Week 14 power rankings

Mike Florio

1. Ravens (10-2; last week No. 1): The best team in the AFC finally holds the No. 1 seed.

2. Seahawks (10-2; No. 3): No one shows up in big moments like the Seahawks.

3. Saints (10-2; No. 5): They’re on a collision course with the 49ers on Sunday; they could be on a collision course with the 49ers in January.

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4. 49ers (10-2; No. 2): From 8-0 and smooth sailing to rough seas and possibly the No. 5 seed.

5. Patriots (10-2; No. 4): Go ahead and bury the Patriots — it plays into their hands.

6. Texans (8-4; No. 9): From a 41-7 blowout loss in Baltimore to big wins over the Colts and Patriots, the Texans have quickly turned their season around.

7. Packers (9-3; No. 7): The division title is theirs for the taking, as long as they don’t stub their toe against Washington, the Bears, or the Lions.

8. Chiefs (8-4; No. 8): Last year’s flavor of the month feels like week-old turkey in 2019.

9. Bills (9-3; No. 10): Yes, No. 9 may be too low; beat the Ravens and Buffalo will crash the top five.

10. Vikings (8-4; No. 6): It’s not the end of the world, but it’s the start of what would be a Super Bowl run the very hard way.

11. Steelers (7-5; No. 11): One week at a time, Mike Tomlin is earning coach of the year consideration.

12. Titans (7-5; No. 12): The team no one notices is putting everyone on notice.

13. Rams (7-5; No. 17): The schedule will be getting a lot tougher down the stretch, but if they play like they did against the Cardinals it won’t matter.

14. Cowboys (6-6; No. 13): A Super Bowl run isn’t as crazy as it sounds, but at some point it would make sense to win a game.

15. Bears (6-6; No. 20): The Bears are back — and they’ll soon be back to the cold, hard reality of a team that isn’t nearly as good as it was in 2018.

16. Raiders (6-6; No. 14): Derek Carr may never actually reside in the house that he’s building in Las Vegas.

17. Colts (6-6; No. 15): If they fail to make it to the playoffs, they can blame their stubborn refusal to upgrade at the kicker position.

18. Buccaneers (5-7; No. 22): They may win just enough games to justify giving Jameis Winston one more chance to prove that he deserves another chance.

19. Browns (5-7; No. 16): Pittsburgh may not have started it, but they definitely finished it. And “it” includes Cleveland’s playoff hopes.

20. Eagles (5-7; No. 18): The Philly Special feels like a long-faded memory.

21. Panthers (5-7; No. 19): Two late-season collapses in two seasons won’t do much to prevent major changes from happening in Charlotte.

22. Broncos (4-8; No. 26): This team isn’t all that far from contending, and if Drew Lock is the real deal next year could get real interesting.

23. Jets (4-8; No. 21): It was fun while it lasted.

24. Chargers (4-8; No. 23): If the goal was to lose a game in every way possible, congratulations.

25. Jaguars (4-8; No. 24): Minshew Mania is back, but until the Coughlin Condundrum is resolved it will be impossible to know where this team is heading next.

26. Falcons (3-9; No. 25): With cap issues galore and key veteran players under contract, it could make sense to stay the course until it becomes easier to rebuild the roster.

27. Washington (3-9; No. 29): There’s nothing like news of Bruce Allen being on the hot seat to wash away some of the dysfunction.

28. Lions (3-8-1; No. 27): Cleaning house two years into a major culture change would be the ultimate Lions thing to do.

29. Dolphins (3-9; No. 30): They’re playing for nothing, but they’re laying the foundation for everything.

30. Cardinals (3-8-1; No. 28): The record doesn’t reflect it, but there’s plenty of hope for the future. As long as they can get Kyler Murray some help.

31. Bengals (1-11; No. 32): Be careful, Bengals; you don’t want to screw up the first overall pick that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

32. Giants (2-9; No. 31): Somewhere, Ben McAdoo is smiling. While wearing an oversized suit and sporting a scalp full of Brylcreem.

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