Week 11 Fantasy Blog

Lauren Carpenter
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Week 11 is here and we have some stellar matchups lined up to get us primed for the fantasy playoffs that are just a few weeks away. Follow along here to keep on top of the big plays, touchdowns, turnovers, and all the action during the 1:00 and 4:00 pm EST slate of games.


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4:00 PM EST Final Scores

Dolphins 13 - Broncos 20

Jets 28 - Chargers 34

Cowboys 31 - Vikings 28

Packers 31 - Colts 34

Thank you for following along and I'll see you next Sunday!

(7:45) Valdes-Scantling fumbled the football in the Colts recover on the Packers 29-yard line. The Colts only need a field goal to win. Rodrigo Blankenship's kick is..... iced. Remember, Blankenship missed a field goal earlier today. Second attempt, his kick is..... GOOD! Colts win!

(7:37) It's Davante Adams time. Past mid-field Rodgers was dialed into number 17. However, he overthrew Adams under pressure and they kick a field goal to tie on fourth down.

(7:34) After two incomplete passes to WR Allen Lazard, Rodgers threw a deep pass to WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling to midfield with 58 seconds on the clock. They need a field goal to tie and a touchdown to win.

(7:31) The Packers thought they created a turnover and a touchdown but the call was reversed to an incomplete pass. It was fourth down, so the Colts punt it away and pin the Packers deep in their own end.

(7:26) The Vikings had to go for it on fourth down but Cousins threw it incomplete. There was a flag.... nope... it was a yellow shoe. Never mind. The Cowboys take over and take the win.

(7:20) Cowboys TE Dalton Schultz scored for the Cowboys. The Vikings get the ball back down 31-28 1:37 on the clock. I am selfishly hoping that Thielen is not a part of this ensuing drive.

Colts are bleeding time off the clock while they drive down the field on the Packers, up 31-28.

(7:13) What? How crazy! Ahead 34-26, the Chargers take a safety with only one second left on the clock. The Chargers finally win.

Rodgers cannot connect with RB Jamaal Williams and the Colts take back over ahead 31-28 over the Packers with three minutes left.

The Cowboys are driving down the field on the Vikings down by only four points. All of the remaining games are close.

(7:10) The Jets could not manufacture the magic for a score and turn the ball over on downs to the Chargers.

(7:00) For a minute there it looked promising for rookie RB Jonathon Taylor, but an offensive penalty took his touchdown run off the board. They settle for a field goal to take the lead for the moment 31-28. Green bay has just under nine minutes.

Miami QB Fitzpatrick just threw a pick in the end zone. That may be the end of the game for the Dolphins. The Broncos have the ball with a minute left to play.

(6:58) Tie game in Indianapolis at 28-28. Brissett is back in the game again for Rivers.

The Jets are somehow making this a game as they get the ball back down by eight points with 2:48 left to play.

(6:54) Big bomb to WR Justin Jefferson for the Vikings.

(6:50) Finally! TE Chris Herndon held onto the football and comes down with a touchdown for the Jets. They still trail 26-34 to the Chargers.

The touchdown was taken off the board for the Broncos and the Dolphins took over at the one-yard line.

(6:46) Gordon, on his way in for his third touchdown, fumbled the ball at the one-yard line. However, the refs called a touchdown prior to the ball coming loose. The play is under review.

RB Tony Pollard ran in a long touchdown for the Cowboys and RB Ezekiel Elliott passes a lateral to WR CeeDee Lamb for a successful two-point conversion. They are ahead of the Vikings 24-21.

(6:40) Thielen scored his second touchdown of the game. They are ahead of the Cowboys 21-16.

(6:31) QUARTERBACK CHANGE: Tagovailoa has been benched and Ryan Fitzpatrick is in at quarterback. Tagovailoa has been sacked six times and completed 11 out of 20 passes for 83 yards and a touchdown.

RB Nyheim Hines scored a touchdown on a free play for the Colts after a long reception by WR T.Y. Hilton. However, offsetting penalties negated the score. TE Jack Doyle gets the look for a successful touchdown reception. The two-point conversion is good and the Colts are making this a game in Indianapolis. They trail by only three points, 28-25

(6:21) The ageless wonder himself, RB Frank Gore, gets it done for the Jets. He powered his way into the end zone for a touchdown. They trail the Chargers 19-31 after they miss the extra point.

(6:12) WR Adam Thielen caught a long reception to set up the Vikings in the red zone. They are tried their best to run it in for a touchdown, but the Cowboys Defense held strong. They abandoned the run and Cousins threw a fade to Thielen who made a ridiculous one-handed catch for the touchdown.

Colts' backup QB Jacoby Brissett comes in for a play, but it really wasn't all that exiting. Rivers came back in the next play.

