Week 11 NFL games to binge, stream and skip

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Matt Harmon provides a 'Fantasy Viewer's guide' to the NFL’s week 11 action, identifying the games you need to binge, stream and skip this weekend.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Here are the games you need to binge, stream, and skip from week 11 of the NFL season. Let's start with the binge game. Got to be "Monday Night Football," Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City, taking on the Chiefs. The key for Kansas City, I'm looking at if we're going to get a full-time role for Rashee Rice. Coming out of that bye week there for Kansas City. We know Andy Reid's great coming off the bye. The Eagles are very beatable over the middle. Their nickel defense has been a problem. That slot corner position has been an issue. Frankly, their entire defense has been an issue.

I want to see them do more than that. I want to see them running big boy outside receiver routes. Are we going to get that out of Kansas City? That's my big question there. For the Eagles, I just want to see DeVonta Smith finally have his big breakout game. I know it's a difficult matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs secondary that's been very good. But we know the historical splits with and without Dallas Goedert.

Now, in the stream category, I'm going with the Chicago Bears taking on the Detroit Lions in Detroit. The Lions always play fun games at home. That's great. I think people don't realize that the Bears run defense has been really good of late. Montez Sweat has been a huge addition for them. But just generally, they had started to tick things up from a run defense perspective over the last month.

And we know the Lions entire offense is based around obviously what Amon-Ra St. Brown does and Jared Goff having a good year. But their foundation now is that duo backfield there with David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs. So is the Bears run defense a fluke? Is it just a fluke? Or can they stop this Lions ground attack? That is the matchup that's going to decide this game and decide a lot of fantasy matchups this week.

Your skip game, it has to be, I mean, Cowboys and Panthers. I don't even know what to say here. The Panthers are so beyond banged on offense. They can't protect. They can't get open. And Bryce Young doesn't pull the trigger down the field. Yeah, I don't even care that the Cowboys offense is really exciting right now. That's great. CeeDee Lamb is balling out. Dak Prescott's a top 10 fantasy quarterback at the bare minimum. That's not enough to get me excited, considering the team on the other side of the field. And the Carolina Panthers are a completely unserious operation at this point.