Week 10 Fantasy Football Preview: Mahomes is underrated, Josh Allen’s injury and Saquon or CMC for RB1 this week

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Matt Harmon is joined by Andy Behrens and Charles McDonald to preview all of the week 10 NFL games for the upcoming weekend with a strong focus on fantasy football.

Find out why Geno Smith is already better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, who the one reliable fantasy player is on the Broncos, why we’re so confused about the Dolphins backfield and if the Jaylen Warren buzz is going to amount to anything.

Also, the guys discuss Justin Fields’ meteoric rise, a possible Case Keenum revenge game and Saquon Barkley’s perfect setup for this weekend. There is plenty of talk around Patrick Mahomes’ quiet MVP candidacy, the Colts’ new play caller, what to do about the Packers and the difference between the Cardinals and Rams.

Finally, the guys preview the Chargers/49ers game on Sunday night and wonder if Taylor Heinicke and the Commanders will survive the Philadelphia Eagles defense on Monday night football.

02:20 Seahawks vs. Buccaneers

8:50 Broncos at Titans

13:30 Browns at Dolphins

18:05 Saints at Steelers

24:30 Lions at Bears

29:20 Vikings at Bills

33:50 Texans at Giants

38:00 Jaguars at Chiefs

43:00 Colts at Raiders

49:40 Cardinals at Rams

53:20 Cowboys at Packers

57:00 SNF: Chargers at 49ers

63:10 MNF: Commanders at Eagles

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