Week 10 NFL DFS Fades

Renee Miller
·4 min read

When setting your weekly NFL DFS lineups, it can be just as helpful to have an idea of whom you DON’T want to include as whom you do. Every Friday we’ll highlight a few players that you might want to fade. When a player appears here, it mainly refers to fading him in cash games. If you play in a lot of large field, multi-entry tournaments, you might consider just being underweight on these players relative to the field rather than not using them at all.

Players I’m fading for Week 10 include:

Alvin Kamara, RB New Orleans

Fading Kamara is more about rostering two other highly priced backs, Aaron Jones and James Robinson. I’m too high on both of those options to pay more in salary for Kamara, who happens to find himself in one of the worst RB matchups in the league. It takes a lot for Kamara to have a bad game, but there could be a confluence of events that lead to that this week. Yes, the SF defense is no joke, but the Saints are big favorites here. Assuming Drew Brees gets the team out to a big lead, we’ve seen how Latavius Murray can take on a lot of the garbage time work. This call is not saying that Kamara will have a bad game, just that I feel like there’s more risk of it than there is with other talented backs in superior game flow and matchup situations.

Davante Adams, WR Green Bay

I’m just getting the big ticket items out of the way first today. The problem I have with Adams isn’t Adams himself, it’s his salary. He’s $1300 more than DeAndre Hopkins on DraftKings and $900 more than Hopkins on FanDuel. That much salary difference between the WR1 and 2 is exceptional. Also, as you might have guessed from above, I plan to attack the running backs in this game. I think Adams has been amazing, but I don’t think he hits 150 receiving yards or scores 2-3 TDs this week, and that’s pretty much what he needs to reach value at this point.

Antonio Brown, WR Tampa Bay

The Panthers have been better in defending the pass than the run this season, which is a consideration, but not the only one. Tom Brady made Brown feel welcome in his debut against the Saints, as much as anyone felt welcome in a three-point blowout, with six targets. Yes, they have some history, but I don’t see Brown supplanting Mike Evans or Chris Godwin (or Rob Gronkowski) in this Bucs offense. If I were betting, I’d bet on both of Evans and Godwin to outscore Brown this week, and their salaries are falling while Brown’s is rising ($6500 FD, $5800 DK, $24 Yahoo).

Russell Wilson, QB Seattle

I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure in this article. Wilson has not had anything close to a bad fantasy game all season. He looked pretty awful for most of Week 9 and still came away with nearly 30 fantasy points. Despite four turnovers and five sacks, Wilson scored almost 30 fantasy points. Yet here I am, not actively seeking to roster the man in the majority of my DFS lineups. The Rams are that good and the salary is that high. One thing that is almost always true is that the QB facing Seattle will be cheaper and score nearly as many or rarely, as Josh Allen did, more fantasy points than Russ. If there was going to be a week where Russ was not worth his salary, I think this is it, so like Kamara and Adams, the risk for failure is high enough that to me it’s not worth the spend.

Players I like, but who are expected to have high ownership in Week 10 include: Aaron Jones, James Robinson, Miles Sanders, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, Darren Waller, Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins, Christian Kirk, Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Green Bay D/ST, Saints D/ST, Miami D/ST, Steelers D/ST. You might consider deviating away from this player pool and pivoting in large GPPs if you’re after a more unique lineup.