Week 11 NFL MVP Picks

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab select the unlikeliest of football heroes from week 11 in the MVP Picks brought to you by Visa.

Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Closed the book on Sunday's games. We want to highlight that Visa supports MVPs on and off the field from playmakers to small business owners. So that's why today we're awarding the MVP to the unlikeliest football hero from week 11. Franklin, who we got?

FRANK SCHWAB: I'm going to go with a guy who we were-- I was at least wondering if he was going to even make it this [INAUDIBLE] job-wise, and that's Chiefs' defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. This defense was--


FRANK SCHWAB: --a mess. It was terrible. It was the worst defense in the league. But since then, the last four games, they've given up 17, 7, 14, and then 9 to the Cowboys on Sunday. They really held the Cowboys completely down. 276 yards. I know they had injuries, but the Chiefs have figured some things out. Like you talked about, Chris Jones moving inside, got other players playing great football. All of a sudden they've stepped up their play. And for a guy, Steve Spagnuolo, who I thought, you know, may-- every-- you just see-- doesn't have the answers anymore. They're going to have to make a change. They might have to make a mid-season change. No.

They stuck with it, they figured some things out, and now they're coming around. They're going to be better off on the other side because now all of a sudden you say, well, our defense is actually middle of the road now, maybe even a little bit better. And we just figure our offense is going to come around. It was unlikely to me. Steve Spagnuolo, who was on hotseat a month ago, and now he's doing great and his Chiefs defensive looks completely reborn. Who is your unlikely MVP from today, Charles?

CHARLES ROBINSON: I got Colt McCoy. You know? It's been-- I think for him to have gone 2 and 1 in the three games that Kyler Murray's out with, you know, DeAndre Hopkins, he's another guy who's been out, for him to win two games in the division on the road, including this one on Sunday against Seattle, throw for 328 yards, he's been a reason why they've won these games. It wasn't just like, oh, he's just caretaking or-- this was a really, really big game for him, very quality backup moment. Just not what you expect. If you'd been-- if you told me three weeks ago, hey, Kyler is out for three weeks, [LAUGHS] I would have said, 0 and 3. You know--

FRANK SCHWAB: I would have said 2 and 1. For sure. Would have said 2 and 1--

CHARLES ROBINSON: Absolutely not. I would not have said, hey, guess what, you're going to gain a game in the race for the number-one playoff seed. So, to me, Colt McCoy is the quintessential, unlikely MVP, particularly for a team that may ultimately end up winning the number-one seed and a bye and the road through their house in the playoffs because of one of these games that he won. So that's definitely my guy. Sometimes the most important figures on Sunday aren't the biggest stars but the supporting cast to help make things happen. This was MVP picks, brought to you by Visa.