Week 16 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: Dream crushing Dolphins

The serious lack of offense in last night's game (just over 400 total yards between both teams - gross!) was a disturbing reality for fantasy managers trying to reach the finals, but what if you were facing Miami's defense? Unfortunately for our buds Justin and Ben, that was exactly the case - as they watched the Dolphins D absolutely pummel Ian Book (and their fantasy hopes) into the ground. Brutal!

On behalf of our very own Judge Andy Behrens, we'd like to thank you for sharing your #FFLBadBeats with us throughout the 2021 season, and wish you the best of luck in your Championship Week matchups!

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Welcome to the one fantasy video franchise in which you do not want to be featured. This, of course, is where we discuss the most agonizing and improbable losses in your fantasy life. This is "Fantasy Bad Beats."

As is often the case, Monday night delivered various terrors for fantasy managers. If you needed anything from a skill player who wasn't Jaylen Waddle, you were disappointed. I'm sorry, Miami and New Orleans combined for just over 400 total yards. That's not a lot, folks. That's not the kind of yardage total we're looking for, which is-- I mean, it's disgusting.

Alvin Kamara didn't help you. DeVante Parker, he didn't even make the box score. But the Dolphins defense, yeah, they left a mark on a few fantasy matchups with just the dominant performance that I think we all assumed was coming against Ian Book, the Saints' fourth option at quarterback this season. Book's second pass, his second pass attempt, resulted in a hideous pick-6. He was sacked eight times on the night, turned the ball over a couple of times, obviously had the pick-6 in there. None of this is ideal.

Justin Rodrigues thought he had a fantasy win locked up, but Turtleneck stormed back on the strength of the Miami defense. And then look at poor Ben. Poor Ben thought the Albertville Aggies were moving on until they weren't. That's 25 points from the Dolphins defense. And now it's off to the third-place game for Ben. Just a brutal way for a fantasy season to conclude.

Let's also note that in Miami's seven-game win streak, the defense has scored at least 9 fantasy points six different times and they've reached 17 or more fantasy points in a Yahoo default scoring system four times. They've been great. That group somewhat quietly actually has been among the waiver adds of the year. Justin doesn't need to hear about this. Ben certainly doesn't need to hear about this anymore. Still, hats off to the Miami defense. They have been playing great.

Everyone out there, whether you're in a third-place game this week, or the consolation bracket, or your title matchup, good luck in championship week. Thank you for reaching out to us throughout the season with your most heartbreaking defeats.