Week 15 Fantasy Survival - Eagles vs. Bears

Andy Behrens, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams identify players who should deliver as the Bears host to the Eagles.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Lots of difficult decisions to make for your rosters in week 15. So let's figure out how to Survive the Day presented by "The Callisto Protocol."

Each week, we're looking at one game and picking players we think will most help fantasy managers. Let's target this Bears-Eagles matchup. Tank, who are you looking at here?

TANK WILLIAMS: I'm going with Miles Sanders. If you recall last week, I told you that he was a baller on the budget. And all he gave you was 17 carries, 144 yards, and 2 touchdowns. And now he has another magically delicious matchup against the Chicago Bears. They give up the fourth-most running back fantasy points.

The trend is usually your friend. And I would expect the Philadelphia Eagles to ride Miles Sanders once again, going up against the Chicago Bears. So make sure you get him plugged into your lineup for the fantasy playoffs. I promise you, he won't disappoint.


ANDY BEHRENS: All right, you guys both took Philadelphia Eagles here. I'm going to-- I'm going to be the one person brave enough to talk up a Chicago Bear. And I'm going to mention Cole Kmet, tight end.

Listen, he's basically the number one receiver for this team at this point. Darnell Mooney done for the year. Chase Claypool, he's out in this one. Kmet actually, in four of his last five games, has seen at least 6 targets. He has 4 touchdowns during that stretch.

I'm not trying to tell you this is some great matchup. Philadelphia's defense is good in all aspects. They're good against the pass. But just on volume alone, Kmet is going to have to make a little bit of noise here.

It stands to figure-- and listen, we make all kinds of mistakes when we try to guess at game flow. But the Bears are probably going to fall behind in this one. And they're probably going to have to chuck the ball. And if that happens, Cole Kmet is in for a huge target total and potentially a big week.

Matt, who do you like here?


MATT HARMON: Andy, I would have just been dying to pick the 34th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, Chase Claypool. I would have been just dying to pick him. But unfortunately he's hurt. That's the only thing that's gone wrong with that trade. The only thing is this recent injury.

But instead, I must pick an actually good wide receiver here. I'm going to go with DeVonta Smith. And watch your feet, guys, because I'm about to commit an egregious name drop. But when I talked to AJ Brown this past week, he agreed with me that the Eagles don't have a number one, number two wide receiver duo. They have 1A-1B situation going there for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And that's just because DeVonta Smith, it might not appear in the stats, whatever. Who cares? This guy is a straight baller. He is a legit number one wide receiver. He actually leads the team in air yard share with 39% and target share at 29% since week 11, which is important, because that is the first game that Dallas Goedert missed when he went on IR. Dallas Goedert was not activated for this game, despite fantasy managers hoping for that.

So I think we still see a lot of DeVonta Smith in this matchup. He can get it done in the short game. He can get it done in the long game. Just is a real, real quality player on the tidiest offense in the NFL. We know exactly where the ball is going in Philly. And I think Smith gets a lot this week.

ANDY BEHRENS: It feels like a great call. OK, be sure to explore the depths of fear in the all new story-driven survival horror game "The Callisto Protocol" available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.