(6:02) Once Austin Ekeler returns for the Chargers, rookie RB Joshua Kelley may be the third wheel in this offense. Kalen Ballage is proving that he deserves carries as a new (ish) member for the Los Angeles. However, it's WR Keenan Allen with the touchdown reception on a dart pass from Justin Herbert.

RB Melvin Gordon scored his second touchdown of the game for the Broncos. They take the lead over the Dolphins 20-10.

(5:51) RB Jamaal Williams gets in the end zone on a pass from Rodgers. They are ahead now 28-14 over the Colts with under 20 seconds left in the half.

The Cowboys are forced to kick a field goal after they could not score a touchdown on Cook's turnover. They lead the Vikings 16-7 heading into halftime.

What is this? What a pass from QB Joe Flacco to WR Breshad Perriman for a 49-yard touchdown.

INJURY UPDATE: RB Dalvin Cook took a big hit from the Cowboys' defense. He is on the sideline after walking off of the field under his own power. Hopefully, he's ok. The hit caused a fumble and a turnover in favor of the Cowboys.

(5:40) Rivers connected with Burton this time for a Colts' touchdown. They are down by a score to Green Bay, 21-14.

(5:36) Chargers kicked a field goal to bring their lead to 24-6 over the Jets at the half.

(5:27) Wow - Andy Dalton better be happy that he has CeeDee Lamb as a wide receiver. He made a circus catch from a terrible pass for a touchdown.

(5:21) The turnovers continue in the Packers-Colts game. Rivers threw an interception intended for TE Trey Burton. This set up a scoring drive for the Packers with a short-yard touchdown reception by WR Davante Adams. The Packers are in the lead over the Colts 21-7.

(5:10) Packers RB Aaron Jones finishes off a big drive with a touchdown in Indianapolis. The Colts were unable to do anything after Rodgers' turnover.

Miami had to kick a field goal after Tagovailoa was sacked.

(5:00) I simply do not get calling a swing pass behind the line of scrimmage when you need 20 yards like the Colts just did.

The Packers took over but Rodgers uncharacteristically threw an interception. It's only his fourth INT thrown this season.

Dalton also just threw an interception and the Vikings take back over on offense leading 7-6 over the Cowboys.

(4:53) QB Justin Herbert leads the NFL with 50-yard completions. He connects with WR Ty Johnson to bring that total to six. On the other side of the ball, the Jets lead the league in rouging the passer penalties, which they just got flagged for. TE Hunter Henry came away with the TD. The Chargers have a commanding league 21-6 over the Jets.

(4:48) Holy cow, Colts rookie WR Michael Pittman is the real deal. He scored a 45-yard touchdown from QB Philip Rivers to tie the Packers at seven each.

(4:42) We have two scores. Once by WR Mike Williams for the Chargers who is having a big fantasy day so far and it's only the first half. The second is by RB Melvin Gordon who may be on managers’ benches. The committee in Denver is nearly impossible to predict.

(4:40) Packers TE Robert Tonyan (pronounced like onion) scored a touchdown. They lead 7-0.

(4:36) After being out with a concussion, QB Andy Dalton is back for the Cowboys. Personally, I would rather see backup Garrett Gilbert as the QB, but I'm not Mike McCarthy (obviously). Regardless, Dalton connected with RB Ezekiel Elliott (remember him?) for a touchdown. This drive culminated from a McCarthy challenge over a Kirk Cousins fumble.

Greg Zuerlein missed the extra point, by the way.

(4:33) Well, that didn't last long. Colts TE Mo Alie-Cox fumbled and gave the ball right back to the Packers.

(4:28) Holy cow! Lots of action....

- Joe Flacco just threw a pick-six.

- Aaron Rodgers fumbled.

- Vikings muffed a punt but got it back.

Phew. Ok, this is going to be an interesting afternoon!

(4:24) WR Keenan Allen was hit and lost the football just short of the end zone. The Jets scooped it up but there is some confusion as to whether or not Allen was already down before losing the football.

(4:22) Tagovailoa threw a beautiful fade to WR DeVante Parker to open up the late game scoring.

(4:16) This time it's Tua Tagovailoa's turn to throw an interception against the Broncos but there was a penalty on the play. Dolphins retained possession.

(4:12) Well, QB Drew Lock is still doing Drew Lock things. He was picked off by the Dolphins. That was fast.

1:00 PM EST Final Scores

Eagles 17 - Browns 22

Falcons 9 - Saints 24

Bengals 9 - Washington 20

Lions 0 - Panthers 20

Steelers 27 - Jaguars 3

Titans 31 - Ravens 24

Patriots 20 - Texans 27

(4:14) Derrick Henry takes the win for the Titans over the Ravens in overtime.

