Week 14 power rankings

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

1. Rams (11-1; last week No. 2): There’s a good chance they’ll keep this spot through the balance of the season.

2. Chiefs (10-2; No. 3): Kareem Hunt or no Kareem Hunt, the Chiefs will keep rolling as long as they have Patrick Mahomes.

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3 Saints (10-2; No. 1): With games against the Bucs, Panthers, Steelers, and Panthers on deck, we’ll find out quickly whether last Thursday was an aberration.

4. Patriots (9-3; No. 4): After making it to 1,000 career rushing yards, Tom Brady will be sending his ski boots to Canton.

5. Chargers (9-3; No. 6): Fingers crossed for a playoff game in a 30,000-seat stadium.

6. Texans (9-3; No. 7): They’re starting to feel like a potential Team of Density.

7. Cowboys (7-5; No. 9): An all-Texas Super Bowl would have to be moved to Texas, right?

8. Bears (8-4; No. 5): And now we know why Chase Daniel had only two career starts in nine prior seasons.

9. Seahawks (7-5; No. 11): This is the team that should be keeping Sean McVay up at night.

10. Ravens (7-5; No. 13): This is the team that should be keeping Bill Belichick up at night.

11. Steelers (7-4-1; No. 8): This is the team that keeps Steelers fans up at night.

12. Vikings (6-5-1; No. 10): This is the team that allows Vikings fans to sleep peacefully. Because they know it’s over.

13. Broncos (6-6; No. 17): Vance Joseph has earned a third year in Denver.

14. Eagles (6-6; No. 18): They won’t beat the Cowboys, Rams, and/or Texans if they play like they did on Monday night.

15. Titans (6-6; No. 16): They’ve gone from making the Jekyll and Hyde transformation from week to week to doing it within the same game.

16. Colts (6-6; No. 12): Even with five wins in a row, one loss can change everything.

17. Dolphins (6-6; No. 22): Somehow, they’re still alive for the playoffs.

18. Panthers (6-6; No. 14): Somehow, they’re on the brink of blowing a once-certain playoff spot.

19. Washington (6-6; No. 15): Somehow, they have Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback.

20. Buccaneers (5-7; No. 24): Somehow, free tickets didn’t fix anything.

21. Browns (4-7-1; No. 19): At least John Dorsey won’t have to worry about the fans clamoring for Gregggggg.

22. Packers (4-7-1; No. 20): This is not how the 100th season was supposed to go.

23. Giants (4-8; No. 27): They never quit, except when trying to field an onside kick.

24. Lions (4-8; No. 21): A late-season push to .500 isn’t out of the question.

25. Bills (4-8; No. 23): A late-season push to .500 isn’t out of the question.

26. Bengals (5-7; No. 25): A late-season push to .500 is probably out of the question.

27. Jaguars (4-8; No. 29): Nothing improves a defense like benching the quarterback.

28. Falcons (4-8; No. 26): Jobs may not be on the line this year, but they definitely will be next year.

29. Cardinals (3-9; No. 32): Steve Wilks, coach killer.

30. Jets (3-9; No. 28): 50 years after a Western Pennsylvania kid led the team to a Super Bowl win, could Pittsburgh native Mike McCarthy be the answer at head coach?

31. 49ers (2-10; No. 30): Bay.

32. Raiders (2-10; No. 31): Of pigs.

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