Week 13 Fantasy Freebies - Russell Gage

Tank Williams explains why the Atlanta WR should have a spot on your roster in week 13.

Video Transcript

- I mean, yeah. I'm not that excited either. But I mean, he's one of those guys where Calvin Ridley is out, we're expecting Tampa Bay to be playing from ahead, and from Atlanta to be playing from behind, way behind.

And I mean Russell Gage-- and this is the thing. Like as long as the Atlanta Falcons are wearing Corduroy to games, they seem to be OK. Like when Cordarrelle Patterson misses the games, that offense looks like they're hot doo-doo. But when they wear Corduroy, all of a sudden they turn into a different offense. So defenses have to focus on stopping Corduroy. They have to focus on stopping Kyle Pitts.

That means Russell Gage is going to be left wide, left booty open to catch some passes in the middle of the field, and the game script then favors him. And so that's why I feel like Russell Gage-- I mean, we're looking at freebies. He's free for a reason. But if I have to pick from all the guys that's on the bottom of the barrel, like the Rex Burkheads of the world, I'd rather roll my man Gage.