Wentz connected with TE Dallas Goedert to cut the Browns' lead to 22-17, but it was too late. The Browns win 22-17.

(4:08) Titans Defense put the hurt on the Ravens in the first drive of overtime. They are forced to punt with no points added.

(4:00) This is sad. Burrow is out for the season.

The Ravens and the Titans have a close game. The Ravens kicked a field goal and tied the game 24-24 with 15 seconds and two timeouts for the Titans.

(3:55) Oh, guess what. The Steelers picked off Luton again.

(3:48) Someone should tell the Ravens that when RB Derrick Henry gets any room, he'll plow right through you. He set up WR A.J. Brown for a touchdown. The Titans lined up to go for two and Tannehill rushed it in himself.

QB Taysom Hill fumbled at their own end and the Falcons recover.

TE Eric Ebron got a 20-yard touchdown. The Steelers will remain undefeated.

(3:45) Minka Fitzpatrick and the Steelers are making mincemeat out of QB Jake Luton. The Steelers came away with another pick with under nine minutes to play and up 20-3.

(3:40) Panthers missed a field goal but there is a flag for running into the kicker. Of course, because it's Lions, and this time K Joey Slye makes it. They lead the Lions 20-0.

INJURY UPDATE: WR JuJu Smith-Schuster limps off the field after landing poorly on foot. We'll keep an eye on his status moving forward.

(3:36) RB Kareem Hunt extends the Browns' lead over the Eagles with a touchdown. They are ahead 19-10.

INJURY UPDATE: Patriots RB Rex Burkhead suffered a gruesome leg injury. It was so bad that CBS will not replay it.

(3:33) And it's Taysom Hill with his second rushing touchdown! As I said earlier, this is a cheat code if you are able to play him as a TE.

(3:30) Oh, boy. Wentz threw an interception in the end zone trying to connect with WR Travis Fulgham. However, after an extensive review, they ruled the pass incomplete. This set up the Eagles for a field goal. They trail only by two points 10-12 in the pouring rain in Cleveland.

Panthers QB Walker also threw an interception in the end zone. We'll see if Stafford can manufacture some kind of comeback.

(3:16) The Eagles aren't the only team struggling today. After taking another sack, the Lions try for a 51-yard field goal. Matt Prater, who is usually on point, missed and now I have to ask who jinxed him.

(3:10) The Eagles woes continue. QB Carson Wentz is sacked (again... while Myles Garrett isn't even playing) in the end zone for a Browns' safety. Yuck. Also, Lane Johnson is hurt and his return is questionable adding insult to injury. No pun intended.

(3:00) The Saints are finally starting to click on offense to open up the third quarter. They are switching between Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray, and even Ty Montgomery is seeing some action. WR Michael Thomas appears to have shaken off the rust he accumulated after missing most of the season with various injuries. He has seen 11 targets so far and makes an athletic grab to get them within a few yards of the end zone. Hill keeps it to score a rushing touchdown.

Washington WR Steven Sims scored to extend their lead 14-3 over the Bengals.

The Titans are forced to kick a long field goal after the snap went way over QB Ryan Tannehill's head.

(2:54) Now we have some action. QB Lamar Jackson made a difficult pass to TE Mark Andrews. A 51-yard touchdown bomb from Stafford to WR Marvin Jones was taken off the board due to an illegal formation. This is the NFL, boys. Come on. Sometimes the Lions are difficult to watch. Especially for fantasy. Stafford was then sacked on third down. Lovely.

INJURY UPDATE: QB Joe Burrow is down on the field holding his leg. Backup Ryan Finley will take over as Burrow is carted off of the field.

(2:52) At this point, I would change the main image of this blog to someone who is balling out. Alas, not much is going on at the moment that is particularly fantasy relevant.

(2:45) Backup QB Walker for the Panthers is making a case for himself as a starter. He manufactured a nice drive downfield against the Lions that culminated in a touchdown pass to WR Curtis Samuel. They lead 14-0.

The Browns answer the Eagles touchdown with a field goal from Cody Parkey. They take the lead 10-7.

(2:39) Falcons try a hail Mary just before halftime but it's picked off. A horse-collar penalty gave the Saints one more play before time expires, but they decline the penalty and head into halftime.

Baker Mayfield fumbled on the first play in the third quarter and the Eagles will take over. That is their first turnover of the game while the Eagles have two. The Eagles scored on one play with a pass to TE Richard Rodgers, because everyone started him fantasy. Obviously.

(2:28) A touchdown may finally have happened in New Orleans, but the play is under review. Luckily for Kamara managers, his touchdown will count.

And we have another missed field goal, this time for the Bengals. They lead Washington a whopping 9-7.

(2:26) The Texans extend their lead over the Patriots with a touchdown by WR Keke Coutee. They lead 20-10. The Jaguars Defense returns the favor and picked off Roethlisberger as they head into halftime.

