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Week 13 Player Props

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  • Brandin Cooks
    Brandin Cooks

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 13.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Absolutely. I think we've got four really interesting ones this week, Minty, to dive into. So why don't you take our first one here. I think the people will be 0% surprised which way you lean on it.

MINTY BETS: Yes, we have to start our segment off with an under. I'm going Brandin Cooks under 55 and 1/2 receiving yards. Although Indy's passing defense isn't terribly stingy, Tyrod Taylor started his last two games with Houston and Brandin Cooks only had five combined catches in those games, both for under the total of 56. Tyrod hasn't really been that accurate either, so I'm really feeling this under.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I agree with you here, Minty. I mean, those first three or four weeks where Brandin Cooks was just match up and quarterback proof, that was adorable, but that was an awful long time ago at this point. So I'm here with you on that one. I'm going to stay on brand for my first one and go over 17 and 1/2 rush attempts for Antonio Gibson against your Raiders.

Antonio Gibson leads the NFL, the whole league, the whole bunch of guys, he leads the entire NFL in carries over the last three weeks since Washington came off their bye. You can point to a lot of different things here. Number one, he's still on the injury report with this shin thing, but it feels like Washington believes that he is more healthy.

They've been giving him the ball a ton. Obviously, you know JD McKissic in this game will also help boost up the total a little bit, but basically, Antonio Gibson has been the feature guy for Washington since they came off their bye. Their defense is playing a little bit better too, despite some injuries, because I think they finally figured out, yeah, maybe let's not play Landon Collins as a deep safety.

That might be a bad idea. They moved to a closer line. It's made the defense better, which has put Washington in more game scripts to just give Gibson a ton of volume. Really like the over here on this.

MINTY BETS: Yeah, I'm with you there. He's been on fire his last three games and today he's going up against the Raiders who really struggle to stop the run, so I really like that number, the fly over. My next player prop is going to be CEH under 63 and 1/2 rush-- rushing yards, yes.

The guy's got, I think, a little tummy issue today. He's reached 63 rushing yards in week 11 before the bye. He's got a little extra week to rest and recover and now going up against an upper average Denver rushing defense. But let's be real, Patrick is just going to sling that ball up and down the field, all over the place. And this team doesn't really run the ball, so I like this under and I think it's set too high.

MATT HARMON: Like you said, tummy issues. It's that time of the year for all of us. Everybody's eating something that they're not used to eating. The acid is coming up, man. Maybe the acid comes up, the total comes down for CEH here, so we shall see on that one.

My last one is Jaylen Waddle, over 63 and 1/2 yards. I just don't get why this is so low. I mean, yes, DeVante Parker is back, but I don't think DeVante Parker fits in as well with what the Dolphins have been doing on offense of late.

I mean, they are so RPO and play action heavy. Tua is using play action on 43% of his drop backs this year, that is in its own zip code. Jaylen Waddle is a great target on those in breaking RPO plays that just Tua is crushing on right now.

He's been great since he came back from yet another injury. Jaylen Waddle is seventh in the NFL in target since week 8 and his yards per catch has come up as well, because I think he's just looking like a better, faster, more explosive player the farther he gets away from that collegiate ankle injury. So everything to me points over here with Jaylen Waddle and just a tremendous fit with the quarterback and the way they're calling plays right now.

MINTY BETS: Yeah, absolutely. I agree with you. This total is set oddly low and I think last week he had his season high of 137 receiving yards.


MINTY BETS: And today, going up against the Giants, who have a very lengthy injury report, I think he's got to fly over this total.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, enough with the Giants already. Can we just get them off my screen completely? And I'll just sit here and look at the line for Jaylen Waddle, that's the only thing I want to see about the Giants today.

What I do not want to not see later, there's a good double negative for you, is a little more "Yahoo Sportsbook Live" coming up for us. Obviously, Minty, Arielle will be subbing in for you today. That's going to be fun for us to go back and forth. I know she's got a lot of props that she's looking at later.

So you better, you people out there, better come back at 2:30 PM Eastern time, 11:30 AM Pacific. Send your questions in on social media. We'll be hitting on all of the live betting action, of course, some of the player props for the prime time games. Hope to see you there.