Week 11 Inactives: Noah Brown out; Nico Collins, Khalil Herbert return

Fantasy Football Live’s Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon react to the latest injury news before Sunday’s Week 11 games kick off

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: It is week 11. I'm Andy Behrens. He's the great Matt Harmon. We're going to take a look at a few key actives and inactives heading into Sunday's slate. Look at the early games here. Keenan Allen, he's going to be fine. He's been dealing with a shoulder issue. Noah Brown, one of the more popular ads of the week. Picked up a knee injury. He's going to be inactive today.

Michael Wilson also suffering a bit of a setback. He'll be inactive. Look at the late games. Tyler Lockett, he's been on the injury report every week. We do expect him to go. He's got that hamstring issue.

Garrett Wilson also expected to go. He's got the elbow. Alexander Mattison cleared concussion protocol. There was some concern about that. Ty Chandler was kind on standby, but it sounds like Alexander Mattison is going to be good to go in this one.

Matt, why don't we talk the Texans receivers? Again, everybody was excited about Noah Brown. He's got like over 320 yards over the last couple games. But now it's really just Tank Dell, Nico Collins, a couple of great ones, and Bob Woods. How are we feeling about these guys today?

MATT HARMON: Yeah. Nico Collins is back and he basically is-- I'm not going to say he's going to step right into the role that Noah Brown had, because Andy you and I spent a lot of time probably some would argue too much time last Sunday trying to figure out like where all these Texans receivers were going to line up. It ended up being actually Tank Dell took a ton of snaps last week as the X receiver, which you wouldn't expect given his size and the way he operates as a route runner, which I think part of why you saw him get 14 targets but only come down with six catches.

He's kind of a journey at the catch point. Great player, but he's kind of a journey at the catch point, obviously just again, given his skill set. That makes sense. So I actually think Nico coming back, operating as the X. And then Tank Dell kind of going back to the role that Noah Brown was operating in, which is about 30% slot, 70% outside. Give or take every single week. I think it fits both players really well. I think this just kind of helps you break ties in favor of starting the Texans receivers, who really I think were in a great spot anyways.

The Arizona Cardinals allow the second highest completion rate and third most yards on throws going to the outside this year. That cornerback position is a problem. So I was already really excited about Nico Collins coming back. I was already really excited about Tank Dell going back to a role that I think fits him best, which is as that movable chess piece, the flanker. Can operate inside and out. Run those corner routes. Run those outbreaking routes. This just makes me more enthusiastic about their projections given that Noah Brown's not going to play.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah. I didn't get a lot of CJ Stroud this year, which is a major hole in the fantasy portfolio, but I do have plenty of Tank Dell and Nico Collins. So I'm excited about that. This offense has been really fun.

We should also take a look at the guys coming back and nearly coming back from injured reserve. Pat Freiermuth, he's been activated. He's going to be good to go today in a tough match-up against Cleveland. De'Von Achane, he's activated. And it doesn't sound like he's got necessarily any restrictions. Obviously, you're starting him. You're starting Mostert as well. Shouldn't need a lot of guidance there.

Khalil Herbert coming back. He's been activated. He's missed several weeks. Coming back to the Bears. Justin Jefferson, it sounds like he's close. He's been dealing with that hamstring issue. But he was not activated for this one. Hopefully we see him in week 12.

I just want to say a quick word about Khalil Herbert. Difficult match-up this week against Detroit. Detroit has been pretty frisky against opposing running backs. They give up the fifth fewest fantasy points to opposing rushers actually.

I just want to remind people how good Khalil Herbert was early in the year. I feel like it's been a while. Maybe people have forgotten you've got used to starting D'Onta Foreman. Listen, Herbert averaged 5.3 yards per carry over his first five games.

He started all those games. He's been more active as a receiver than we've ever seen. He's really good. And I expect him to be the Bears lead back today. I'm not-- I don't have any information there. I would expect a rotation of sorts between those two. But Herbert is going to be a real factor.

So I feel like the days of D'Onta Foreman getting 20 touches, 20 carries, those are probably behind us. All right. Here's hoping you can navigate all the injuries and all the uncertainty this week and go get a win.