(2:20) The Steelers take advantage of Luton once again with another pick.

Titans are forced to kick a field goal after nearly fumbling. They trail against the Ravens 10-14.

Never mind! After review, the refs ruled that Emmanuel Sanders was down after the reception and the Saints continue on their drive. The two-minute warning gives them a chance to regroup in the red zone.

(2:17) What is happening in New Orleans? Hill threw a long pass to WR Emmanuel Sanders who caught it.... but fumbled. The Falcons take back over and I'll put money down that they kick another field goal.

The super fantasy-relevant RB Benny Snell scored a touchdown for the Steelers after WR Diontae Johnson got them downfield.

(2:13) Falcons kicked another field goal as both teams seem allergic to the end zone. The Falcons lead 9-3.

(2:10) The Jaguars are driving down the field on the Steelers who lead 10-7. WR Chris Conley took a big hit and things are getting a little chippy between the two teams. Minkah Fitzpatrick came up with a pick on QB Jake Luton.

(2:00) Steelers WR Chase Claypool is becoming a Mr. Clutch autostart. He caught a long touchdown pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger for his tenth touchdown in ten games in his rookie career.

Ravens TD by Ricard is taken off the board, but Dobbins ended up running the TD on the ensuing play. They go for the two-point conversion and Dobbins gets those points as well.

Oh, hey! It's WR A.J. Green with a touchdown for the Bengals but they miss the extra point. They trail Washington 6-7.

QB Deshaun Watson takes one himself for his second rushing touchdown of the season. They now take the lead over the Patriots in a game that is surprisingly action-packed.

Uh oh. The Eagles, who are struggling in this game against the Browns and all season, have another injury to their offensive line. This time it's the crucial center Jason Kelce who is headed to the locker room.

(1:56) FB Patrick Ricard is tackled into the end zone for a Ravens touchdown. And here we thought deciding between J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, or Mark Ingram was going to be a challenge. The Ravens are tied with the Titans 7-7 in a revenge matchup from last season.

(1:55) Wow - Saints kicker Will Lutz missed a field goal off the upright after WR Michael Thomas let a pass fly through his hands. Backup Taysom Hill is trying to get some offense going but plays like that are a momentum killer.

Patriots kick a field a goal to take the lead in their game 10-7. Texans WR Randall Cobb previously scored a touchdown in the first quarter.

(1:50) After review, Washington did not get the safety, but they do get the football at the 20-yard line.

(1:46) In what should be a shoot out between the Falcons and the Saints has been an exchange of field goals for both teams. Atlanta kicked another one to take the lead at 6-3.

(1:40) Bengals went for it on fourth down with four yards to go. OUCH - Burrow tried to take it himself but gets leveled by Chase Young. There was also offensive holding so there is a possible safety for Washington in play.

(1:34) The Lions are missing some key pieces on offense and QB Matthew Stafford is playing with a partially torn ligament in his thumb. They turned the ball over to the Panthers who lead 7-0 and are dominating in time of possession. However, Walker threw a pick in the end zone and the Lions answer the fumble recovery with an interception.

And the Eagles also turned the ball over as the Browns get a pick-six. The touchdown will stay on the board this time.

(1:22) Washington's QB Alex Smith had better win comeback player of the year. He connected with WR Terry McLaurin for a long pass downfield to get them into scoring position. RB Antonio Gibson rushed in the touchdown.

Some controversy went down in the Browns-Eagles game. After considerable review, a touchdown by RB Kareem Hunt was taken off the board.

The Ravens faced fourth down and kick the field goal.

QB Teddy Bridgewater is inactive so backup P.J. Walker is in at quarterback. RB Mike Davis rushed in the touchdown for the Panthers.

(1:15) WR Tyler Boyd is helping the Bengals drive down the field against Washington and Patriots RB Damien Harris rushed in a 9-yard touchdown.

Both the Steelers and the Bengals miss their field goals. Again, these plays tend to happen in bunches. Let's see if the missed field goal curse affects anyone else.

Short touchdown reception for TE Jonnu Smith against the Ravens.

(1:10) Jacksonville and Atlanta kicked field goals to get the scoring started in their matchups against the Steelers and the Saints. In an interesting twist, Jacksonville went for the onside kick, but was unsuccessful.

(1:05) All right, Calvin Ridley, I see you. He snagged a 46-yard reception for the Falcons as they drive down the field against the Saints. How HC Sean Peyton plans to use QBs Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston will be something to keep an eye on in this game. Cheat code: ESPN leagues have Hill listed as a QB and a TE.

Not fantasy related, but Titans cornerback Malcolm Brown and Ravens HC John Harbaugh had a bit of a scuffle prior to kickoff. 2020, am I right?