drive. They are on the Colts' seven-yard line.

D.J. Moore sighting! The Panthers add another score to their lead with a beautiful throw and catch for a 17-yard touchdown.

Etienne just rushed in a whopping 62-yard touchdown. The Jaguars lead Houston 14-0.

1:52 - Intercepted! Patrick Mahomes was picked off in the end zone by the Broncos.

1:48 - The Saints added three points to their lead with a field goal. The Eagles have yet to find the end zone in this matchup.

1:46 - The Buccaneers are struggling. After a 13-play drive, they had to settle for a field goal but that was no good. The Panthers still lead 7-0. Ouch.

1:44 - The Cardinals just took a 10-7 lead with a diving touchdown by Trey McBride from Blough.

1:41 - Carson Wentz looked deep but he underthrew the pass and it was intercepted. That was his second interception for the day.

Hill put a score on the board for the Dolphins with a two-yard rushing touchdown. Yes, a rushing touchdown for the cheetah.

1:40 - The Lions take the lead over the Bears with a great run by D'Andre Swift for a 17-yard rushing touchdown.

1:35 - Isaiah Hodgins made a 12-yard play to get the Giants inside the ten-yard line. Saquon Barkley got them to the five-yard line but a tripping penalty pushed them back ten yards. Daniel Jones was able to find Richie James in the end zone for the score.

The Dolphins are now inside the ten-yard line.

1:34 - The Commanders held strong on defense and stopped Deshaun Watson's attempt to rush in a short touchdown. Meanwhile, David Njoku was wide open in the end zone.

1:30 - Atlanta takes the lead over Arizona with a five-yard rushing touchdown from Tyler Allgeier.

1:25 - There he goes! Fields just took off and rushed for a whopping 60 yards to get the Bears to the Lions' eight-yard line. Holy cow. That is his third-longest run this season. They had to settle for a field goal and take the lead 10-7 over the Lions.

1:23 - Tyquan Thornton just caught a seven-yard touchdown pass from Mac Jones to get the Patriots on the board over the Dolphins.

1:20 - D.J. Chark just drew a pass inference call in the end zone which puts the Lions on the one-yard with a fresh set of downs. Jamaal Williams was stuffed. Jared Goff hit Brock Wright for a two-yard touchdown.

Taysom Hill and the Saints are also on the one-yard line. He then rushed it in himself for the one-yard touchdown.

1:18 - Whoops! Tom Brady hit Chris Godwin but he coughed it up and the Panthers take back over on offense.

1:16 - The Browns settled for a field goal by Cade York. They have a 3-0 lead over the Commanders.

1:15 - The Jaguars join the scoring party with a short touchdown from JaMycal Hasty after Travis Etienne got them into scoring position. That's because coaches don't care about our fantasy squads.

1:12 - Skyy Moore had a great play to get the Chiefs to the five-yard line. Isiah Pacheco finished off their drive with a five-yard rushing touchdown. There was an issue trying to kick the extra point so the score remains 6-0.

1:09 - In case you missed it, David Blough is the starting quarterback for the Cardinals. After getting them into the red zone, the Cardinals have to settle for a field goal.

Justin Fields just had a big run play for 31 yards. It was on a direct snap to Cole Kmet who flipped it to Fields for the gain. Kmet then scored on that drive with a 13-yard reception.

1:08 - Ok, Tommy Tremble, let's get it started! The Panthers drew first blood in their matchup against the Buccaneers. Tremble scored on a 17-yard pass from Sam Darnold.

1:06 - It's a bit of a slow start for Week 17, but Teddy Bridgewater just hit Tyreek Hill on a deep pass… oh, wait. Hill's second foot was out.